Zabadak (z8b8d8k) wrote in times_xwd_times,

TLS Crossword 1156½ by Nemo - December 30, 2016 "...and answer came there none"

It falls to my lot to blog this brilliant piece of work which was published on the day the TLS takes a holiday. The subtle theme taken from Diary of a Nobody took a long time to get established, especially as the absence of a grid and the stunningly deceptive blank where 1 across should have been demanded exceptional decypherng skills. In no time at all, I decided to Google "nothing" but drew a complete blank, except for a meaningless link to Jean Paul Sartre's immortal, but strangely incomplete "And Nothingness". Thinking (a propos of nothing) of Shirley Bassey belting out "I, I who have nothing" (today's earworm, at no cost to the readership), I realised that somewhere along the line, Nemo had reached for the Nirvana of neither being nor not being, and had told being to take a hike. With a headache growing at this persistent lack of existence, and with none of the completely absent clues solved, I reached for my empty bottle of pills, because nothing works faster than Anadin.

Below is my reasoning, with the usual clue, definition, SOLUTION


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