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Times Number 26654

This one took me over an hour having got myself completely stuck on 20d and 29ac

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Criminal made rough arrangement for defence (4,5)
HOME GUARD - Anagram [criminal] of MADE ROUGH. I'm open to correction on the parsing here in a clue that would have worked perfectly without its first word and with "arrangement" as the anagrind . As it is we have "criminal" to account for so that has to be the anagrind leaving us with "arrangement for defence" as the definition, which seems a bit odd. Another possibility is that we have a two-part anagrind "criminal...arrangement" with the anagrist in the middle, but I've never seen that done before so I'm doubtful that's what was intended.
6 Squeeze puts pressure on silent type (5)
CLAMP - CLAM (silent type), P (pressure). Having had the secretive oyster last week we now have the silent clam. And "clam" came up yesterday too in discussion of  "close up".
9 Almost bound to accept platform for belief (7)
JUDAISM - JUM{p} (bound) [almost] contains [to accept] DAIS (platform)
10 Autumn work for army type (7)
OCTOPUS - OCT (Autumn - October), OPUS (work). I was completely baffled by the definition which set me thinking along military lines until the "doh!" moment arrived when I thought of tentacles as arms.
11 It has gears not fully engaged (3)
BUS - BUS{y} (engaged) [not fully]. A very loose definition.
12 Set of tasks all industry processed (7,4)
LAUNDRY LIST - Anagram [processed] of ALL INDUSTRY. A colloquial figurative expression for a list of anything, not necessarily tasks.
14 My cold-blooded pet said to be tiny (6)
MINUTE - Sounds like [said to be] "my" "newt" (cold-blooded pet). I know Red Ken keeps (or kept) them but are newts really pets?
15 Difficult to forget the last and worst point about nag (8)
HARRIDAN - HAR{d} (difficult) [forget the last], then NADIR (worst point) reversed [about]
17 Moving around in dry, unfinished opera (8)
TURANDOT - Anagram [moving] of AROUND inside TT (dry - teetotal). Puccini's incomplete opera was finished after his death by one Franco Alfano.
19 Perhaps I look unwell and spit (6)
IMPALE - I'M PALE (I look unwell)
22 ‘Farewell’ — it’s how they speak in the valleys? (11)
VALEDICTION - VALE DICTION (how they speak in the valleys?)
23 Boat only goes backwards (3)
TUB - BUT (only) reversed [backwards]
25 American native at home on county boundary (7)
TAMARIN - TAMAR  (county boundary), IN (at home). This small monkey is native to Central and South America. The River Tamar forms much of the boundary between the counties of Devon and Cornwall.
27 Under pressure here, tries not to start to worry (3,4)
HOT SEAT - {s}HOTS (tries) [not to start], EAT (worry)
28 Remove plant from container, maybe, in store (5)
DEPOT - DE-POT (geddit?)
29 Rich clothing around Juliet’s intended, nothing new (9)
CAPARISON - CA (around), PARIS (Juliet’s intended), 0 (nothing), N (new). This was my downfall. I couldn't think of the word and I was completely thrown by not remembering that Juliet had a suitor, so for wordplay I was left working around the R checker which I had taken as standing for Romeo in the NATO alphabet. Hopeless. I knew the word vaguely as an ornamental covering worn by horses but no more than that.
1 Covering hospital, I give injections (5)
HIJAB - H (hospital), I, JAB (give injections). A not so ornamental covering.
2 President Danton, at first in his own house? (7)
MADISON - D{anton) [at first} in MAISON (his own house). Danton being French (a figure in the Revolution) may well have owned a "maison". James Madison was the fourth POTUS.
3 One length in longitude out? Bill could be (11)
GUILLOTINED - 1 (one) + L (length) in anagram [out] of LONGITUDE. I think the definition here is decidedly Anglocentric. SOED defines GUILLOTINE as "A method used in a legislative assembly for preventing obstruction or delays by fixing the times at which different parts of a bill must be voted on".
4 A lot to carry is commonly dangerous (6)
ARMFUL - Sounds like [commonly, with "spoken" implied] {h}ARMFUL (dangerous). Tony Hancock fans might care to complete the missing line: "A PINT! Have you gone raving mad? I mean, I came here in all good faith, to help my country. I don't mind giving a reasonable amount, but a pint? Why, that's _ _ _ _ (4,6,2,6)"
5 So gorgeous, come to sudden end (4,4)
DROP DEAD - Two meanings
6 Wound workers up (3)
CUT - T.U.C (workers - Trades Union Congress) reversed [up]
7 Put to practical use, program wasn’t accurate (7)
APPLIED - APP (program), LIED (wasn’t accurate - gave alternative facts)
8 Beyond nervous, maybe frightened or terrified (4,5)
PAST TENSE - PAST (beyond ), TENSE (nervous). "Frightened" and "terrified" are examples of verbs in the past tense. "Maybe" is included to prevent complaints about DBEs.
13 Dismiss clergyman, losing one church (4,7)
YORK MINSTER - YORK (dismiss - cricket), MIN{i}STER (clergyman) [losing one].
14 Given encouragement, doctor bound to include extra on bill (9)
MOTIVATED - MO (doctor), TIED (bound) containing [to include] VAT (extra on bill - Value Added Tax)
16 Very conical, explosive? (8)
VOLCANIC - V, anagram [explosive] CONICAL. I suppose we're in semi &lit territory here to excuse the double usage, but don't quote me!
18 With bread, soak up fish (7)
ROLLMOP - ROLL (bread), MOP (soak up). My stomach turns to acid at the very thought.
20 One playing with current switch (7)
ACTRESS - AC (current - cf DC), TRESS (switch). The second meaning was unknown to me but SOED has "switch" as "a long tress of hair; esp. one of false or detached hair tied at one end and used in hairdressing to supplement the natural growth of hair".
21 In Russia, Michael has parking accident (6)
MISHAP - MISHA (in Russia, Michael), P(parking)
24 Stick no bill up (5)
BATON - NO + TAB (bill) reversed [up]
26 County missing land got in frenzy (3)
RUT - RUT{land} County [missing land]. Naughties in the deer park! On edit: In reponse to Penfold's comment below I have amended the definition simply to "frenzy".
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