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Times Cryptic 26792

After yesterday's easy run this one presented me with much more of a challenge. My solve started well enough and I appeared to be heading for completion in 30-40 minutes but I had problems in the SE quadrant and in the end needed 75 minutes.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Walked out at night? (13)
SOMNAMBULATED - A rather good cryptic definition gets us started. I needed several checkers before the answer came to me and then I wondered why I hadn't spotted it immediately.
8 Duck in bed or some other bird (4)
COOT - 0 (duck - cricket) in COT (bed)
9 Medication to dispose of male's spots (5,5)
EPSOM SALTS - Anagram [to dispose] of MALE'S SPOTS
10 Thankless task to get the Spanish school structural support (8)
SKELETON - {ta}SK [thankless], EL (the, Spanish), ETON (school)
11 Remove multi-faith subject offered by school (6)
RESECT - RE (multi-faith subject - Religious Education), SECT (school). I didn't know the word until recently when I underwent an operation which included this procedure. Away from surgery it can more generally just mean 'remove'.
13 Trip with a meal spectator finally organised before the match (10)
PREMARITAL - Anagram [organised] of TRIP A MEAL and {spectato}R [finally]
16 Love piece that is written in one of the paper's sections (4)
OBIT - 0 (love - tennis, this time), BIT (piece). I think this goes down as semi &lit, but don't quote me!
17 Hide from relations after first hint of scandal (4)
SKIN - S{candal} [first hint of], KIN (relations)
18 Four meeting at one in reception room — indication of appetising meal ahead? (10)
SALIVATION - IV (four) + AT + I (one) in SALON (reception room)
20 Bridges in border area defaced (6)
ARCHES - {m}ARCHES (border area) [defaced]. Marches are border areas of a country, in the UK the parts of England bordering on Wales and, at one time, Scotland.
22 Settler : one person held in veneration (8)
COLONIST - COLON ( : ), I (one), ST (person held in veneration - saint). Tricky stuff!
24 Italian learning coming with set of books with beautiful binding (10)
FLORENTINE - LORE (learning) + NT (set of books - New Testament), contained by  [with...binding] FINE (beautiful)
26 Famous inventor, no adult for chat maybe (4)
BIRD - B{a}IRD (famous inventor - John Logie) [no adult - a)
27 Where cluster of businesses agitated with rents becoming ridiculous (7,6)
TRADING ESTATE - Anagram [becoming ridiculous] of AGITATED RENTS. I think the definition part of the clue needed a bit more work. Edit: mctext suggests the defintion is some sort &lit, so the whole clue is the definition, and I think that make more sense.
1 Financial professional in descent — having lost all money, runs (11)
STOCKBROKER - STOCK (descent - ancestry), BROKE (having lost all money), R (runs)
2 Second phone needed in stopover for guest (5)
MOTEL - MO (second), TEL (phone)
3 A river's full of fresh openings (9)
APERTURES - A, PERT (fresh), URE'S (river's)
4 Opener for England bats in new helmet (7)
BASINET - E{ngland} [opener] in anagram [new] of BATS IN A
5 Animal in space module descending on old city (5)
LEMUR - LEM (space module - Lunar Excursion Module], UR (old city)
6 After start of term organised games may bring delight (9)
TRANSPORT - T{erm} [start], RAN (organised), SPORT (games)
7 Girl / E Morse represents (3)
DOT - Two definitions, the second with reference to the International Morse Code in which a single 'dot' represents the letter 'E'. A nice reference to Inspector Morse, Colin Dexter's Times crossword-solving detective whose first name was kept secret for many years and was eventually revealed to be Endeavour.
12 Oriental style shown by one in trousers overlooking lake (11)
CHINOISERIE - I (one) in CHINOS (trousers), ERIE (lake)
14 Obsession gets surly fellow briefly imprisoned in Chinese region (9)
MANCHURIA - MANIA (obsession) contains [gets...imprisoned] CHUR{l} (surly fellow) [briefly]
15 Radical politicians of Left, party types abandoning leader (9)
LEVELLERS - L (left), {r}EVELLERS  (party types) [abandoning leader]. I never heard of these guys until they appeared in the prize puzzle on 15th July, blogged here on the 22nd.
19 A sort of gloss ruler is missing (7)
LACKING - LAC (a sort of gloss), KING (ruler). I lost time here thinking the answer was 'lacquer' with 'qu' as the ruler but I was unable to take it further for obvious reasons.
21 Muslim more cheerful, without hesitation (5)
SUNNI - SUNNI{er} (more cheerful) [without hesitation]
23 Sloth, something hairy turning up in old African region (5)
NUBIA - AI (sloth) + BUN (something hairy) reversed [turning up]. This wretched sloth never fails to catch me out. Nubian slaves crop up opera - Faust and Aida for example.
25 Man with wicked wife / somewhere in France (3)
LOT - Two definitions. I wasn't aware that Lot's wife was particularly wicked, only disobedient in that she is supposed to have looked back at the doomed city of Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt. Up to that point she was going to be spared by the angels so she can't have been all that bad.
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