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Times Cryptic 26798

This one took me 48 minutes. I found it quite tricky with a number of rather intricate parsings. For some reason my LOI (19ac) took for ever to parse but I had stopped the clock long before then.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 One wise guy on paper reversed view (6,5)
MIRROR IMAGE - MIRROR (paper),  I (one), MAGE (wise guy). There's a very clever clue to something similar still under wraps at the moment.
7 At last go with mass as a physical unit (3)
OHM - {g}O {wit}H [at last], M (mass)
9 Bill entertains washing solution for suitable material? (9)
POLYESTER - POSTER (bill) contains [entertains] LYE (washing solution). 'Suitable material' as in a material from which suits can be made. LYE is a word I know only from crosswords.
10 Insect you might catch: it has leaves to chew (5)
BETEL - Sounds like [you might catch] "beetle" (insect)
11 Maybe phrase misprinted on page (7)
PERHAPS - P (page), anagram [misprinted] of PHRASE
12 Why / reprimand? (4,3)
WHAT FOR - Two meanings. To give someone 'what for' is to reprimand them.
13 Bird’s colourful — that is, on reflection (5)
EIDER - RED (colourful) + IE (that is) reversed [on reflection]
15 Genuine article found in a new tunic (9)
AUTHENTIC - THE (article) contained by [found in] A + anagram [new] of TUNIC
17 Swear sheep and lamb are interchangeable (9)
BLASPHEME - Anagram [interchangeable] of SHEEP LAMB
19 Student, not acceptable, rejected by one painter (5)
LIPPI - P{u}PIL (student) [not acceptable - U] reversed [rejected], I (one). Take your pick from Filippo, Filippino or Lorenzo
20 Scruffy barrister, not old, died (7)
RUMPLED - RUMP{o}LE (barrister) [not old], D (died)
22 Appealing, are not always successful? (7)
WINSOME - WIN SOME / lose some (not always successful?)
24 Area for new part of stage (5)
APRON - A (area), PRO (for), N (new)
25 Prisoners taken for a ride, reportedly squeeze up (9)
CONSTRICT - CONS (prisoners), TRICT sounds like [reportedly] "tricked" (taken for a ride)
27 Transporter of livestock avoiding a drama (3)
NOH - NO{a}H (transporter of livestock) [avoiding a]
28 Visiting some ladies, noticed daughter idle (2,1,5,3)
AT A LOOSE END - AT A LOO (visiting some ladies), SEEN (noticed),  D (daughter)
1 Sweet child removing pet hair that’s untidy (3)
MOP - MOP{pet} (sweet child) [removing pet]
2 Despot perhaps that should go straight (5)
RULER - A straight definition and a cryptic hint with reference to the instrument used for measuring and drawing straight lines.
3 Outside broadcast led by Frank (4-3)
OPEN-AIR - OPEN (frank), AIR (broadcast)
4 Unwilling, run out of road in America (9)
INTESTATE - INTE{r}STATE (road in America) [run out of]
5 School’s head confiscated weapon (5)
ARROW - {h}ARROW (school) [head confiscated]. My old school shared the Hill, many facilities and a school motto with this lot, known to Etonians as 'the dump on the lump'. Stet Fortuna Domus.
6 Putting me up, couple give affectionate greeting (7)
EMBRACE - ME (reversed) [up], BRACE (couple)
7 How one might find pest at odds with others (3,2,4)
OUT OF STEP - One of those self-referencing anagrams with 'out' in the answer as the anagrind and PEST in the clue as the anagrist
8 Negligent work’s bad impact clear (11)
11 Lawyers benefit after halving enjoyable legal discussion (4-7)
PLEA-BARGAIN - PLEA{sing} (enjoyable) [halving], BAR (lawyers), GAIN (benefit)
14 Finished army exercise, getting serious strains (4,5)
DEAD MARCH - DEAD (finished), MARCH (army exercise)
16 Martial activity destroys a Kent wood (3,4,2)
TAE KWON DO - Anagram [destroys] of A KENT WOOD
18 Heading for administration after banker advanced dough (7)
POLENTA - PO (banker), LENT (advanced), A{dministration} [heading]
19 Medicine workers organised in county (7)
LINCTUS - US (workers organised - Trades Union) in LINCS (county - Lincolnshire)
21 Country house hotel accepted by half the university community for erection (5)
DACHA - H (hotel - NATO alphabet) in [accepted by] ACAD{emia} (university community) [half] reversed [for erection]
23 Everything horrid not to be furthered? (2,3)
ON ICE - If everything is horryd nothing (0) is NICE
26 A little bit of information shortly picked up (3)
TAD - DAT{a} (information) [shortly] reversed [picked up]
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