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Times 26985 - apparently, philosophy is a way of life

A bit of a curate's egg, this one, quite a few easy clues and one ot two at the end which required either obscure knowledge (i.e. stuff I didn't know) or trust in the wordplay and luck to see it through. It took me 24 minutes when I was tired after a 1200 km drive back from London. I had to look up my guess for 15d once I'd discovered Aristotle wasn't the one, so you can see I am not a Classicist.

1 Islander caught fishy food around America (6)
CRUSOE - C = caught, ROE around US.
5 Live hit by a jazzman (8)
BEBOPPER - BE = live, BOP = hit, PER = by.
9 US battle story about traitor gaining Oscar (8)
SARATOGA - SAGA = story, around RAT, O.
10 Bit like regressive old governor (6)
SATRAP - All reversed, PART, AS = bit like.
11 Instrument in Cats? (3-3)
TOM-TOM - TOM and TOM being 2 cats.
12 Look the other way after clergy's drunk sweet liquid (8)
GLYCEROL - (CLERGY)*, LO reversed.
14 Maybe seller rebuffed commercial enterprise (12)
PERADVENTURE - Obscure word meaning perhaps. REP reversed, AD = commercial, VENTURE = enterprise.
17 Playing nocturne, I opt for melodic technique (12)
20 E.g. Pétain, Parisian who needs weapon (8)
QUISLING - QUI = French for WHO, SLING a weapon.
22 Finance worker rejected Communist culture? (6)
TRADER - RED (communist) ART (culture) all reversed.
23 Wife really lacking energy once, struggling for inspiration (6)
WINDED - W(ife), INDEED (really) loses an E.
25 Abnormally weak Inca's sculpted round article (8)
ASTHENIC - (INCA'S)* around THE.
26 Behind back, wrapping present that's heavenly (8)
ETHEREAL - LATE (behind) reversed round HERE.
27 Smooth and glossy metal drills for example (6)
SATINY - TIN metal inside SAY = for example.

2 Ground a child after reprieve on vacation (6)
REASON - RE = reprieve vacated, A SON.
3 Poseur writing about pretentious rubbish (6-5)
SMARTY-PANTS - SM = MS (writing) reversed, ARTY = pretentious, PANTS = rubbish.
4 Green car the setter's bagged in trade online (9)
ECOMMERCE - ECO = green, ME (the setter) bags a MERC. Ideally hyphenated, but an enumeration of 1-8 would make it too easy.
5 Crew's leader in boat worn out (7)
BRAGGED - As in past tense of CROW. B, RAGGED = worn out.
6 American waiter not old hat (5)
BUSBY - BUS BOY loses its O.
7 Favourite training tons (3)
PET - PE training, T(ons).
8 Abroad, use manor entrances (8)
13 Finally purchase land, with a chap who might help? (6,5)
ESTATE AGENT - E = finally purchase, STATE = land, A, GENT.
15 Great time, hosted by fat, upstanding philosopher (9)
EPICTETUS - EPIC = great, SUET = fat, reverse that and insert T. If you really want to know, and didn't already, here he is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epictetus
16 Opponent of elite's power cut work roster (8)
POPULIST -  P(ower), OPU(S) = cut work, LIST = roster. Not sure where the U comes from.
18 Mass of hair from wolf and dog (7)
PIGTAIL - PIG as in wolf down food, TAIL as in follow.
19 Numerous cricket sides must contain one (6)
LEGION - Insert I into LEG and ON both being cricket terms for the side not OFF.
21 Long to follow hip pop group? (5)
INDIE - IN = hip, DIE = long, as in die for, long for.
24 Partner for a buck to use drug (3)
DOE - To DO E wold be to use a drug.
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