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Times 26711 - was this tough or was I below par?

Just back from a tiring and somewhat socially excessive golf trip, in unseasonably cold and wet Catalonia, I found this quite tough in places; it took me the bones of 45 minutes to get through it without biffing. Anyway thanks V for subbing on Wednesday last, that's why I'm on duty today.
A couple of chemical or biochemical clues helped me get along, and we've had the answer to 24a recently so I spelt it right this time. We've had the Belgian dog fairly recently too, not sure where, but it was my FOI at 1a.

1 Dog worried sheep: pick another, finally (10)
SCHIPPERKE - (SHEEP PICK R)*; a small Belgian sheepdog.
6 Grimacing, being devoid of fish in boat (4)
SCOW - SCOWLING = grimacing, remove the LING being a fish.
9 Theatre: something coming off there to loud cheers? Then
disapproval (7)
REPROOF - REP = theatre, the ROOF is raised when you hear loud cheering.
10 Composer the nation listened to (7)
BRITTEN - Sounds like BRITAIN. One of the few composers whose works I find un-listenable-to.
12 Insincere person is held by agent and broken down somehow (10)
FACTORISED - ACTOR (insincere person), IS, all inside FED = agent.
13 Money — about spent: what remains? (3)
ASH - CASH loses C (about).
15 One given sentence finally in jail for the 'cooler years' (3,3)
ICE AGE - I - one, CAGE = jail, insert E = end of sentence.
16 Achievement of female getting down (8)
FEATHERS - FEAT = achievement, HERS = of female.
18 Mark article penned by journalist who seeks to resolve problem? (8)
MEDIATOR - M = mark, EDITOR = journalist, insert A = article.
20 Quiet street abroad crossing a grand city (6)
PRAGUE - P = quiet, RUE = street abroad, insert A G(rand).
23 Having no end of pain, call doctor (3)
RIG - Took me a mo or two to reverse engineer this one, but with R*G it had to be. RING = call, remove the N being 'end of pain'.
24 Artist's faced with decline — specialist health advisers needed (10)
DIETITIANS - DIE = decline, TITIAN'S = artist's. As noted above I put in diteician last time but the painter made it easier to get right.
26 Primate not half pious intellectual, I'll be bound (7)
HOMINID - HO = pious (holy) not half; MIND = intellectual, insert I = I'll be bound.
27 Believe I may go south in winter (7)
SWALLOW - Double definition.
28 Woman getting a husband after heartless lie (4)
LEAH - LE = heartless lie, A H(usband).
29 Racist perhaps managed to occupy home available for tenant (10)
INTOLERANT - IN = home, TO LET = available for tenant, insert RAN = managed.

1 Desperate shop with tons to dispose of (4)
SORE - STORE = shop, dispose of the T.
2 Chemical pile, not a brown source of energy (7)
HEPTANE - HE(A)P = HEP = pile not A; TAN = brown, E = 'source' of energy. Saturated hydrocarbon with 7 carbon atoms and 16 hydrogen atoms. A minor but undesirable component of petrol as it burns too explosively and causes 'knocking'
3 Label on boy without name in horrible prison compound (13)
PROSTAGLANDIN - label = TAG, BOY = lad, INSERT n )NAME) = land. Insert all of that, TAGLAND, into (PRISON)*. I could explain for you exactly what kind of 'compounds' prostaglandins are and what physiological roles they play, but I'm too tired; have a look in Wiki if you're dying to know.
4 4 Endeavour to put very loud men in sci-fi film (6)
EFFORT - FF = very loud, OR = men, ordianry ranks; insert both into that old chestnut ET.
5 Put an end to rubbish culture ultimately absorbed by youngster (8)
KIBOSHED - KID = youngster, insert BOSH = rubbish, E = culture ultimately. An odd word, with several possible origins; I think the derivation from Irish an chaip bháis meaning 'black cap' or 'cap of death' is the most suitable.
7 Time in bed, a long time, in type of hospital? (7)
COTTAGE - COT = bed, insert T, AGE = a long time.
8 See guerrilla struggle's origin in time of discontent? (10)
WINCHESTER - WINTER, of discontent as in Richard III. Insert CHE and S (struggle's origin).
11 Deem itinerant drunk to be unsettled (13)
14 High-ranking officer in broadcast — American with a plan
being heard (3-7)
AIR-MARSHAL - AIR as in broadcast, MARSHAL sounds like MARSHALL as in George, who instigated the Plan post WW II.
17 God’s attitude I assume! (8)
POSEIDON - POSE = attitude, I DON = I assume. Neat.
19 Old letter in the morning glossy I’d flipped over (7)
DIGAMMA - AM, MAG, I'D all reversed. I'd vaguely heard of it being an old Greek letter but went to Wiki to learn more. "Digamma, waw, or wau (uppercase: Ϝ, lowercase: ϝ, numeral: ϛ) is an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet. It originally stood for the sound /w/ but it has principally remained in use as a Greek numeral for 6. Whereas it was originally called waw or wau, its most common appellation in classical Greek is digamma; as a numeral, it was called episēmon during the Byzantine era and is now known as stigma after the Byzantine ligature combining σ-τ as ϛ.. I'm sure Verlaine would have explained it without needing to look it up.
21 Group of baddies having trouble set up cell structures (7)
GANGLIA - GANG = group of baddies, AIL reversed.
22 Girl’s firm, concealing a catastrophe (6)
FIASCO - FI's CO would be a girl's firm; insert A. I spent a while trying to find a girl's name based on C****O.
25 Tease son not joining in dance (4)
TWIT - TWIST for dance, as in Chubby Checker; remove the S(on).TWIT can mean to tease as well as being a silly person.
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