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Times 26678

This one took me a few minutes over the hour though I think I may have dozed off briefly at one point - no disrespect to the quality of the puzzle intended, just that I was very tired. I found generally a very good mix of clues, some of which were of the highest standard, but there were some easy ones to keep things moving along, and a couple of very loose definitions were made accessible by helpful wordplay. There are quite a lot of geographical references today, and two scientists so our Dorset correspondent will be pleased!

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Way to load part-emptied revolver? (6)
PLANET - LANE (way) is contained by [to load] P{ar}T [emptied]. The very loosest of definitions here, completely biff-proof, I'd suggest. The question mark lets the setter off the hook, perhaps?
5 One at wheel sees rock looming in wet (8)
MOTORIST - TOR (rock) contained by [looming in] MOIST (wet)
9 Russian ace after old soldier left in sickroom (8)
SVETLANA - VET (old soldier) + L (left) inside SAN (sickroom), A (ace). Not exclusively a Russian name perhaps but most of the famous ones were born there or in former USSR states.
10 Spend colder months in Krakow in terror (6)
WINTER - Hidden in {Krako}W IN TER{ror}. Still in Eastern Europe. The answer has to be taken as a verb to fit the definition.
11 Key ruling on British intelligence (10)
BRAINPOWER - BR (British),  A (key - music), IN POWER (ruling)
13 Elgar's initial piece in top musical setting (4)
LIED -  E{lgar} [initial piece] in LID (top). To England for the composer but Germany or Austria for the musical form.
14 Departing, upstanding character abandoned honour (4)
GONG - GO{i}NG (departing) [upstanding character abandoned - the perpendicular pronoun as Sir Humphrey would say]. Gong is slang for a medal.
15 Room for experimentation in political choice? (10)
LABORATORY - LAB OR A TORY (political choice?)
18 Spiteful ultra led in manoeuvres (3-7)
ILL-NATURED - Anagram [manoeuvres] of ULTRA LED IN
20 Current measures start to annoy politicians (4)
AMPS - A{nnoy} [start], MPS (politicians)
21 Chicken dish one devoured by man made homeless? (4)
KIEV - I (one) contained [devoured] by KEV{in} [made homeless]. Back to Eastern Europe.
23 Scientist woman's cross with dull routine (10)
RUTHERFORD - RUT (dull routine), HER (woman's), FORD (cross). "Climb every mountain, ford every stream...". Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937) is described as "the father of nuclear physics"
25 Deliver gold in horse-drawn carriage (6)
LANDAU - LAND (deliver), AU (gold). Plenty of these were around in Austria and Germany in the days of The Sound of Music, though the horse-drawn carriages most usually seen in Salzburg today are Fiakers.
26 Bully in trouble after fracas in B&B (8)
BROWBEAT - ROW (fracas) in B&B, EAT (trouble)
28 Wander around quiet books launch (8)
MOONSHOT - MOON (wander around), SH (quiet!), OT (books). Another very loose definition as most launches aren't moonshots.
29 Capable Conservative means to apply pressure? (6)
CLEVER - C (Conservative), LEVER (means to apply pressure)
2 Meat reserve supplies seaport (9)
LIVERPOOL - LIVER (meat), POOL (reserve). I'm not entirely sure whether "supplies" is part of the wordplay (with "reserve") or just a link to the definition. Firmly on British soil for this one.
3 Love can mean this on flipping stormy night (7)
NOTHING -  ON reversed [flipping] anagram [stormy] of NIGHT. My favourite clue so far. With reference to zero in tennis.
4 Crew's unable to finish meal (3)
TEA - TEA{m} (crew) [unable to finish]
5 Tom's comment perhaps sent up without end? (5)
MIAOW - WO (without) + AIM (end) reversed [sent up]. I like this one too - very inventive.
6 Girder to be fixed outside with adjustable spanner (5,6)
TOWER BRIDGE - Anagram [fixed] of GIRDER TO BE containing [outside] W (with). Another excellent clue with a devious definition. Here we are in London.
7 Butterfly / circling part of Barnet? (7)
RINGLET - Two meanings, the second being cryptic with reference to hair (Barnet Fair in CRS). I didn't know the butterfly. This is good too. Greater London now, though I still think of it as Hertfordshire.
8 Linnaeus for one married in southeast (5)
SWEDE - WED (married) in SE (southeast). A new scientist on me, the Scandanavian Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) was into botany, biology and zoology.
12 Recover from muscle injury completely (4,7)
PULL THROUGH - PULL (muscle injury), THROUGH (completely)
16 Counter for pressure unit (3)
BAR - Two meanings. With reference to a clue last week I was looking for b or B as an abbreviation for the pressure unit but couldn't find it anywhere.
17 Technique used in documentary about transport (9)
REPORTAGE - RE (about), PORTAGE (transport)
19 Northern girl meets boy from Western state (7)
NEVADAN - N (northern), EVA (girl), DAN (boy). Out of Europe and across the Atlantic at last!
20 Warm female appears in a moral tale (7)
AFFABLE - A, F (female), FABLE (moral tale)
22 Shakespeare's ensign holds maiden to be idealized figure (5)
IMAGO - IAGO (Shakespeare's ensign - Othello) contains [holds] M (maiden)
24 Chinese region flyer has got to stay within (5)
TIBET - TIT (flyer) containing [has...within] BE (stay). And now across the Pacific too.
27 Soldiers caught by fierce monster (3)
ORC - OR (soldiers), C (caught)
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