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Time 26716 - hope you didn't get court out

Solving time : 11:23 - and I have a feeling I was the target audience for this puzzle, there is some smashing wordplay, and even a rare cryptic definition that I can tolerate. A few obscure words with strong wordplay making them accessible.

I wondered if we were heading to a pangram, and the thought of unused letters helped me see the entry at 25 down which was one of my last in, but there are a few letters missing.

This is another evening where I will be disappearing for several hours after putting up the blog, so check the comments if you have a query or quibble, and I'll check back in when morning breaks.

Away we go...

1AISLE: sounds like I'LL
4CAFETERIA: C(onveyed), A, FETE then AIR reversed
9ENRAPTURE: anagram of PARENT, then the river URE
10ROMEO: NATO alphabet for R, the middle of TURIN
11PAELLA: PA(father), then the singer ELLA Fitzgerald
12STIRRING: the prison gang could be a STIR RING
14GILBERTIAN: anagram of LIBERATING - Ralph Rickstraw is a character in HMS Pinafore
16LIMB: LIMBO without 0
19SUMO: O(vertly) next to SUM
20MAKEWEIGHT: sounds like MAKE WAIT - got this one from wordplay
22AQUATINT: A QUAINT(whimsical) containing T(his)
23SCYTHE: SC(scilicet, to wit), Y(variable), THE(article)
26PRIDE: sounds like PRIED
27BRIC-A-BRAC: I inside an anagram of two CRABs
28ACETYLENE: anagram of ETC, then Y(unknown), LEN(man)
inside A and E
29TON-UP: NOT reversed, then UP(happy)
1AREOPAGUS: A, then SUGAR(sweetener) containing POE all reversed - clever wordplay for a word that I did not recognize, Edit: apologies - I had na extra A in the wordplay when I first posted
3ESPALIER: A,L with ESPIER surrounding
4CLUB: double definition - playing card and a club for killing fish. Take that, bream!
5FREE TRADER: FREE(deliver) then RED,ART all reversed
6TORERO: TOO(as well) containing R and ER
7REMAINING: RE(on), MAIN(sea), IN, (bri)G
8AMONG: AG(silver) containing MON(day)
13ATTAINABLE: A, IN inside AT TABLE(where we eat)
15LIMOUSINE: cryptic definition, based on STRETCH LIMO
17BUTTERCUP: C(onstructed) inside BUTTER UP
18MERCHANT: MEANT(intended) containing RICH without I - and just savor that surface a moment - my pick for best clue
21STEELY: (pries)T inside SE, ELY
22APLHA: ALP(mountain), H(hotel), A
24TURIN: TURN(stroll) containing I(taly)
25KITE: KIT(tools), and E
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