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Times Cryptic 26918

This one delayed me for 40 minutes and was mostly straightforward so shouldn't cause too much difficulty for those of a delicate disposition this morning.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Patient / investigation (4)
CASE - Two meanings, one medical and one potentially criminal
3 Dejected, post-exorcism? (10)
SPIRITLESS - A straight definition and a cryptic
10 V — a sign that’s rude in vacuous affront (7)
AGAINST - Anagram [rude] of A SIGN contained by [in] A{ffron}T [vacuous]
11 Progressive at first, stay moderate (7)
PRESIDE - P{rogressive} [at first], RESIDE (stay)
12 In brief, total out after strike action (6,2,7)
BATTLE OF BRITAIN - BAT (strike), anagram [out] of IN BRIEF TOTAL
13 Great queen backing formula (6)
RECIPE - EPIC (great) + ER (queen) reversed [backing]
14 Concentration of turbines turn a long way, miles (4,4)
WIND FARM - WIND (turn), FAR (a long way), M (miles)
17 Island placed to the west has overly excited state (8)
TASMANIA - SAT (placed) reversed [to the west], MANIA (overly excited state)
18 Washers the wrong way round in gun (3-3)
POM-POM - MOP + MOP (washers) reversed [the wrong way round]
21 Reinterpretation of Anglicanism here in the words of Martin Luther King, say? (8,7)
AMERICAN ENGLISH - Anagram [reinterpretation] of ANGLICANISM HERE
23 Very simple thing for bird to catch worms, ultimately (7)
PROTIST - PRO (for), TIT (bird) containing [to catch] {worm}S [ultimately]. I didn't know this word for a primitive organism and this appears to be its first outing in a Times crossword. Given a couple of checkers, the wordplay was helpful and I relied on that to come up with the correct answer.
24 I doubt decaying houses beginning to crumble (7)
SCEPTIC - SEPTIC (decaying) contains [houses] C{rumble} [beginning]
25 Bid already made for a living (5,5)
DAILY BREAD - Anagram [made] of BID ALREADY. SOED has: Daily bread; food; livelihood. rare.
26 Thin / British film director (4)
LEAN - Two definitions. David Lean was nominated for  'Best Director' Oscars seven times and won twice, for 'The Bridge On The River Kwai' and 'Lawrence Of Arabia'.
1 Hard to invest in bank for legislative assembly (7)
CHAMBER - H (hard) contained by [to invest in] CAMBER (bank - slope)
2 Bag gripping role on American movie (9)
SPARTACUS - SAC (bag) containing [gripping] PART (role), US (American)
4 Quality arousing sorrow has power over Dumas character (6)
PATHOS - P(power), ATHOS (Dumas character - one of the Three Musketeers)
5 Trace accommodating auberge in France, perhaps? (8)
REPUBLIC - RELIC (trace - something that's left behind) containing [accommodating] PUB (auberge)
6 Great Britain initially led astray with something that's bizarre! (3,4,7)
THE MIND BOGGLES - Anagram [astray] of G{reat} B{ritain} [initially] LED SOMETHING.
7 Plant, one breaking some land up (5)
ERICA - I (one) contained by [breaking] ACRE (some land) reversed [up]. This group of plants appears frequently in crosswords and includes heathers and azaleas amongst others.
8 Bone problem besetting winger (7)
STERNUM - SUM (problem) containing [besetting] TERN (winger). The breast bone.
9 Composure needed — lack of power in broken wings? (14)
UNFLAPPABILITY - A straight defintion plus a cryptic hint
15 Reason ecclesiastical leader in primate is the chosen one (9)
APPOINTEE - POINT (reason) + E{cclesiastical} [leader] in APE (primate)
16 Column I bandaged? (8)
PILASTER -  I is in PLASTER and therefore 'bandaged'
17 Bottom edge of bat hit, caught (7)
TRAPPED - {ba}T [bottom edge], RAPPED (hit)
19 Murmur about this Latin style of punk (7)
MOHICAN - MOAN (murmur) containing [about] HIC (this, Latin)
20 Japanese entertainer in bondage is handmaiden (6)
GEISHA - Hidden in {bonda}GE IS HA{ndmaiden}
22 Mushroom fine in the midst of evening (5)
ENOKI - OK (fine) in {ev}ENI{ng} [midst of]
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