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Times 26,717: Oh Say Can You See

A puzzle that should go down well with our Stateside constituents, I reckon, with at least 3 answers to be found on the American map rather than Surrey for a change, and a food item that I think one is much more likely to come across in the USA. The latter clue, 4dn, held me up a good while at the end because while I was pretty sure nothing else fit, I was worried about correctly accounting for all the A's in the clue, pushing me over the 10 minute line. But in the end it was just what it had to be, one of those days where just bunging stuff in would have been better.

I find myself without a lot to say about this one, although the cluing was up to snuff and I enjoyed myself - thanks setter! DNK 7dn - my Canadian allegiances make me unable to think of that as anything but a type of mac 'n' cheese dinner (another one to add to the North American flavour of this grid?), but everything else was fairly straightforward? My COD to 20ac because "one of eight at the top level of England" raised a smile and reminded me of number 8, whose portly figure stood above the entrance to my school in Chester, which he founded with his ill-gotten monastery plunder. How'd the rest of you get on?


1 Bossy old man abroad, politician, one on the right wing (10)
PEREMPTORY - PERE MP TORY [old man abroad - i.e. "father" in French | politician | one on the right wing]
6 Runners embrace when the last one advances (4)
SKIS - KISS [embrace], when the last letter advances to the beginning of the word
10 Chatter behind gym, meeting American stars (7)
PEGASUS - GAS [chatter] behind P.E. [gym], meeting US [American]
11 Openings in colonnade showing dull interior (7)
STOMATA - STOA [colonnade] with MAT [dull] as its interior
12 Separate occasion around end of the month, hard to avoid (9)
DEMARCATE - DATE [occasion] around {th}E + MARC{h}
13 Progressed in game, getting century (3,2)
GOT ON - GO [game], getting TON [century]
14 Bit of a joint that's eaten only if edges have been trimmed (5)
TENON - {ea}TEN ON{ly} after trimming away the edges
15 Place of burial ignorantly abused? Not unknown (9)
ARLINGTON - (IGNORANTL{y}*) ["abused"]. The hallowed Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.
17 Spooner's elaborate, true bringer of a little illumination (9)
RUSHLIGHT - Spoonerised LUSH RIGHT [elaborate | true]
20 Physics unit — one of eight at the top level in England (5)
HENRY - Kings Henry I through VIII were "at the top level" in England.
21 Island's extremely old person (5)
WIGHT - double def, a "wight" being the old word for a person in Chaucer, etc.
23 A relation has transcendental meditation in a room (9)
APARTMENT - A PARENT [a relation] has T.M. [transcendental meditation] in
25 Happen to disagree (4,3)
FALL OUT - double def
26 Indiana native to plant willow at back of house (7)
HOOSIER - plant OSIER [willow] "at back of" HO [house]
27 Mistake, kind that has one letter wrong? (4)
TYPO - a one-letter typo for TYPE [kind]
28 Most moralistic minister enthralling every person individually (10)
PREACHIEST - PRIEST [minister] "enthralling" EACH [every person individually]


1 Like certain music in tube? (5)
PIPED - double def
2 'Tigers', men trained for army units (9)
REGIMENTS - (TIGERS MEN*) ["trained"]
3 Rendering error that could be made by saint, mortal sin? (14)
MISTRANSLATION - (SAINT MORTAL SIN*) ["that could be made by..."]
4 Drunk upset a little bit, wanting a bit of food (7)
TOSTADA - SOT reversed [drunk "upset"] + TAD [a little bit], wanting A
5 River, very big source of water in New Mexican city (7)
ROSWELL - R OS WELL [river | very big | source of water]
7 Paper for something like origami, we hear? (5)
KRAFT - homophone of CRAFT [something like origami, "we hear"]
8 Inactivity of party man and woman (9)
STAGNANCY - STAG [party man] + NANCY [woman]
9 Grey, like a dental amalgam with enduring quality? (4,2,3,5)
LONG IN THE TOOTH - if your dental amalgam endures, it will remain long in your tooth
14 Have kittens in small blanket, one put in at the back (5,1,3)
THROW A FIT - THROW [small blanket] + I [one] put in AFT [at the back]
16 Children eating — sadly no child wanted fruit (9)
TANGERINE - ({child}REN EATING*) ["sadly"]
18 Grand speechifier, one making concessions? (7)
GRANTER - G RANTER [grand | speechifier]
19 Technique set up to restrict pain in part of body (7)
TRACHEA - ART reversed [technique "set up"] "to restrict" ACHE [pain]
22 Dance round piano following young female (5)
GALOP - O P [round | piano] following GAL [young female]
24 Caustic about old fortune-teller's aid
TAROT - TART [caustic] "about" O [old]
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