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Times Cryptic 26924

At 28 minutes I found this quite an easy puzzle but there are one or two references that may prove troublesome for those who don't happen to know them. Fortunately for me, for once I did!

Can any of my fellow bloggers or LJ experts suggest a way of preventing opening remarks appearing in larger font than the blog itself. I noticed Don's QC blog yesterday appeared similarly. As viewed before posting (or saving an edit) the font sizes look the same, but after posting and saving the introduction appears two points larger.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Palm about to provide cover (6)
COCOON - COCO (palm), ON (about)
4 Injured captain who lost control, oddly trendy (8)
BLIGHTED - BLIGH (captain who lost control - mutiny on the Bounty), T{r}E{n}D{y} [oddly]
10 Soldier's caged bird revealing musical composition (7)
PARTITA - PARA (soldier) contains [caged] TIT (bird). J.S. Bach wrote some famous ones.
11 Standard / snooker balls (7)
COLOURS - Double definition
12 It follows a monster around (4)
ERGO - OGRE (monster) reversed [around]. Latin for 'therefore'. We have a stray 'a' here for those who worry about such things.
13 Run around after evacuation with senior politician (10)
ADMINISTER - A{roun}D [after evacuation], MINISTER (senior politician)
15 Catch ruffian seizing end of poker that lies by the fire (6,3)
HEARTH RUG - HEAR (catch), THUG (ruffian) containing [seizing] {poke}R [end]
16 Errand boy carrying article for Echo in Excel (2,3)
GO FAR - GOF(-e, +A)R (errand boy / excel).  E is echo in the NATO alphabet.
18 Old lady / who wins chess game? (5)
MATER - A straight definition and a contrived one
19 Before a fight performers search far and wide (4,5)
CAST ABOUT - CAST (performers), A, BOUT (fight)
21 A quiet dean, sadly not up to it (10)
INADEQUATE - Anagram [sadly] of A QUIET DEAN
23 Such places as Scarborough, primarily? (4)
SPAS - S{uch}, P{laces}, A{s}, S{carborough} [primarily]
26 Greek girl supplying Italian dessert (7)
GRANITA - GR (Greek), ANITA (girl). It's a sort of water ice.
27 What logger may make from trees in ground (7)
ENTRIES - Anagram [ground] of TREES IN
28 Calmly submissive, did not keep appointment (8)
RESIGNED - Two meanings
29 Savage, not sweet, with Article 50 (6)
BRUTAL - BRUT (not sweet), A (article), L(50)
1 A little wood catches fire ultimately (5)
COPSE - COPS (catches), {fir}E [ultimately]. Another redundant 'a'.
2 Movie star getting award after a piercing howl (4,5)
CARY GRANT - A contained by [piercing] CRY (howl), GRANT (award). Aka Archibald Leach, born in Bristol in 1904.
3 God of love heading for disaster at home (4)
ODIN - O (love), D{isaster} [heading], IN (at home)
5 Polish bishop’s left short (7)
LACKING - {b}LACKING (polish) [bishop’s left]
6 Cotton cloaks laid up somewhere in Kent (10)
GILLINGHAM - GINGHAM (cotton) contains [cloaks] ILL (laid up). I wonder if the town's fame has spread abroad?
7 Faith bound to be heard (5)
TRUST - Sounds like [heard] "trussed" (bound)
8 Soldier or sailor turning up after leave (6,3)
DESERT RAT - DESERT (leave), TAR (sailor) reversed [turning up]
9 Butcher's / bird (6)
GANDER - Two meanings. 'Butcher's hook' / 'look' is CRS. 'Gander' is also slang for 'look', apparantly with reference to the long neck of the bird. Rambling Syd Rumpo used to carry his ditties in a 'gander bag'.
14 One of Quince's playmates realigns TV set (10)
STARVELING - Anagram [set] of REALIGNS TV. Robin Starveling, a tailor, and Peter Quince, a carpenter, are among the 'mechanicals' in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
15 Lulu longing to entertain married princess (9)
HUMDINGER - HUNGER (longing) contains [to entertain] M (married) + DI (princess). Those of us who also do the Quick Cryptic were at an advantage here as this word came up in a puzzle only a few days before Christmas. Our regular contributor, Invariant, advised that it's apparently derived from merging hummer and dinger, with all three words meaning (roughly) a good thing. I think 'lulu' in this sense came up quite recently too.
17 Profit not unusual in area taken up (9)
FOOTPRINT - Anagram [unusual] of PROFIT NOT. Defined as 'the shape and size of the area something occupies'.
19 Bottle for Brecht's mother (7)
COURAGE - A straight definition plus a reference to the play Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht. I think by convention the 'm' of 'mother' should be capitalised here as in this context it's a proper noun.
20 Military assessment of turbulent priest (6)
SITREP - Anagram [turbulent] of PRIEST. A reference in the surface here to the saying attributed to Henry II, "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" which resulted in the assassination of Thomas a Becket.
22 Leader of assembly blocks US president (5)
ADAMS - A{ssembly} [leader], DAMS (blocks)
24 Fibre in diets is a laxative (5)
SISAL - Hidden in {diet}S IS A L{axative}
25 Move / jug (4)
STIR - Double definition, the second relying on two slang terms for prison.
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