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Times 26600

This took me a little over an hour but was a technical DNF as I resorted to aids for 3dn and 12ac. It then transpired that part of my problem at 12ac was caused by an incorrect answer at 2dn, a word I had never heard of which gave me an incorrect checker at the junction of the two clues.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Fancy work by Verdi more relaxed with volume dropped (10)
EMBROIDERY - Anagram [relaxed] of BY {v}ERDI MORE [with volume dropped]
6 Carbon-free load in mythical ship (4)
ARGO - {c}ARGO  (load) [carbon-free]
8 Airborne night flyer having to see slaughter here (8)
ABATTOIR - BAT (night flyer) + TO inside AIR [airborne]
9 Some shouting at Herod's rally (6)
GATHER - Hidden in [some] {shoutin}G AT HER {od}
10 Cotton on / branch in tree (4)
TWIG - Two meanings. Firstly we have two slang expressions for "understand" then the second meaning is a literal. "Twig" for "branch" has come up before and raised queries, but it's in the usual sources.
11 Unholy row with Lord about the Afterlife (10)
OTHERWORLD - Anagram [unholy] of ROW LORD containing [about] THE. I didn't know this expression for a world inhabited after death.
12 Sage old lady, stern, embraces one upright character (9)
MAHARISHI - MA (old lady), HARSH (stern) contains [embraces] I (one), I (upright character). The last bit reminds me of Sir Humphrey's "perpendicular pronoun".
14 Female is not in swoon (5)
FAINT - F (female), AIN'T (is not)
17 Course available in religious studies (5)
ROUTE - OUT (available) inside RE (religious studies - Religious Education)
19 Dismissed by university with pressure to get paid (7,2)
STUMPED UP - STUMPED (dismissed - in cricket),  U (university), P (pressure)
22 Shield of eastern lad covering wounded revolutionary? (10)
ESCUTCHEON - E (eastern), SON ((lad) containing [covering] CUT (wounded) + CHE (revolutionary)
23 Man's one to deceive, not mad, outwardly (4)
ISLE - {m}ISLE{ad} (deceive) [not m~ad outwardly]. My portion of Christmas turkey regurgitated!
24 Today's compiler slow to introduce universal method (6)
MEDIUM - ME (today's compiler), DIM (slow) containing [to introduce] U (universal)
25 Lawyers missed start to meal, going by rail (5,3)
INNER BAR - {d}INNER (meal) [missed start], BAR (rail). This is the Queen's Counsel collectively.
26 Typically long vessel — see one in Hamburg (4)
VEIN - V (see - vide), EIN (one, in Hamburg - German)
27 I get dinner prepared, using this? (10)
INGREDIENT - Anagram [prepared] of I GET DINNER
1 Deal up to me on right stuff resuming shape (9)
ELASTOMER - SALE (deal) reversed [up], TO, ME, R (right). I have been caught out by this word more than once so I was pleased to remember it today.
2 Live as Mennonite with radiant smile (7)
BEAMISH - BE (live as),  AMISH (Mennonite). This archaic word meaning "smiling or radiant" was unknown to me. I also didn't recognise the word "Mennonite" although I have probably met it before, and for that reason I plumped originally for "beaming"  which fits the definition. I deduced the wordplay as "be a Ming", assuming incorrectly that "Mennonite" was something to do with the Chinese dynasty. This gave me a wrong checker for 12ac which led to my downfall as mentioned in my intro above.
3 Replacing fluids and salts is boost where egg's eaten (8)
ISOTONIC - IS+TONIC (boost) containing 0 [egg's eaten]. This unknown word also contributed to my failure to complete without aids.
4 What could give the RA a big shock? (5-10)
EARTH-SHATTERING - EARTH shattering could give the anagrist THE RA and also a big shock!
5 Cultured fare elevated spirit in Turkic abode (6)
YOGURT - GO (spirit) reversed [elevated] in YURT [Turkic abode]. Turkic is apparently a group of languages including Turkish, although according to the sources I consulted the Turkic version of this word is more likely to start with  J and it's the English and original Russian words that have a Y. Anyway it's a sort of tent that's very popular these days with a certain type of holidaymaker. Yurts turn up occasionally in TV travel shows and followers of The Archers may be aware that one of the Aldridge offspring runs a yurt holiday business at Home Farm. This spelling of YOGURT raised some queries re yesterday's QC but appears now to be the most common.
6 Instrument area with flashing light around LA (9)
ASTROLABE - A (area), STROBE (flashing light) around LA
7 Troublemaker good to replace leader in citadel (7)
GREMLIN - {k}REMLIN (citadel) has its leading letter replaced by G (good)
13 Legendary heretic seizes day (9)
ARTHURIAN - ARIAN (heretic) contains [seizes] THUR (day)
15 SPECTRE to supply such documents as Bond may see? (3-6)
TOP-SECRET - Anagram [supply] of SPECTRE TO
16 Cardinal taking the high ground? (8)
EMINENCE - two meanings
18 Disgusting incident follows outside broadcast (7)
OBSCENE - OB (outside broadcast), SCENE (incident)
20 Diminutive Diana Black put out of action (7)
DISABLE - DI (diminutive Diana), SABLE (black)
21 Prawns swindle very good indeed (6)
SCAMPI - SCAM (swindle), PI (very good indeed)
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