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Times 26913 - TTC Finals puzzle #1. Calm before the storm?

For some reason I whizzed through this (by my standards) in just under the par of 20 minutes. Some nice clues but not the spectacular I was expecting for a Finals puzzle. Can't find anything more to say about it. No doubt next week will see me head-scratching and grovelling. Seasons Greetings to all.

I am adopting the trendy new style keriothe has advocated; definitions underlined, anagram fodder thus ( )*, anagram indicator thus,

1 Quick! School bell’s ringing, but head’s absent (7)
SCHNELL - SCH = school, (K)NELL. I've tried a few times to master the German language, to add to the 1.5 foreign tongues I can do, but never succeeded. (Latin not counted).I think I learnt this word by watching episodes of Hello Hello.
5 Bear with what speaker holds as representative (7)
TOTEMIC - TOTE = bear, MIC(rophone).
9 Abstract artist keeping one in shop (9)
STATIONER - Insert ONE into (ARTIST)*.
10 Sitcom’s beginning with Nora Batty giving offence (5)
11 It may enable reception venue to accommodate a famous Swiss beauty (9,4)
SATELLITE DISH - SITE = venue, insert A TELL (as in William), DISH = beauty.
13 Painter working only in certain colours (8)
REYNOLDS - Insert (ONLY)* into REDS. Sir Josh.
15 Vintage year following fine footballer (6)
CRUYFF - CRU = vintage, Y(ear), F(ollowing), F(ine). Reasonably good Dutch footballer who won the ballon d'or 3 times in the 70s.
17 Odd bits of tissue and loo roll get cleaned out (2,4)
GO BUST - Took me a while to see how this worked. T S U = odd bits of tissue. BOG = loo (a bit downmarket for this organ?) Reverse all = 'roll'.
19 One suppressing inconvenient report on firing? (8)
SILENCER - Nice cryptic definition, as in gun firing.
22 Be impatient winner: rather gripping series of races against that fellow (5,2,3,3)
CHAMP AT THE BIT - CHAMP = winner, A BIT = rather, insert all of TT (races) HE = that fellow.
25 Pound making comeback cheers nation (5)
MALTA - LAM = pound, reverse and add TA = cheers.
26 Astonished group of rugby players led by a point (9)
27 Church put out over replacing Conservative member of flock? (7)
CHEVIOT - CH, EVICT = put out, exchange the C for an O = over. My CoD. Cheviot being a breed of sheep.
28 Buzz around there, regularly going back for honey (7)
SWEETEN - NEWS = buzz, T E E = there regularly, insert into NEWS and reverse all. Apparently 'honey' can be a verb.

1 Average doubled in this manner (2-2)
SO-SO - SO = in this manner, have two of them.
2 Tittle-tattle from ex-grass, perhaps, drawing in listeners (7)
HEARSAY - HAY = ex-grass (I like it!) insert EARS.
3 Order some sweet cider from the south (5)
EDICT - Hidden reversed in SWEE(T CIDE)R.
4 One letting Desperate Dan dally (8)
5 Can defending holder of the Ashes retire? (4,2)
TURN IN - TIN = can, insert URN as in The Ashes. Minute of silence please.
6 Fairly horrible smell mostly trailing behind stinker, say (2,1,6)
TO A DEGREE - TOAD = stinker, EG = say, REE(K) = horrible smell mostly.
7 Puzzle from the setter’s pen, provided within (7)
MYSTIFY - MY STY = the setter's pen, insert IF = provided.
8 Study chapter one on class resembling scallops? (10)
CONCHIFORM - CON = study, CH(apter), I FORM = one on class. Shell-shaped.
12 Wanting an actor, magic in plays, showing dramatic range (10)
TRAGICOMIC - Anagram of the letters of ACTOR MAGIC IN withouth the letters AN. (CTOR MAGIC I)*
14 I go around a hospital to set up feeding tubes (9)
OESOPHAGI - I GO around A H POSE, all reversed.
16 Greeting appropriate over the telephone in the main (4,4)
HIGH SEAS - HIGH = HI !, SEAS sounds like SEIZE = appropriate.
18 Script read with feeling (7)
BRAILLE - Nice cryptic definition.
20 Item worn with cape at clubs, say (7)
CATSUIT - C(ape), AT, SUIT = clubs say.
21 House opening around 4th of January (6)
STUART - START around U fourth letter of JanUary.
23 Black articles in wash (5)
BATHE - B(lack), A, THE.
24 A brief sort of a piece (4)
AKIN -A, KIN(D) = brief sort.
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