Pip Kirby (pipkirby) wrote in times_xwd_times,
Pip Kirby

Times 26637 - what the doctor ordered

I found this a nice, old fashioned sort of puzzle, an easy, steady solve in 20 minutes or so, ending in the SE quarter. There are a couple of words perhaps not in everyday use but credible nontheless. Some of the clues I think are only at Quickie level. No chemistry today and two easy bits of French but thankfully no poetry.

1 CELIBATE - CE (church) surrounds ELI (priest) and BAT (strike); D chaste.
5 DE TROP - PORTED = carried, reversed; D unwanted, French for too much, superfluous.
10 WATERMILL - A TERM inside WILL for final document; D driven by race. Clever definition.
11 STYLE - STY where swine lives, L E = empty life; D a way.
12 MESH - Me's would be musical notes, H for hard; D harmonise, as in fit together.
13 ENGIRDLES - (GIRLS NEED)*, D belts, as a verb. Not an everyday word.
15 DISTRIBUTE - DI's TRIBUTE would be a commendation from the detective inspector; D hand out.
17 SOON - OS ordinary seaman, reversed, ON = working; D shortly.
19 LEFT - Easy double definition.
20 BABY BOOMER - BABY for dwarf, BOOMER nickname fo a kangaroo, D one of seventy or so, like me, born in the baby boom after WWII.
22 SERENADED - SERENE for calm, D for days, insert AD for bill, D sang in the evening.
24 DUSK - D for Democrat, S in UK for succeeded in this country; D even. Silly little clue that took me a while and was LOI.
26 ELDER - WELDER = worker coming to join, loses its W(ife); D church official.
27 NAUGHTIER - Insert AU for gold, into (THE RING)*; D not so good.
28 TETHER - D bond; hidden word in STIMULA(TE THE R)EADER.
29 VERDANCY - DANC(E) = ball stopping short, inside VERY = extremely; D lush greenery.

1 COWL - Jersey COW, L(arge); D hood. My FOI.
2 LETTERS OF CREDIT - (FIRST L E DETECTOR)*, the I is removed: D promises to pay.
3 BURGHERS - GRUB = food, reversed, HERS = the woman's; D townsfolk.
4 THINE - THIN = weak, E for drug; D for you, in the past.
6 ENSURE - ENSUE = result, insert R; D confirm.
7 ROYAL COMMISSION - D body that examines; soil is CLAY, reversed in ROOM = space, MISSION = assignment. RO(YAL C)OM-MISSION.
8 PLEASANTRY - (LATERAN SPY)*, D friendly remark.
9 SLIGHTLY - LIGHT = understanding, inside SLY = crafty; D only a little.
14 ADOLESCENT - ALES = drinks, insert DO = party, add CENT = little money; D youngster.
16 BOARDING - Double definition.
18 WOODSHED - WOOD for bowl, as in lawn bowls; SHED = given out; D somewhere to put your ash?
21 ENTREE - EN = Egyptian evacuated, TREE = plane, possibly; D course.
23 DEUCE - CUED = prompted, add E being the last letter of LINE, reverse all; D two.
25 ARMY - RA = artist, tipped = AR, MY! = gracious!; D host.
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