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Times 26907 - TCC heat 2 puzzle 3 - no slowing down please.

Some time ago I suggested, when the answers to a particular puzzle prompted the idea, that we had a little competition to see who could create a short but readable story using all the words in the grid. I had one entry that was so good, it obviously put others off having a go!
The answers to this puzzle seem like another interesting set of words to go into a short story, so entries are invited! There might even be a prize.

This one seemed to me to be the easiest of the three in the second heat, it took me just on the 20 minutes and had no obscure Shakespearean prostitutes (after last week's Doll Tearsheet stumped me). Nevertheless had I been in London and entered the competition I think I'd have preferred to have been in heat 1. Next week we'll be into the deeper end of things with the final three.

1 People left child generous little gift (6,4)
WIDOWS MITE - WIDOWS are people left (by bereavement) and a MITE is a child. My FOI.
6 Vestment returned by bishop let out (4)
BLAB - ALB = vestment, reverse and add B for bishop.
10 Pardon felon, finally turning to stand (7)
WHATNOT - WHAT? = pardon? N = felon finally, TO reversed. A whatnot being a 'stand' usually with shelves, like a French étagère.
11 Voluntarily exposed no end of bosom (7)
UNASKED - UNMASKED = exposed, remove the end of bosoM.
12 Inspector polishes up English speech (9)
DISCOURSE - DI = inspector, SCOURS = polishes up, E(nglish).
13 Sweet tin disappointingly empty (5)
CANDY - CAN = tin, D Y = disappointingly, empty.
14 Small amount of money that’s found in the sea (5)
SQUID - S = small, QUID = amount of money, a chestnut clue.
15 Criminal cut and ran, say, for refuge (9)
17 Virgin for one seized by less intelligent dealer (9)
DISPENSER - DENSER = less intelligent; insert ISP = internet service provider of which Virgin may well be one in UK.
20 As a precaution, not taking all native people (5)
INCAS - IN CASE = as a precaution.
21 Bugle call outside a sort of bar (5)
TAPAS - TAPS is the last bugle call of the day, meaning lights out; insert another A.
23 Around noon, a son late rising again (9)
RENASCENT - Noon a son = N A S , insert into RECENT = late.
25 Penalty is roughly presented in numbers (7)
APLENTY - (PENALTY)*. So easy it was easy to miss it.
26 Principal begging head to leave (7)
27 Hawk that is blown by the wind (4)
KITE - Cryptic double definition.
28 It’s worse if anything, they say, to be wiser (4,6)
KNOW BETTER - sounds like 'no better'.

1 Amazed wife married without love (5)
WOWED - Insert O into W(ife) WED.
2 Imaginary people in book: loads used in new edition (4,5)
3 Light morning activity creating favourable impression (6-8)
WINDOW-DRESSING - WINDOW = light, DRESSING a morning activity.
4 Heard legends about one god or another (7)
MITHRAS - MITHS sounds like MYTHS, insert RA an Egyptian God, to get a Roman / Iranian one.
5 May child perhaps cross? Near disastrous (7)
TAUREAN - TAU being a form of T-shaped cross, then (NEAR)*. The zodiac sign Taurus being April 19 - May 20.
7 Compare what one-kilogram bags brought over (5)
LIKEN - Hidden reversed in O(NE KIL)OGRAM.
8 Extras including current bit of breakfast and child’s cot (5-4)
BEDDY-BYES - BYES being extras in cricket; EDDY being current, B being a bit of breakfast. Assemble.
9 See what I can do; room for more later (5,4,5)
WATCH THIS SPACE - Cryptic definition. But see Verlaine's alternative view below as to the definition. Either seems to work.
14 Two features of old record are misleading (9)
SIDETRACK - SIDE and TRACK being things an old record had.
16 Fancy his metal changed (lead only)? (9)
ALCHEMIST - (HIS METAL C)*, the C from changed; Definition &lit.
18 Keep remarking about pair coming out in mist (5-2)
SPRAY-ON - SAY = keep remarking, about = ON, insert PR = pair.
19 Starts to become exhausted and lose time (4,3)
RUNS LOW - or RUN SLOW = lose time.
22 Guide one through area of ground (5)
PILOT - Insert I into PLOT.
24 Energetic person say caught by slowing up (5)
TIGER -  Insert E.G. = say, into RIT.  short for ritardando meaning slowing down in musical terms; reverse all 'up'.
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