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Times 26752 - pass the 21

Solving time : 8:18 - there was a fair bit of biffing going on here, and I hope I can figure out the wordplay as I write this one up. I'm also relieved as there are a few of my favorite words to mis-spell lurking in the grid, a few clued as anagrams.

After writing this up and sorting out everything, it seems this one is heavy on the music references, so it may be more up some people's alleys than others.

Away we go...

Apologies for the typos in the first version of this, and for taking so long to get around to them - that's what happens when I blog after midnight and cider.

1FARMYARD: F(female), ARM(member) then DRAY(cart) reversed
6DURESS: DRESS(line up, military use) containing U
9GASTRONOMICAL: ASTRONOMICAL(immense) with G at the start
10FRIEND: alternating letters in FeRtIlE, then AND missing the A
11RHAPSODY: anagram of HARPS,DO,(badl)Y
13CAPPUCCINO: A, P, PUCCIN(i) in CO - beware if you happen to be in the US and order one of these, in most places it means a sweet flavored coffee
15LENT: double definition, LENT meaning slow in French
18PICARESQUE: PIQUE(ill-feeling) surrounding CARES
21DEMERARA: this was a biff, but I think I have the wordplay - DEME is a Greek subdivision, and then it sounds like RARER (though in the US it is pronounced "rah-rah" at the end)
22CURSOR: homophone (articulate) of CURSER
23ONE IN A MILLION: this was also a biff, I'll admit ignorance to the character of Tulliver in THE MILL ON THE FLOSS, so it is ONE IN A MILL, then NO,I reversed
25MONKEY: (floc)K in MONEY
26RENEGADE: READ, E containing a reversal of GEN
2ALGERIA: a reversal of AIR(show), EG(for one), LA
3MASTERPIECE: another biff - ASTER(plant) in M, PIECE(a castle is a piece, definition by example being alluded to by the question mark)
4ACRID: (inspecto)R in A, CID
5DENARII: anagram of IN,A,DIRE - a word etched in my mind from Life of Brian
6DEMEANOUR: D and E are musical keys, then sounds like MEANER
7ROC: COR(french for musical horn) reversed
8SALADIN: S(son) then remove a D from ALADDIN
12SELF-SERVING: anagram of SEVEN,GIRLS,F(ather)
14CAPTAINCY: another biff - though I saw the wordplay later - CAIN is the second man, and C(hoos)Y surrounding APT
17TREMOLO: anagram of LOT,MORE
19CHARMER: anagram of HER,CAR containing M
20UNOWNED: U, NED(bloke) containing NOW(at present)
22COLON: COON(raccoon) surrounding L
24ELK: alternating letters in mEt LiKe
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