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Times 26660

This took me 25 minutes so I have achieved my target half-hour at both opportunities so far this week.  We have some brand names today, that of a magazine at 9ac and a well-known high-street chemist at 1dn; both a little unusual in a daily Times puzzle. I think this is nearly all straightforward, but we shall see.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Add space for tribal symbol (5)
TOTEM - TOT (add), EM (space - printing)
4 Opponents welcome old man to first course (9)
ANTIPASTO - ANTIS (opponents) contain [welcome] PA (old man), TO
9 Put to sea without a periodical break (9)
LUNCHTIME - L{a}UNCH (put to sea) [without a], TIME (periodical)
10 Steer clear of woman screening commercial (5)
EVADE - EVE (woman) containing [screening] AD (commercial)
11 Inconsolable, destitute? Then read novel (13)
BROKENHEARTED - BROKE (destitute), anagram [novel] of THEN READ. Chambers and COED have a hyphen but Collins permits it without.
14 Bring down set of books to entertain me and my family? (4)
OUST - OT (set of books - Old Testament) containing [entertain] US (me and my family?).
15 Ruffian prepared to collar school urchin (10)
RAGAMUFFIN - Anagram [prepared] of RUFFIAN containing [to collar] GAM (school - of whales etc)
18 Odd bits of fossils collected by top kinswoman (4-6)
HALF-SISTER - F{o}S{s}I{l}S contained [collected] by HALTER (top - a type of blouse). Another slightly odd definition.
19 Invent noun with German cases (4)
MINT - MIT (with,  German) contains [cases] N (noun). Figuratively to invent a word, phrase or idea, cf "coin a phrase".
21 Miss beginning to scoff her chocolate spread (13)
SCHOOLTEACHER -  S{coff} [beginning], anagram [spread] of HER CHOCOLATE
24 Editor brings in people to do his work (5)
EMEND - ED (editor) contains [brings in] MEN (people). The definition refers back to the editor.
25 Bottle hard water in Scotland (9)
TOUGHNESS - TOUGH (hard), NESS (water in Scotland - legendary home of the Monster). "Bottle" is slang for courage, fortitude etc.
27 Mike and others handle casting perhaps (9)
METALWORK - M (mike - NATO alphabet), ET AL (and others), WORK (handle)
28 Party's hosting last of rhythm and blues (5)
DUMPS - DUP'S (party's - Democratic Unionist Party's), containing [hosting] {rhyth}M [last]
1 Ring chemists about hospital charging points (10)
TOLLBOOTHS - TOLL (ring), BOOTS (chemists) containing [about] H (hospital)
2 VAT has group of teachers upset (3)
TUN - NUT (group of teachers - National Union of Teachers) reversed [upset]. Tuns and vats are used for storing liquids often of the alcoholic variety. Many an Olde English pub was called "The Three Tuns".
3 Man Ray originally capturing hotel barman (6)
MAHLER - MALE (man) containing [capturing] H (hotel - NATO alphabet again), R{ay} [originally]. A devious definition here that misled me so that this was my LOI.
4 A police department controls drug users (9)
ACIDHEADS - A, CID (police department), HEADS (controls). It's a little disturbing how much drug jargon we are required to know.
5 Character in Greek article volunteers (5)
THETA - THE (article - definite),  TA (volunteers - Territorial Army as was)
6 Pick brief lecture arranged during afternoon (8)
PLECTRUM - Anagram [arranged] of LECTUR{e} [brief] contained by [during] PM (afternoon). Picking guitars rather than flowers or fruit.
7 Cold stall in Billingsgate? (11)
STANDOFFISH - STAND (stall) OF FISH as one would find in Billingsgate, London's premier fish market. In 1982 it moved from its historic site in the City to near Canary Wharf but it retains its name.
8 Completed / deliveries at Old Trafford (4)
OVER - A double definition that might have wandered across from the Quick Cryptic. The second meaning refers to the Emirates Old Trafford where they play cricket as opposed to the other OT where soccer reigns supreme.
12 Wobbly cobblestones bishop avoided on the way out (11)
OBSOLESCENT - Anagram [wobbly] of COB{b}LESTONES [bishop avoided]
13 College Times tarnishes investment agencies (4,6)
UNIT TRUSTS - UNI (college),  T T (times), RUSTS (tarnishes)
16 Terrified heading into a fight (9)
AWESTRUCK - A, WEST (heading), RUCK (fight). In navigation a heading is relative to the direction of travel  so presumably could be any point of the compass.
17 A brick-carrier cuts short period in plant (8)
ASPHODEL - A, then HOD (brick-carrier) is contained by [cuts] SPEL{l} (period) [short]. A type of lily.
20 Lawyer discarded shot (6)
DASHED - DA (lawyer - USA), SHED (discarded)
22 Top in the Open, or missing the cut (5)
OUTDO - OUTDO{or} (in the open) [missing the cut - is eliminated]
23 Hilary's one / expression (4)
TERM - Two meanings. Hilary as an academic term came up very recently in one of my blogs
26 Wood essential to barrel-maker (3)
ELM - Hidden in [essential to] {barr}EL M{aker}
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