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Times 26691 - out for a stroll

Plenty of answers from the puzzle which I could borrow to write about it; the 7d of a gentle workout, even 20a at times. I tried not to be 1a but keep it 1d, with 12a pauses for thought, it was all done in 15 minutes. It has a matrimonial theme perhaps; I see a chap, a 16, 22d-ed by a 8d at a 14d, becoming an 2d, and making a 17d as 19d. Then a 10a to the ceremony,then all too soon, 24a 3d, a 1d divorce and a 18a.

If you can't be bothered to trail through that, here's the blog. I'm 29a at the moment as I over-indulged while we were hanging out in Spain.

1 Hasty Scotch added to second round (8)
SLAPDASH - S = second, LAP = round, DASH = Scotch, as in dash one's hopes.
5 Recalled moment amidst endless leisure or vacation (6)
RECESS - SEC = moment, recalled inside RES(T).
9 Article by the writer is demonstrating intent (3)
AIM - A, I'M = the writer is.
10 Ostentatious transport that could provoke closet mirth (7,4)
12 Police raid disrupted magazine (10)
13 It may be recalled as number penned by G&S? (4)
SONG - G and S, insert NO, reverse all. &lit.
15 On radio, shout by cop with gun provides picture (6)
FRIEZE - sounds like what an (American?) cop would shout out; FREEZE!.
16 One strolls along street dressed in mink, perhaps (7)
FLANEUR - LANE = street, inside FUR = mink, perhaps; classic French word.
18 Harm, etc, done in later encounter (7)
20 Sentimental place for Bishop, say, back in church cemetery finally (6)
CHEESY - SEE = place for bishop, reversed inside CH, (cemeter)Y.
23 Power and skill required for role (4)
PART - P(ower), ART = skill.
24 In our view adopting logic is subversive (10)
TREASONOUS - REASON = logic, inside TO US = in our view.
26 Expression of despair by pedestrian performer allowed no rehearsal? (5-6)
SIGHT-READER - SIGH = expression of depair, TREADER = pedestrian.
27 Poetry regularly presented by soldier (3)
ODE - Alternate letters of s O l D i E r.
28 Fired by one unspecified prayer (6)
LITANY - LIT = fired, ANY = one unspecified.
29 US agent pursuing European articles, having inadequate supply (8)
UNDERFED - UN, DER = French & German articles, FED = US agent (FBI man).

1 Small garment for baby, rather smart (6)
SNAPPY - S(mall), NAPPY; as in snappy dresser.
2 One who likes a day on swamp and river (7)
ADMIRER - A, D(ay), MIRE = swamp, R(iver).
3 Crime attractive? Individual's getting time inside (10)
DISHONESTY - DISHY = attractive, insert ONE'S, T.
4 People waiting to receive this payment (7,6)
SERVICE CHARGE - Cryptic &lit.
6 Italian writer interrupted by first entry of his imitator (4)
ECHO - Umberto ECO interrupted by H = first letter of His.
7 Summary chapter missing from very long book (7)
EPITOME - An EPIC TOME would be a very long book; drop the C(hapter); I thought an epitome was a good example, but I see summary is another meaning.
8 Broadcast equipment picked up line about 'Hot woman dancing '? (8)
SHOWGIRL - SOW = broadcast, RIG = equipment, reverse that = GIR, insert H(ot), add L(ine).
11 Fine enforcer ultimately wanted if car wrongly placed? (7,6)
TRAFFIC WARDEN - I make this an anagram of (WANTED IF CAR F R)*, the F and R from fine and end of enforcer. Seems odd the F from fine would also be in the definition but I can't see where else it might come from. So the definition is not 'fine enforcer', it's the whole clue, i.e. &lit.
14 People getting some education in Exeter or Warwick, say (10)
RACECOURSE - RACE = people, COURSE = some education; Exeter and Warwick are, among other things, examples of racecourse locations.
17 One put forward pressure to block Australian animals being imported into China (8)
PROPOSAL - Insert P for pressure into ROOS = Australian animals, insert that ROPOS into PAL = China.
19 Power to engage Bishop as man suitable for wedding (2,5)
MR RIGHT - RR for bishop, inside MIGHT = power.
21 Boastful type very, very loud about the way things are done? (4-3)
SHOW-OFF - SO FF = very very loud, insert HOW = the way things are done.
22 Charlie filling a post to gain promotion (6)
ASCEND - Insert C for Charlie into A, SEND = post.
25 Shock publicity event curtailed (4)
STUN - STUNT = publicity event, is curtailed.
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