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Times 26704 - where Shakespeare meets the Muppets

Solving time : 10:17 and I was surprised to see that time putting me at the top of the Crossword Club leaderboard with the puzzle being live for five hours now. There's a few obscure words, and one well-hidden "The Wind In The Willows" reference that might trip a few people up.

I got quite a few from wordplay alone - which is not so bad when it's my day to write up the blog - I'd rather know the wordplay and look up the definition than have no clue on the wordplay.

I hope I've got all of this sorted out, but it's after midnight here, so I won't be able to make any changes until the early afternoon UK time, so check the comments if something looks awry.

Away we go...

1CLAWBACK: got this from wordplay - CLAW(nipper), BACK(bet on),
but now I've looked up the definiton I think it's a clever clue - ready referring to money,
and CLAWBACK meaning to recover money
5BURSAR: BURR(throaty sound) containing SA(sex appeal)
8DOR: ROD reversed for the beetle
9ROCK BOTTOM: ROCK(discombobulate), BOTTOM(the weaver in A Midsummer Night's Dream)
10TOADFLAX: the demon driver is TOAD from The Wind in the Willows, then FAX(message) containing L(orry)
12HOER: E(English), R(king) with HO(house) first
14TORRIDNESS: I in RD between TOR(peak) and NESS(cape)
17POWDER PUFF: D in POWER(govenrment), then PUFF(advertisement)
20EDDA: E(eastern), DD(doctor of divinity), A
23STAYED: sounds like STAID
24ARMATURE: another one from wordplay - A, R(eforming),
25PRUDENTIAL: P(lan), RUDE(simple), then an anagram of LATIN
26LUM: L(left), U(university), M(married)
27BEAKER: BEAK(magistrate) and R(right) containing E(European)
28SHERATON: HER with SAT ON surrounding
1CADETSHIP: (employe)D in an anagram of PASTICHE
2ACREAGE: A CAGE contiaining RE(indeer)
3BEREFT: BE REF(act as judge) then T(hough)
4COCK-A-HOOP: COCK(raise) A HOOP(band)
5BRONCHI: RON inside BCH(Bachelor of Surgery)
6RETICENCE: ICE inside an anagram of CENTRE
13RUDDY DUCK: RUDDY(bloomin'), DUCK(zero runs in cricket)
16STATESMAN: STATES(avers), MAN(crew)
18OCTUPLE: anagram of P(roblematic),TO,CLUE
19RED DEER: RE(army corps) then DR surrounding DEE
21DOUBLET: since SUTTON has a double T, but LUTON does not
22JAILER: JAR(shock) surrounding ELI(priest) reversed
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