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Times 26728 - know yours P's and C's

Solving time: 9:57 but I have one error which I hope is a careless typo, since I checked back over the grid once before hitting submit. And there it is - I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not going to be the only one who mentally changes 14 across before entering it in the grid!

There's some tricky stuff in here, a few words we haven't seen in a while though nothing utterly unfamiliar. Once particularly unpleasant portmanteau word at 18 down that I find is in both Collins and Chambers (although I have briefly worked in the industry, I dislike everything about it).

Old man grumbles out of the way - away we go!

1LET-UP: LET(allowed), UP(to hike, as in skirts or prices)
4PROSTRATE: PRO(for), then STATE(say) surrounding R (the first quarter of RENT)
9FLAGSTAFF: FLAG(weaken), STAFF(workers) - not the best known Arizona city, a friend of mine moved there about two years ago, he mostly works wilderness camps
10CUBIT: CUB(young fellow), IT(information technology)
11GOLDEN: GEN(information) around OLD(antique)
12THRILLER: HR(hour, brief time) inside TILLER(from where one would steer a ship)
14AEROBATICS: anagram of CABER,IS,TO,A(ngus) - I jotted down the letters, unscrambled it, and still wrote in ACROBATICS. Well done, idiot.
16SNAP: PANS(moves camera) reversed (around). Neat little clue!
19DATA: A TAD reversed
20TOMFOOLERY: TOME(book) and RY(lines) around FOOL(dessert)
22CONTEMPT: CON(not for), TEMPT(allure) - ALLURE can be a verb
23BUDDHA: BUD(early sign of life), then an anagram of HAD
26EXIST: S(succeeding) in EXIT
29POSER: SO(very much) reversed in PER(for each)
1LIFE GUARD: I raised an eyebrow at this one, since I know it means someone with a big floatie that hangs out near the water and is all one word; but as two words it refers to old cavalry troops. LIE(position, particularly in golf), with anagram of A,DRUG surrounding F
2TRAIL: R(rex) inside the wagging TAIL
3PASSER-BY: S(South), SERB inside PAY
5OFF-THE-CUFF: double definition
6TOCSIN: an alarm - SCOT reversed then IN
7AMBULANCE: AU(gold), LANCE(surgical knife) surrounding MB
8ENTER: Chips is a CARPENTER - remove the CARP
13ATMOSPHERE: A, THERE(sympathetic word) surrounding an anagram of POMS
15RETENTIVE: RE(about) then TENTATIVE missing TA
17PAYMASTER: MAST(post) inside PRAYER(petition) missing the first R
18DOCUSOAP: DOC(medic), US(American), OAP(Old Age Pensioner). About five years ago now I wrote some episodes for one of these (they're all fake) while it was filming in and around Asheville. Horrible blood money - fortunately it was never picked up - so far as I know it has never aired, and I hope it stays that way. Ta for the commission and catering though (the catering was good)
21HECTIC: H and then C in CITE reversed
22CHEAP: HE(Her or His Excellency) inside CAP(international representative in sportsball)
25GENT: GET(land as in acquire) surrounding N
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