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Times 26889 - Puzzle #3 in the TCC round 1. One wrong?

Another 25 minutes of pleasure with this one, apart from 1a where I had heard of the word as a make or brand of electric guitars but not in connection with horses; and 9a where (at the time of writing this) the answer I have is I believe correct but when I submitted I found the currently published solution is different. Perhaps our esteemed editor will spot it and change either the clue or the answer!

1 Horse’s trappings a Trojan prince wrapped in fleece? (9)
CAPARISON - CON = fleece; insert A, PARIS being a Trojan prince, Helen's bloke.
6 Quiet fellow taking dip in river (5)
PIANO - The River PO as in Northern Italy, has the fellow IAN inserted, giving us the Italian / musical term for quiet.
9 Short advert: for a second (5)
PHOTO - or PROMO? Seems to me, it should be PROMO; PRO = for, MO = a second. Wrong answer? Or wrong clue?
10 Peevish cashier in combative exchange of views (9)
CROSSFIRE -  Peevish = cross, FIRE = cashier, dismiss.
11 Brief review of small vessel with digital protection? (9,6)
THUMBNAIL SKETCH - KETCH = small vessle, THUMBNAIL'S = digital's = digital protection I suppose.
13 Hide from royal runner in study (8)
DEERSKIN - ER = Royal, SKI = runner, insert those into DEN = study.
14 Books university set aside for records (6)
ANNALS - ANNUALS = books, has its U set aside.
16 Half-dozen in Rome with capacity to become realistic (6)
VIABLE - VI = six in Roman numerals, ABLE = with capacity to.
18 Guarantee with absolute certainty, ultimately (8)
WARRANTY - W= with, ARRANT = absolute, Y = end of certaintY.
21 Race little boy about to go to the French art establishment? (8,7)
NATIONAL GALLERY - I dissect this one as; NATION = race, ALGY = little boy, insert ALLER being the French for 'to go'.
23 Revolutionary way Gunners pursue ends of other players (9)
ORCHESTRA - OR = the ends of 'OtheR'; CHE = our usual revolutionary; ST = way; RA = Royal Artillery.
25 A range of hearing (5)
AURAL - A, URAL mountain range.
26 Cheers football teams? They’re going places! (5)
TAXIS - TA = cheers, thanks; XIs = teams, elevens.
27 Where some may hear a posh leader endlessly (9)
AUDITORIA - A, U = posh, (E)DITORIA(L) = leader as in paper column, with ends off.

1 Firm piece of advice rejected: suffer the consequences? (3,2)
COP IT - CO = firm, TIP reversed.
2 Proud punter beginning to row boat for a change (11)
PROTUBERANT - anagram of PUNTER R(OW) BOAT. I think Protuberant will be one of my 8 Desert Island Word choices. I love it.
3 Greek character on passenger vehicle carrying minute figure (7)
RHOMBUS - RHO = Greek letter, BUS = passenger vehicle, insert M = minute. Today's educational bit:

The word "rhombus" comes from Greek ῥόμβος (rhombos), meaning something that spins, which derives from the verb ῥέμβω (rhembō), meaning "to turn round and round.The word was used both by Euclid and Archimedes, who used the term "solid rhombus" for two right circular cones sharing a common base.

The surface we refer to as rhombus today is a cross section of this solid rhombus through the apex of each of the two cones.

4 Sort of philosophy actor gets involved in thus (8)
SOCRATIC - SIC = thus in Latin; insert (ACTOR)*.
5 Simple person’s word of refusal upset the Spanish party (6)
NOODLE - NO = word of refusal, EL, DO = the Spanish, party; reverse that bit.
6 Russian writer — sort mostly supporting press (7)
PUSHKIN - PUSH = press, KIN(D) = sort of mostly. Pushkin wrote those plays and books which are more famous (to me at least) as the sources of operas; Eugene Onegin, Ruslan & Ludmila, Boris Godunov.
7 Boxer’s son ditched by girl? (3)
ALI - ALIS is a not very common girl's name, remove the S(on). EDIT Doh! More common as a name is ALISON, then ditch the SON. See below.
8 Too quick to have yarns regularly spun (9)
OVERHASTY - YARNS regularly = Y R S, add these to TO HAVE for the anagram fodder (TO HAVE YRS)*.
12 Attendant, one enduring inclement weather after end of shoot (11)
TRAINBEARER - T = end of shoot, RAIN BEARER would be one enduring inclement weather. Nothing to do with idle guards on Southern Rail, that would be a TRAINB***ER.
13 Fellow left to collect new item of furniture (9)
DAVENPORT - DAVE is our fellow, PORT is left, inset N for new. A Davenport is a sort of sofa, a generic word which like HOOVER was originally the name of the company making it, Massachusetts furniture manufacturer A. H. Davenport and Company, now defunct.
15 Person keeping eye on commercial vehicle, perhaps, in front (8)
VANGUARD - A VAN GUARD would be doing that, so a DD, one literal.
17 One who may have pride in her companions? (7)
LIONESS - cryptic definition.
19 Dependent on arrest being set up on time (7)
RELIANT - RE = on, NAIL = arrest, reverse that, add T for time.
20 Sacred word in a set of books collected by male artist (6)
MANTRA - A, NT inserted into M = male, RA = artist.
22 Yankee area accommodating key conference centre once (5)
YALTA - Y(ankee) A(rea, insert ALT = key. Conference held in said resort in February 1945 to discuss the post-war future of Germany. Subject of Churchill's Triumph by my college chum Michael Dobbs, a good read.
24 Charlie — neat participant in boat race, perhaps (3)
COX - C for Charlie, OX = neat. Unlike in my day, they seem to be all female now.
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