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Times 26932 - I like the way the Americans say 20 down

Solving time:  8:21. At the moment this has me second of about 18 on the list, so I might have gotten lucky with a jump on some of the wordplay here.

Now let's talk wordplay - there is definitely play at work here, and I don't think there's anything unfair but there are a few devices we don't see everyday.

Definitions are underlined in the clues

Away we go...

1 Organisation representing soccer school in London? Wrong (5)
FALSE - FA is the soccer organisation and the London School of Economics (LSE) is the school
4 Maybe a bit like someone sneering about book that's hard to understand (9)
GIBBERISH - GIBER-ISH (maybe like someone sneering) surrounding B
9 Interfering old females: nasty? Not very (9)
OFFICIOUS - O(old), F,F(females) then VICIOUS missing V
10 Name for male artist surrounded by smoke (5)
CRAIG - RA is the artist inside a CIG
11 Bird heads for trees, having to fly (6)
THRUSH - first letters of T(rees), H(aving) then RUSH (fly)
12 Percussion instrument players ultimately showed spirit (4,4)
SIDE DRUM - SIDE(players), then (showe)D, RUM(spirit)
14 Infamous Conservative briefly installed in Number Ten, useless (9)
NOTORIOUS - TOR(y) inside NO, IO (ten as in a one next to a zero), US(unservicable, useless)
16 I hadn't reviewed paintings (5)
TONDI - I'D NOT all reversed
17 Brandy knocked back by first of patients in pain (5)
CRAMP - MARC(brandy) reversed then P(atients)
19 Fan of rugby player, one not dropping ball (9)
PROPONENT - PROP is the rugby plater, then ONE, and NOT missing O(the ball)
21 Just about enough pre-match publicity? (8)
ADEQUATE - EQUATE(match) with AD(publicity) first
22 Note one central line? The reverse, several lines (6)
SIXAIN - reversal of N(note), I, AXIS(central line)
25 Beef good, ready for eating (5)
GRIPE - G, RIPE(ready for eating)
26 Gatecrashing pub, wanting drinks (7,2)
BARGING IN - BAR(pub) and GIN, GIN (drinks)
27 Going down to get nurse for daughter, ageing (9)
SENESCENT - DESCENT(going down) with SEN replacing D
28 Show feelings, stuck in Portuguese motel (5)
EMOTE - hidden in PortuguesE MOTEl
1 Liabilities resulting from naval attacks? (8,7)
FLOATING CHARGES - doubl definition, the second more cryptic
2 Judge — extremely illiberal — hauled up prisoner (5)
LIFER - REF(judge) and I(llibera)L all reversed
3 One forgives former addict injecting cocaine at first (7)
EXCUSER - EX-USER (former addict) containing C(ocaine)
4 Peter Sellers, for one, to appear before audience (4)
GOON - or GO ON referring to the old radio show
5 Award nurses in small hospital top accolade (4,2,4)
BEST IN SHOW - BESTOW(award) containing IN,S,H
6 English school: worry it could become government property (7)
7 Having tussle with rat, canine's dazed (2,1,6)
IN A TRANCE - anagram of RAT, CANINE
8 School principal overseeing refurbishment of canteen needing much attention (4-11)
HIGH-MAINTENANCE - HIGH school, then MAIN(principal) and an anagram of CANTEEN
13 Welcoming lots of people shortly with very good food (10)
HOSPITABLE - HOS(t) - lots of people, then PI(very good), TABLE(food)
15 Get in RADA for retraining? One might (9)
18 Person, not working, keeping blooming pigeons (7)
POUTERS - PERS(on) containing OUT(blooming) - this was the only clue I got from wordplay alone
20 Opening gold reserve, inserting single key (7)
ORIFICE - OR(gold), ICE(reserve) containing I(single), F(key with one flat as a major)
23 Article accompanies leaders in Guardian giving report of trouble (5)
AGGRO - A(article) then first letters in Guardian Giving Report Of
24 Worry about appearing in newspaper (4)
FRET - RE(about) inside FT(Financial Times)
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