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Times 26739 - Pennies dropping

This was one of those puzzles which involved a little head-scratching at times followed by penny-dropping moments when an answer, or the reason why, suddenly became apparent and the beauty of the setter's art was revealed. Or maybe I was just slow to see what seemed obvious afterwards. For instance, it took me a while to see why 1a was what it was, even though I'm supposed to be a golfer. The one I didn't know 'why' was 8d, although it was easy enough to guess, and I just avoided the possible error at 11a - easy to mis-spell unless you've parsed it correctly.
30 minutes, one coffee, before I was ready to write it up. Definitions underlined.

1 Forest resident shot brother it’s said (8)
CHIPMUNK - CHIP = shot, a chip shot in golf, MUNK sounds like MONK = brother. I wasn't aware chipmunks were particularly forest-dwellers, but I've only seen them in cartoons.
9 Scripture studies likely to be trustworthy (8)
RELIABLE - R.E. Religious education, LIABLE (to be) = likely (to be).
10 Antagonise sergeant given new order (8)
ESTRANGE - (SERGEANT)*. I didn't feel estrange was a particularly close synonym for antagonise, but it had to be a simple anagram.
11 Equipment that is left with schoolboys' mother? (8)
MATERIEL - MATER = schoolboys' mother, I.E. = that is, L(eft).
12 Welsh girl ditching singular Belgian writer (3,7)
IAN FLEMING - Of course, I was thinking, how many Belgian writers do I know? Well... Simenon. Hergé, is he a writer? VAN somebody? But no. SIAN is a Welsh girl's name, drop the S for singular (not the I for singular as I did at first), and Flemings are people who live in Flanders.
14 City boundaries in Split survive (4)
LAST - LA = Los Angeles, city; ST = boundaries in Split. There is no city called STBE.
15 Deputy puts name to Democrat in smear (5-2)
STAND-IN - STAIN = smear, insert N and D.
17 Star now dimmed was in perfect form (3-4)
HAS-BEEN - A change of tense, WAS is past continuous, HAS BEEN is past perfect continuous. Hence 'perfect'.
21 Try to quit search on Net producing lustful gaze (4)
OGLE - Remove GO (try) from Google (search on net).
22 Fight on: one’s embedded in position (10)
RESISTANCE - Need to separate 'fight' from 'on'. RE = on, STANCE = position, embed I'S.
23 Opening refuge in wild that has no lake (8)
FENESTRA - NEST = refuge, inside FERA(L) = wild with no L(ake). Latin for window, used more often in English in adjectival form, fenestrate or fenestral.
25 English lord stirred trouble in fabulous location (2,6)
EL DORADO - E(nglish), (LORD)*, ADO = trouble.
26 Former head admitting it's an indicative survey (4,4)
EXIT POLL - EX = former, POLL = head, admit IT.
27 Shameless Mussorgsky introducing himself (8)
IMMODEST - Well, Mussorgsky's first name was Modest, so he'd meet you and say Hi, I'M MODEST. He did some pretty good stuff, Pictures at an Exhibition being the most often heard.

2 Holding back as it then turned out (8)
3 Fuel vessel stopped by pilots following one (8)
PARAFFIN - PAN for vessel, holds RAF, F(ollowing), I (one).
4 Bone discovered up in San Luis (4)
ULNA - Hidden reversed in S(AN LU)IS.
5 Where was crackpot like Mr Stalin in the end? (7)
KREMLIN - &Lit; anagram of (LIKE MR N), the N being the end of Stalin.
6 See-through material helping good girl (5,5)
PLATE GLASS - PLATE = helping, G(ood) LASS.
7 Reject ruling? (8)
ABDICATE - Cryptic def.
8 Smart to include width and length in scientific language (3,5)
NEW LATIN - NEAT = smart, insert W(idth, L(ength), add IN. Apparently there was a long period from 1300 on, when early scientists tried to revive Latin as their lingua franca, but why it was called 'New Latin' not just good old Latin I know not.
13 Going from Mali's capital to Nigeria possibly (10)
EMIGRATION - fortunately you don't need to know that BAMAKO is the capital of Mali. It's an anagram of (M, TO NIGERIA).
15 Second bed delivered without damage (4-4)
SCOT-FREE - S for second, COT for bed, FREE for delivered.
16 Having reached 50, worker lives in fantasy land (8)
ATLANTIS - AT L = having reached 50; ANT = worker, IS = lives. It can't be a fantasy land; I remember Patrick Duffy (later of Dallas fame) as the Man from Atlantis, he was real enough and could do lots of cool stuff I wanted to do, like breathe underwater.
18 Parliamentary official seen in two sorts of bar (5,3)
BLACK ROD - BLACK, as in bar, black-ball; ROD, as in bar. Chap who exists in several Commonwealth countries as well as UK, who bangs on the door of the Commons three times with his black stick, to gain admission.
19 Refuses puzzles that Times compiler’s originally entered (8)
EXCLUDES - ELUDES = puzzles, insert X (times) C (compiler's originally). Neat misdirection here.
20 National Prime Minister losing day (7)
ISRAELI - Chestnut time. Disraeli loses the D(ay).
24 Dutch town that’s invented might one infer? (4)
EDAM - I wondered if this was a typo, invented should be inverted? MADE reversed spells EDAM, a Dutch town famous for its rather dull cheese. Or do we see MADE as a synonym for invented, and 'make' Edam from it? Anyway that's the answer. The name EDAM arises because of a DAM on the River E, apparently (I know, a one-letter river, but that's what it is.)
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