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Times Cryptic 26786

I needed only 25 minutes for this one, so completed it comfortably within my half-hour target. I'm not convinced it was particularly easy so perhaps I was on the setter's wavelength for once (and yes, I do believe such a thing exists). I'm sure the speedsters will have given it short shrift but I shall be interested to see how the solvers I sometimes measure my time against have fared. There's only one word previously unknown to me and an unknown reference in the same clue.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Indian thus developing the Delhi dialect (10)
HINDUSTANI - Anagram [developing] of INDIAN THUS
6 Revolutionary method of payment for strikebreaker (4)
SCAB - BACS  (method of payment - Bankers' Automated Clearing Services) reversed [revolutionary]
9 To study a hindrance in article that’s hackneyed (10)
THREADBARE - READ (study) + BAR (hindrance) contained in THE (article)
10 Boss — a big shot, by the sound of it (4)
KNOB - Sounds like "nob" (a big shot - person of wealth or social distinction). Collins has 'boss' in this sense as: a knob, stud, or other circular rounded protuberance, esp an ornamental one on a vault, a ceiling, or a shield.
12 Church leader sheltering old feline favourite by large volcano (12)
POPOCATEPETL - POPE (church leader) containing [sheltering] O (old) + CAT (feline), then PET (favourite), L (large). I'd have biffed this one if I'd known how to spell it, but as I wasn't sure I had to pay close attention to the wordplay to get it right. Having all the checkers would have sorted it out too, but I had only a couple in place when I tackled the clue.
15 Source of fragrance for French in short spin on river (9)
POTPOURRI - PO (river), then POUR (for, French) contained in TRI{p} (spin) [short]
17 English head retiring in German city (5)
ESSEN - E (English), then NESS (head - headland) reversed [retiring]. 'German city' is always ESSEN in Times crosswords except when it isn't.
18 Abroad, one may purchase pulpy food, 60% rejected (5)
RUPEE - PUREE (pulpy food) with its first 3 letters [60%] reversed [rejected]
19 Fighter that’s irregular somehow, changing sides ultimately (9)
GUERRILLA - Anagram [somehow] of  IRREGULA{r} and L [changing sides ultimately - R becomes L]
20 Without direction, spicing and heating a brownish yellow soup (12)
MULLIGATAWNY - MULLI{n}G (spicing and heating - wine, for example) [without direction - N, north], A, TAWNY (brownish yellow)
24 A, B, C, D, F or G, by implication? (4)
NOTE - NOT, E. A 9ac clue with reference to the notes of the musical scale.
25 One in my group before stays fitter (10)
CORSETIERE - COR (my!), SET (group), I (one), ERE (before). Good definition!
26 Obnoxious type given a drink across the pond (4)
SODA - SOD (obnoxious type), A. Language, Timothy! And the drink is common enough on this side of the pond too.
27 Pelt sailors with firm condiment (10)
PEPPERCORN - PEPPER (pelt), CO (firm), RN (sailors - Royal Navy)
1 Strongly dislike appearing in Macbeth at Edinburgh (4)
HATE - Hidden [appearing] in {Macbet}H AT E{dinburgh}. One strayed in from the Quickie page, methinks.
2 Lack of engineers where sailors mutinied once (4)
NORE - NO (lack of), RE (engineers). I didn't know this. The Nore is a sandbank in the Thames estuary which gave its name to a nearby anchorage used by the Royal Navy at one time. Apparently a famous mutiny took place there in 1797. The wordplay and checkers didn't leave much room for doubt about the correct answer.
3 Girl lyrical about record, making no excuses (12)
UNAPOLOGETIC - UNA (girl), POETIC (lyrical) contains [about] LOG (record)
4 Rings club about prohibition (5)
TABOO - OO (rings) + BAT (club) reversed [about]. No castling or spectacles today!
5 A bishop immersed in local history? (9)
NARRATIVE - A + RR (bishop) contained by [immersed in] NATIVE (local)
7 Study poetry extremely lovingly? On the other hand … (10)
CONVERSELY - CON (study), VERSE (poetry), L{ovingl}Y [extremely]
8 Old citizen sinking half of capital in infant boy (10)
BABYLONIAN - LON{don} (capital) [half] contained by [sinking...in] BABY (infant) + IAN (boy)
11 Rare trip gone wrong for person on odyssey (12)
PEREGRINATOR - Anagram [wrong] of RARE TRIP GONE. To peregrinate is to travel on a long journey or voyage.
13 Rooms male painters maybe secured in suitable quarter (10)
APARTMENTS - ART MEN (male painters) contained by [secured in] APT (suitable), S (quarter)
14 Spurred on, quietly replacing medium — it’s demanded (10)
STIPULATED - STI{m}ULATED (spurred on) with P (quietly) replacing M (medium)
16 Rambling discourse that’s shaken up a grim function (9)
RIGMAROLE - Anagram [shaken up] of A GRIM, ROLE (function)
21 Fabulous writer of a work about French art? (5)
AESOP - A + OP (work) contains [about] ES (French art - tu es)
22 US politician, not about to desert protest (4)
DEMO - DEMO{crat} (US politician) [not about - c, desert - rat]
23 Cut wages originally accepted by egg supplier (4)
HEWN - W{ages} [originally] contained [accepted] by HEN (egg supplier). Following on from 'not layers' for 'cockerels' yesterday.
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