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Times 26,867: Where Angels Fear To Tread

I'm afraid to say I'm going to skimp on my blogly duties today as I'm off to York for Sloggers and Betters tomorrow, and I've still got a Cryptic Jumbo to write up in time for the weekend. This was a pleasant enough puzzle to solve but not particularly colourful, I'd say - I'm struggling to find much to say about it, especially with the scars of Wednesday's titanic battle still being fresh on my person. I did like it though, my highlights being 16ac with its clever construction, and 24ac, because you'd probably only get away with calling him a famous cleric in crosswording company, these days, wouldn't you.

6 minutes and three quarters for me, so maybe not so very Fridayish as these things go. Yourselves? And am I going to see any of you in York this weekend?

1 Locum happy nursing in India, say (12)
SUBCONTINENT - SUB [locum] + CONTENT [happy] "nursing" IN
8 Follow after troops rush to advance (3,4)
RAT RACE - TRACE [follow] after R.A. [troops]
9 Saves signals from sappers? (7)
RESCUES - the "signals from sappers" are RE'S CUES
11 Detective ruled lines for notes concerning women (7)
DISTAFF - D.I. STAFF [detective | ruled lines for notes]
12 Whale led by pack round island (7)
MAJORCA - ORCA [whale], led by JAM reversed [pack "round"]
13 State leaders to support overseas sanction (3-2)
SAY-SO - SAY [state] + S{upport} O{verseas}
14 Destructive, and a pain, holding a night flier back (9)
CATABOLIC - COLIC [a pain], "holding" A + BAT reversed [night flier "back"]
16 Doctor's left university for right case (9)
CARTRIDGE - CA{mb->RT}RIDGE [university, where MB (doctor) "has left for" RT (right)]
19 Headgear displayed by panto queen (5)
TOQUE - hidden in {pan}TO QUE{en}. These were completely de rigueur apparel when I lived in Edmonton, Alberta.
21 Unnaturally pale men put on list for service (7)
EMPANEL - (PALE MEN*) ["unnaturally"]
23 Harrowing account dogging Republican ruler (7)
RACKING - AC [account] "dogging" R [Republican], + KING [ruler]
24 Famous cleric by preference keeping close to bishop (7)
SPOONER - SOONER [by preference] "keeping" {bisho}P
25 On reduced allowance, writer's become more focused (7)
SHARPEN - on SHAR{e} ["reduced" allowance], PEN [writer]
26 A fruitless mission, rum do for Arsenal (1,5,6)

1 Settle for one female model returning inside (7)
SATISFY - SAY [for one], with F SIT [female | model] reversed inside
2 See trouble with British artist fronting game show? (7)
BRAVADO - V ADO [see | trouble], with B RA [British | artist] "fronting"
3 Ingenuous old bird, female, given coat (4-5)
OPEN-FACED - O PEN FACED [old | bird, female | given coat]
4 Continuous murmur from Hard Right splitting corporation (5)
THRUM - H R [hard | right] "splitting" TUM [corporation]
5 Is competent professional perhaps in audition to provide cosmetic surgery? (4,3)
NOSE JOB - homophone of KNOWS JOB [is competent professional perhaps, "in audition"]
6 Colourless individual not taking sides (7)
NEUTRAL - double def
7 Deserter acts deviously to reveal them, perhaps (5,7)
TRADE SECRETS - (DESERTER ACTS*) ["deviously"], semi-&lit
10 Software providing instruction for transport police? (6,6)
SEARCH ENGINE - transport police might get an order to search an engine, in the course of their job
15 Philosopher arousing others' ire (9)
THEORISER - (OTHERS' IRE*) ["arousing..."]
17 Censure for each going up top (7)
REPROOF - PER reversed [for each "going up"] + ROOF [top]
18 Current cuts are enough to fund strike (3,4)
RUN INTO - IN [current] "cuts" RUN TO [are enough to fund]
19 A need for diplomat to accommodate firm over work? (7)
TOCCATA - A TACT [a | need for diplomat] to accomodate CO [firm], all reversed ["over"]
20 Course gone round by sovereign was full of cracks? (7)
QUIPPED - PPE [course] gone round by QUID [sovereign]. Cracks as in gags or jokes
22 Primate's teaching is used for English (5)
LORIS - LOR{e->IS} [teaching, with "IS" used instead of E for English]
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