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Times 26697 - Mr Grumpy today.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood, but I have to say I didn't enjoy this much (unlike Monday's cracker; I haven't done yesterday's yet). It wasn't overly difficult and the three words I didn't know were gettable from wordplay, yet it felt somehow a chore. I hope you all enjoyed it more, and can explain 25d to me. 25 minutes, with a few parsed as I wrote this afterwards.

1 Workers' organisation’s functioning in US city (6)
TUCSON - TUC'S ON for workers organisation's, functioning.
4 Carriage fetched, losing little time in the morning (8)
BROUGHAM - BROUGH(T) = fetched losing T, AM = morning.
10 Defeat a swinger in game, we hear (7)
CONQUER - Sounds like conker, as in the horse chestnut on a string. When you see a U in the checkers, think Q.
11 Bishop is with cross, having consumed one wafer? (7)
BISCUIT - B(ishop) IS CU(I)T, where CUT = cross, as in intersect.
12 Retreating country folk mostly killed (4)
SLEW - WELS(H) = country folk mostly.
13 A pet dog gun disturbed in drive (3-2-3-2)
15 Ruined southern city once involved in exploit (9)
DESTROYED - S(outhern), TROY = city once, inside DEED = exploit.
16 Plateau with a black bird: the last to travel west (5)
KAROO - A ROOK has the K (last) travelling to the front. The (Great) Karoo is a desert plateau area of South Africa inland from the garden route,
large and rather boring as I remember it.
18 Thus street in Paris set about making money there (5)
EUROS - SO = thus, RUE = street in Paris, all 'set about', giving you money there i.e. in France. Until Ms Le Pen takes us back to francs, that is.
19 Plant in ancient river protected by deity (6,3)
GOLDEN ROD - OLDEN R(iver) inserted into GOD.
21 Intransigent troublemaker left a message (10)
IMPLACABLE - IMP = troublemaker, L(eft), A CABLE. When did you last hear of a cable as a message?
23 Churlish type exposed in speech (4)
BEAR - Sounds like BARE = exposed.
26 Humorous type offering funny renditions, no end (7)
IRONIST - take END out of R(END)ITIONS and anagram the remainder. Not a word I'd seen before, or admire.
27 Retro stuff at the Tate the woman had criticised (7)
TRASHED - ART = stuff at the Tate, reversed = TRA, SHE'D = the woman had.
28 Came to before the start of day, dazed before that (8)
NUMBERED - ERE = before, D(ay), preceded by NUMB = dazed. 'Came to' in the sense of added up to.
29 Fan club ultimately let down? (6)
BLOWER - B = club ultimately, LOWER = let down.

1 Parasites cling, first to last (5)
TICKS - STICK = cling to, S moves to the end.
2 Prisoner getting more stupid — one may get charged (9)
CONDENSER - CON = prisoner, DENSER = more stupid.
3 Burden — that we must cope with? (4)
ONUS - If it's ON US then we must cope with it. Latin word meaning burden.
5 Recover, be on the up in the course of events (7)
REBOUND - BE reversed inside ROUND.
6 International body's taken the initiative to get imprisoned journalist released (10)
7 House, ruined, evicting one despicable person (5)
HOUND - Not so sure how this works. HO for house, then alternate letters of r U i N e D, does it, but then it would be 'evicting ever other' not 'evicting one'? I think hound is an odd word for a despicable person, and dogs are not despicable. EDIT undone = ruined, drop the ONE, thanks to jackkt below.
8 Romeo diet, specially for a heavenly body (9)
METEOROID - (ROMEO DIET)*. If a meteoroid (in space) enters our atmosphere, it becomes a meteor or a meteorite, depending on its size.
9 Sinister howl goes round tower after beheading (6)
CREEPY - CRY = howl, goes aorund EEP, which could be KEEP beheaded, or JEEP beheaded, for a tower.
14 Interrupting someone at match, American has disregard (5,5)
BRUSH ASIDE - BRIDE = someone at match, insert US HAS.
15 To cut out red meat may feature in my recommendations (9)
DIETITIAN - Is there more to this than a weak cryptic definition? Ah no, it's very clever; I had it mis-spelt as dietician, see 3rd comment below from paulmcl explaining the truth. Note to self; don't write blogs late at night.
17 War heroes dancing in carnival (5-4)
RAREE-SHOW - (WAR HEROES)*. Apparently originally a peep show in a box, touted by foreign gentlemen whose pronunciation of RARE was more like RAREE; I'd never heard of it but the anagram left me little choice.
19 Female relation, Peg, one receiving a sum of money? (7)
GRANTEE - GRAN for female relation, TEE for PEG.
20 Controversial book — not all allow it to be distributed (6)
LOLITA - Anagram of (ALLO[W] IT)*. On browsing Wiki to deepen my knowledge, I was surprised to find it was written in English and later translated into Russian by Vlad himself.
22 First piece in concert conveying energy (5)
PROEM - Insert E into PROM concert. Apparently a proem is a preface or preamble, I'd never heard of it.
24 Robber, not a Dick Turpin type? (5)
RIDER - The best I can do here is RAIDER = robber, loses an A, to leave you a chap who rode.
25 First character in London street turned over barrier (4)
WALL - MALL has its M inverted, thanks again jackkt.
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