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Times 26769 - crystal clear, it's a Schottky barrier diode, mate.

I thought this was a slightly off-beat puzzle, with mainly easy clues and a few less obvious ones (1d, 29a, 11a). It took me around 20 minutes so a medium 5 on my Richter scale of trickiness. I had to look up 1d afterwards to check it was correct, and also looked up 25a in Wikipedia so I could remind myself and bore you with the science. With no double unches in the grid, it should be easy enough to plump for answers once some checkers are in.

Definitions underlined.

1 Peculiarity, having no name attached to grand idol (7)
GODDESS - ODDNESS = peculiarity, delete the N(ame), front with G(rand).
5 Day off? Graduates turn to wash (7)
SABBATH - BAS = graduates, turn -> SAB; BATH = wash.
9 Refusals to shorten feature (3)
NOS - NOS(E) shortened feature. There is some debate about the use of the apostrophe in plurals of numbers, and odd words like NO, it seems NOES is preferred over NO'S today but the latter was the norm some years ago.
10 Water fills empty butt, as always getting round problem (5-6)
BRAIN-TEASER - RAIN = water, inside B T = empty butt, then E'ER (always) around AS.
11 Given cat’s instinct, tucking into small fish (8)
SCOURGED - You need to lift and separate CAT from 's instinct here. CAT'S is short for cat is, in this case. URGE = instinct, inserted into S COD (small fish). Scourged, whipped, given the cat.
12 A noble fear is torn clothes (6
ARISTO - Hidden word in FE(AR IS TO)RN.
15 Where surgeon working, above all? (4)
ATOP - A surgeon would be working AT OP(ERATION). Perhaps there's a small typo here; should be surgeon's or surgeon is, for good sense.
16 Tuna scarce? Switch to crab, perhaps (10)
18 Endless fun in tent: magician’s beginning to bend small hat (10)
CIRCUMFLEX - CIRCU(S) = endless fun in tent; M(agician): FLEX = to bend. There was a move recently to abolish this accent in the French language as taught, which of course led to a backlash and millions of tweets to '#jesuiscirconflexe'.
19 Gratified these rags become stylish clothes (4)
GLAD - Your glad rags are your best or party clothes; a phrase dating from 1896 apparently.
22 An Arabian vessel? Yes indeed (3,3)
AND HOW ! - AN, DHOW = Arabian vessel.
23 Who is going to eat these kitchen scraps? (8)
25 Receiving wire “Rash wickets lost” (4,7)
CATS WHISKER - (RASH WICKETS)*. No cats were injured in the making of these instruments. A 'receiving wire' in an antique radio set, where a thin wire just touched a particular spot on a crystal of galena or a similar semiconducting mineral.The diode effect allowed the AC signal to become DC and the audible element could then be extracted from the carrier waveform.
27 Falling over, soldier died — make his grave? (3)
DIG - GI = soldier, D= dead. Fall over = reverse.
28 Considers what may lead to my signature (7)
REGARDS - You could end your note "regards, and your signature".
29 Old philosopher turns to very left-wing papers (7)
DIDEROT - TO RED ID = to (very) left-wing papers. All reversed. I don't see why 'very' is here. Diderot was a French philosopher, I've never read any of his stuff but there is a street named for him in many French towns (Agen for example).

1 In Georgia, dread such aggressive music (7)
GANGSTA - ANGST = dread, inside GA for Georgia. A form of rap music originating in gangland culture, I gather. I guessed it from wordplay.
2 Shamed by defeat over Times leader (11)
DISHONOURED - DISH can mean defeat; then "on our Ed" = over Times leader.
3 Limbs (not head) — they glow (6)
4 Long-distance traveller accepts flying must include relevant service (10)
SPACECRAFT - Anagram of (ACCEPTS)* with RAF (relevant service to flying) inserted.
5 You must leave a cube smooth (4)
SAND - A THOUSAND is 10 cubed; delete the THOU = you must leave.
6 Broadcaster announced it will keep buzzers going (3,5)
BEE BREAD - Sounds like BEEB READ, where BEEB = the BBC.
7 Fool is half in agreement (3)
ASS - Half of ASSENT = agreement.
8 Keep talking about old weapon (7)
HARPOON - HARP ON = keep talking, insert O(ld).
13 One entrancing period of work on farm machinery (11)
SPELLBINDER - SPELL = period of work, BINDER = farm machinery.
14 A danger in horse being accompanied by pointer (10)
ASTERISKED - A STEED = a horse, insert RISK = danger.
17 Its winner most strongly backed (3,2,3)
TUG OF WAR - Cryptic definition.
18 Wide boy has change of heart, becoming poet (7)
CHAUCER - CHANCER changes the N for a U.
20 Darken joy? (7)
DELIGHT - Well, if you DE-LIGHT something, you could be making it darker.
21 Took huge interest in American university ball (6)
USURED - US = American, U = university, RED. Why does RED = ball? A red snooker ball, perhaps.
24 Be sorry to have split from girl (4)
MISS - If you have split from something, you might miss it, or her, and feel sorry.
26 Arose, it appears, showing a measure of warmth? (3)
TOG - A tog is a measure of warmth or insulation of e.g. a duvet, although here IKEA don't seem to know that. GOT reversed = GOT UP = arose.
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