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Times 26,705: Turtle Recall

Coming straight from a TLS puzzle as I did, I was clearly in the right headspace for this crossword: I instantly knew Sairey Gamp's signature item and likewise all the classical militaria was well known to me from my misspent teens (I had thought that 1dn was the unit wearing the armour, not the armour itself, but I could be wrong). Once you got past the slightly archaic frame of reference I thought this was actually pretty straightforward, lots of neat double defs and nothing too hard to parse, though 18dn, biffed from the crossers, did take a little teasing out. A whiff of jazzical whimsy to some of the definitions, e.g. 6dn and 26ac, but I found it all quite enjoyable.

LOI 1ac I think, with plenty of change from 10 minutes, though I note (in the approximate style of a glheard blog) that nobody else is under 12 minutes as of 8am, so this one was probably reasonably hard for non-moustachioed classicists. COD to the very economical and nicely-surfaced 10dn, another one that was only fully parsed post-submission. Many thanks to the setter!


1 Drop in demand (4)
CALL - double def
3 Like Mrs Gamp’s “real ‘umble”, dissolute, daughter (10)
UMBRELLAED - (REAL UMBLE*) ["dissolute"] + D [daughter]
9 What to put, initially mistakenly, in the way of the bank? (7)
TOWPATH - (WHAT TO P{ut}*) ["mistakenly"]
11 Jazz composer our cup of tea, maybe listened to by stream (7)
BRUBECK - homophone of BREW [our cup of tea, maybe, "listened to"] by BECK [stream]
12 Feign reluctance to take part in sports complex? (4,4,2,3)
PLAY HARD TO GET - PLAY [to take part in sports] + HARD TO GET [complex]
14 Put back on TV (5)
RESET - RE SET [on | TV]
15 Arab perhaps holding large, unusual musical instrument (5,4)
STEEL DRUM - STEED [Arab perhaps] holding L [large] + RUM [unusual]
17 A bloomer, getting caught before dash to lunch? (9)
CELANDINE - C ELAN DINE [caught | dash | to lunch]
19 Not a bit lighter! (5)
ZIPPO - double def
21 Shrill coo mingled with sigh, reminiscent of a young lass? (13)
24 Some internet ad to hand about eagerly awaited appointment (3,4)
HOT DATE - hidden reversed in {intern}ET AD TO H{and}
25 Grasping English boss we have to shield, historically (7)
TESTUDO - "grasping" E STUD [English | boss], we have TO
26 Book accommodation, with second fantastic cheap flight option? (10)
BROOMSTICK - B ROOMS TICK [book | accommodation | second]
27 What follows I copy for a laugh? (4)
JAPE - J [what follows I] + APE [copy]


1 Suit offering protection from big fall outside public house (10)
CATAPHRACT - CATARACT [big fall] outside PH [public house]
2 Service spoken of as slow: millions affected (3,4)
LOW MASS - (AS SLOW M*) ["affected"]
4 Teacher is welcome after parent, endlessly strict (9)
MAHARISHI - IS HI [is | welcome] after MA HAR{d} [parent | "endlessly" strict]
5 After putting up reserve, save capital (5)
RABAT - reverse of T.A. BAR [reserve | save]
6 These monitors, possibly, multi-functional but rarely working? (6,7)
LOUNGE LIZARDS - monitors are a type of lizard, which leads into a quirky cryptic definition of the human lizards of the lounge variety.
7 Supporter in a cap (7)
ABETTER - A BETTER [a | cap]
8 Requirement for boxing title (4)
DUKE double def, of: requirement for boxing | title
10 When sweaty, endless serving tonic (1,4,2,3,3)
A SHOT IN THE ARM - AS HOT [when | sweaty] + IN THE ARM{y} ["endless" serving]
13 Not a groovy weapon monsieur, in truth, once carried (10)
SMOOTHBORE - M [monsieur] in SOOTH [truth, once] + BORE [carried]
16 Powerful quote author half-heartedly recalled (9)
ENERGETIC - reverse of CITE GRE{e}NE [quote | author "half-heartedly"]
18 State quarters on the outside look all the same (7)
LESOTHO - E S [quarters], on the outside LO [look] + THO [all the same]
20 Correct, evenly placed components in nuclear plant (7)
PRIMULA - PRIM [correct] + {n}U{c}L{e}A{r}
22 Deliberate, in the course of time (5)
OVERT - OVER T [in the course of | time]
23 Fat that’s shed by fish (4)
CHUB - CHUB{by} [fat, "that's shed BY"]
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