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I found this one very hard but working steadily away at it I was satisfied to get there in the end without resorting to aids. Unfortunately though, I later discovered I had a wrong answer at 21 across having put in a word that seemed to fit the definition but not the wordplay, and that accounted for my being unable to parse it. Whilst blogging I remembered I had another wrong as indicated below. My solving time was off the scale (yet again).

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones].

1 At college, carry on limiting his dancing arrogantly (8)
UPPISHLY - UP (at college), PLY (carry on - as in plying a trade) containing [limiting] anagram [dancing] of HIS. One is said to be "up" at a university and may be "sent down" if one disgraces oneself there.
5 Pretentious gear demanded by educational establishment (6)
KITSCH - KIT (gear), SCH (educational establishment - school). I've never thought of "kitsch" as "pretentious" but some of the usual dictionaries are okay with it
10 What one hopes for as owner of takeaway? Buy it! (4,2,4,5)
CASH IN ONES CHIPS - The cryptic definition seems a little awkward to me. The second one makes reference to two colloquial expressions meaning to die or be killed.
11 Farming land includes part by river? That can be decided (10)
ARBITRABLE - ARABLE (farming land) contains [includes] BIT (part) + R (river). An awkward word that's best avoided in favour of something that's easier to say, like "up for discussion".
13 Island identified by blue cheese ultimately? (4)
SKYE - SKY (blue), {chees}E [ultimately]
15 Standard bargain at the greengrocer’s (7)
PARSNIP - PAR (standard), SNIP (bargain)
17 Nonsense exclusively exposed in Times (7)
BALONEY - ALONE (exclusively) contained by [exposed in] BY (times)
18 Young woman hiding deficiency relating to tongue (7)
GLOSSAL - GAL  (young woman) containing [hiding] LOSS (deficiency)
19 Blokes who’d supply water heaters for some speakers (7)
GEEZERS - Sounds like [for some speakers] "geysers" (water heaters)
21 Sound of friendly Cockney greeting Indian governess? (4)
AYAH - Sounds like " 'iya " as a Cockney might say "hiya", short for "hello to you". I remembered the wrong servant/nursemaid here, putting AMAH, and only found my mistake later when I tried to work out the parsing.
22 Oil producer — usual type working around Cairo primarily (10)
EUCALYPTUS - Anagram [working] of USUAL TYPE containing [around] C{airo} [primarily]
25 ENT? It’s where young offenders may be found (9,6)
DETENTION CENTRE - The centre of detENTion. One of those clues where the answer describes and demonstrates the wordplay. ENT more usually appears in puzzles clued as the part of a hospital that deals with Ear Nose and Throat conditions.
27 Eg Scandinavian police department Reagan backed? (6)
NORDIC - CID (police department) + RON (Reagan) reversed [backed]
28 Adapt again and study, like Wallace’s four men (8)
READJUST - READ (study), JUST (like Wallace’s four men). I'm not sure if many solvers will have read the Edgar Wallace thriller about four wealthy vigilantes written in 1905 which gave rise to a number of sequels and a couple of films, one of them a silent. I certainly haven't, but I know the title from a TV series made in 1959 starring Jack Hawkins, Dan Dailey, Richard Conte and Vittorio de Sica as the eponymous Four Just Men.
1 Free relative briefly pursued by snake (7)
UNCLASP - UNCL{e} (relative) [briefly], ASP (snake)
2 Old man’s / step (3)
PAS -  Two meanings. The second is a step in ballet.
3 Devious behaviour in some quarters creeping into work periods (10)
SHIFTINESS - IN + E S (some quarters - points of the compass) contained by [creeping into] SHIFTS
4 A dessert served up: Uncle Sam’s sponge (5)
LOOFA - A + FOOL (dessert) reversed [served up]. I assume "Uncle Sam's" indicates this as the preferred U.S. spelling of the word, at least according to Collins. The other usual sources  have "loofa" and "loofah" simply as alternative spellings along with "luffa".
6 Old Peruvian employed in Turin cathedral (4)
INCA - Hidden [employed] in {Tur}IN CA{thedral}
7 Twiggy type getting rap in breakaway group (5,6)
STICK INSECT - STICK (rap - rebuke, criticism, abuse), IN, SECT (breakaway group)
8 Knitted garments basket-maker kept in extremely heavy case (7)
HOSIERY - OSIER (basket-maker) contained by [kept in...case]  H{eav}Y [extremely]
9 Petty infection left by small pest (5,3)
MEALY BUG - MEA{s}LY (petty) [left by small], BUG (infection). I just remembered I had this one wrong too, putting in "belly bug" with very little confidence.
12 European mayor’s old staff tucking into meaty snack (11)
BURGOMASTER - O (old) + MAST (staff) contained by [tucking into] BURGER (meaty snack). I was miffed to find the German "Burgermeister" wouldn't fit the space available. This is the Dutch equivalent, apparently. It was just as well that the O was checked or I might not have worked it out.
14 Dozy type intelligence chief encountered outside shelter (10)
SLEEPYHEAD - SPY HEAD (intelligence chief) contains [outside] LEE (shelter)
16 Awfully dull piece left unfinished — that’s clear (8)
PELLUCID - Anagram [awfully] of DULL PIEC{e} [left unfinished]
18 Info about stableman ultimately bound to cheer (7)
GLADDEN - GEN (info) contains [about] LAD (stableman) + {boun}D [ultimately]. "Lad" can refer to a stable worker of any age or gender, apparently.
20 Dodgy American originally performing in group touring clubs (7)
SUSPECT - US (American) + P{erforming} [originally] in SET (group) also containing [touring] C (clubs)
23 Part of UK covered by a Tyneside girl (5)
ANNIE - A, NI (part of UK) contained [covered] by NE (Tyneside)
24 Against one of 26’s companions abandoning wine (4)
ANTI - {chi}ANTI (wine) [one of 26’s companions abandoning]. 26dn being TAU, a Greek letter, as is CHI.
26 Workers’ association admitting a character in Patras (3)
TAU - TU (workers’ association - Trades Union), containing [admitting] A
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