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Times Cryptic 26936

Solving time: 40 minutes for all but the unknown 8dn and 20dn. This had an old-fashioned feel to it with several somewhat obscure words or references.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Sudden move by directors to establish target (9)
DARTBOARD - DART (sudden move), BOARD (directors)
6 Expression of disapproval about church showing filmstrip (5)
FICHE - FIE (expression of disapproval) containing [about] CH (church). I remember 'microfiche' in libraries and offices. FIE is a somewhat dated expession of disapproval methinks but I knew it from Shakespeare and other writings from that era.
9 Ring to cancel engagement on vacation (7)
ANNULET - ANNUL (cancel), E{ngagemen}T [on vacation]
10 Stranger occupies street, striking (7)
SALIENT - ALIEN (stranger) is contained by [occupies] ST (street). 'Striking' in the sense of standing out.
11 Small American city shown on casual shirt (5)
TEENY - TEE (casual shirt), NY (American city). I wasn't sure that 'tee' on its own can mean T-shirt, but SOED allows it.
13 Rhetoric’s put off singer (9)
CHORISTER - Anagram (put off) of RHETORICS
14 Hence more beautiful, one elucidates? (9)
EXPLAINER - EX-PLAINER = hence more beautiful, sort of....
16 English following fake set of rules (4)
CODE - COD (fake), E (English)
18 Members of advisory team brought back for newcomer (4)
TYRO - Hidden in [members of] {advis}ORY T{eam} reversed [brought back]
19 A priest — he could concoct restorative treatments (9)
THERAPIES - Anagram [concoct] of A PRIEST HE
22 Defenders protecting part of town in retreat? (9)
BACKWARDS - BACKS (defenders) containing [protecting] WARD (part of town). A ward is an administrative subdivision of a town, perhaps most widely  known as an area a councillor may be elected to represent.
24 Once again plan modern music to entertain them (5)
REMAP - RAP (modern music) contains [to entertain] 'EM (them)
25 Dish knocked over by German gentleman (7)
RISOTTO - OTTO (German) + SIR (gentleman) reversed [knocked over]
26 Sheepish type approaching girl for dance (7)
LAMBADA - LAMB (sheepish type), ADA (girl)
28 Sample artist's penultimate piece in gallery (5)
TASTE - {arti}S{t} [penultimate piece] contained by [in] TATE (gallery)
29 Investigation not right, brief rage leads to profound shift (3,6)
SEA CHANGE - SEA{r}CH (investigation) [not right], ANGE{r} rage [brief]
1 Recruit departs military service, needing support of course (7)
DRAFTEE - D (departs), RAF (military service), TEE (support of course]
2 Administer   sports event (3)
RUN - Two meanings
3 Queen Mary's husband is able to drink in here on journey? (8)
BILLYCAN - BILLY (Queen Mary's husband), CAN (able). Willliam of Orange aka William III reigned jointly with his wife Queen Mary and was often referred to, particularly by the Scottish and Irish, as "King Billy". The question mark attempts to cover the cracks.
4 Greek's storage space? (5)
ATTIC - Two meanings
5 Princess's reason for misery? Admitting love in conversation (9)
DISCOURSE - DI'S (Princess's), CURSE (reason for misery) containing [admitting] O (love)
6 Collapse as female totally exhausted (4,2)
FALL IN - F (female), ALL IN (totally exhausted)
7 Literal form of belief disseminated by a minister and co. (11)
CREATIONISM - Anagram [disseminated] of A MINISTER CO
8 Muse quietly in swaying tree south of country club? (7)
EUTERPE - EU (country club), then P (quiet) contained by [in] anagram [swinging] of TREE. I thought I had learnt all the Muses over the years but the Muse of Song has somehow passed me by until now. She has appeared in a few TLS and Jumbo puzzles but not in a cryptic since TftT began. I went wrong with ECTERPE thinking E = Spain (country) and C (Club - cards).
12 Philosophers met crisis, being confused about Greek character (11)
EMPIRICISTS - Anagram [confused] of MET CRISIS containing [about] PI (Greek character)
15 Disgraceful men with admissions of debt, following revolutionary fashion (9)
NOTORIOUS - TON (fashion) reversed [revolutionary], OR (men), IOUS (admissions of debt)
17 Grunt in short strenuous game gaining speed (8)
HARRUMPH - HAR{d} (strenuous) [short], RU (game - Rugby Union), MPH (speed)
18 Fabric, shoddy stuff provided to clothe nude (7)
TABARET - TAT (shoddy stuff) containing  [to clothe] BARE (nude). Another unknown word although it came up once before (in 2012) and I didn't know it then either.
20 Partitioned country split by eastern power (7)
SEPTATE - STATE  (country) containing [split by] E (eastern) + P (power). Not a word a knew but I'm vaguely familiar with 'septum' as the membrane dividing the nostrils so I was some of the way to understanding this answer when I arrived at it via wordplay.
21 Nameless desire harboured by the female in cloak (6)
SWATHE - WA{n}T (desire) [nameless] contained [harboured] by SHE (the female)
23 Like girl almost slipping up in dance (5)
SALSA - AS (like) + LAS{s} (girl) [almost] reversed [slipping up]
27 Beard starts to annoy wife normally (3)
AWN - A{nnoy} W{ife} N{ormally} [starts]
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