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Times 26606

I've no solving time for this as I fell asleep in the process but I doubt it was much, if anything, less than an hour. Here's my blog...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Judge and attorney bringing in 7 new voting processes (9)
REFERENDA - REF (judge), ERE (7 - Down), N (new), DA (attorney - District Attorney)
6 High-pitched sound initially bewildering retired PM (5)
BLEEP - B(ewildering) [initially] PEEL (PM reversed) [retired]
9 Designated army commander capturing four of the Romans (5)
GIVEN - GEN (army commander) containing [capturing] IV (four  - of the Romans)
10 Edit information returned about key taxonomic groups (9)
SUBGENERA - SUB (edit), GEN (information), RE (about) reversed  [returned], A (key)
11 Roughing up a dull hiker again, guffaw raucously (5,4,1,5)
LAUGH LIKE A DRAIN - Anagram [roughing up] of A DULL HIKER AGAIN
13 Dramatic scam blocked by one with rights (8)
STIRRING - STING (scam) containing [blocked by] I + RR (rights)
14 Pretentiousness overseas character repeatedly displayed (6)
CHICHI - CHI (overseas character) x 2 (repeatedly displayed)
16 Where birds may be accessed at first, using public transport? (6)
AVIARY - A{ccessed} [at first] VIA + RY (using public transport?)
18 Skulduggery of person heading military intelligence? (8)
MISCHIEF - MI'S + CHIEF (person heading military intelligence?)
21 Generously equipped, like those prepared to bite back? (5,2,3,5)
ARMED TO THE TEETH - Cryptic definition
23 He loves books a Black Sea state briefly rejected (9)
INAMORATO - OT (books - Old Testament) + A + ROMANI{a} (Black Sea state) [briefly] all reversed [rejected]
25 Improve, with this person intervening (5)
AMEND - ME (this person) inside [intervening] AND (with)
26 Malevolent spirit of bird endlessly circling house (5)
GHOUL - GUL{l} (bird) [endlessly] containing [circling] HO (house)
27 Recipient of honour is cool about knight’s submissive gesture (9)
OBEISANCE - OBE (recipient of honour), IS then ACE (cool) containing [about] N (knight)
1 Brazilian cash securing good portable organ (5)
REGAL - REAL (Brazilian cash) containing [securing] G (good). An obscure instrument I happened to know; it was around in the 16th and 17th centuries.
2 Partiality to fur Mavis and I developed (11)
FAVOURITISM - Anagram [developed] of TO FUR MAVIS I
3 Farmer moved quickly and caught most of cattle, say (7)
RANCHER - RAN (moved quickly), C (caught) HER{d} (cattle) [most].
4 I invested in new eastern perfume, having little knowledge (8)
NESCIENT - N (new), E (eastern),  then I in SCENT (perfume). Didn't know this one.
5 Leisurely pedestrian’s warning about lake (6)
AMBLER - AMBER (warning  - part of traffic light sequence prior to Red), containing [about] L (lake)
6 Scope of old railway publicity in the wild? (7)
BREADTH - BR (old railway - British Rail) then AD (publicity) in anagram [wild] of THE
7 Before melody is heard (3)
ERE - Sounds like [is heard] "air" (melody)
8 One goes to court, clear over disagreement (9)
PLAINTIFF - PLAIN (clear), TIFF (disagreement)
12 Chap receiving male faculty head like Greek mathematician (11)
ARCHIMEDEAN - ARCHIE (chap) containing [receiving] M (male), DEAN (faculty head)
13 Like the Ancient Mariner, say, burning to embrace a female? (9)
SEAFARING - SEARING (burning) containing [to embrace] A + F (female)
15 Part of chicken new bishop mostly cooked? (8)
WISHBONE - Anagram [cooked] of NEW BISHO{p} [mostly]
17 Songbird reportedly studied perch (7)
REDPOLL - Sounds like [reportedly] "read" (studied) and "pole" (perch - unit of length aka rod)
19 Curved sword usually triangular originally in form? (7)
CUTLASS - U{sually} + T{riangular} [originally] in CLASS (form)
20 Eg King Edward’s area adopted by slow-climbing primate (6)
POTATO - A (area) contained [adopted] by POTTO (slow-climbing primate)
22 Prevaricate, husband having upper hand (5)
HEDGE - H (husband), EDGE (upper hand)
24 Thickening agent chefs finally abandoned in the past (3)
AGO - {s}AGO (thickening agent) [chefs finally abandoned]
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