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Times 26,591: A Wet Weekend in Wales

A puzzle for which the word that springs to mind is "ingenious": I found no shortage of toeholds to began my ascent, but then ran into many "how on earth do I get from here to there?" moments before I finally made it to the summit, rather closer to the 15 minute mark than the 10. 11ac in particular defeated me: while the correct answer clearly couldn't be anything else, I cracked and asked for a hint from the ed just now to fully untangle how to get the first two words of the clue from the wordplay. If only I'd paid more attention in school sports...

I really like crossword clues about crossword clues, so 13dn is my Clue of the Day, with an honourable mention to 20dn too. My daughters' school on the other hand really likes them not to be late, so off I'd better dash. Many many thanks to the setter and a special tip of the hat to the helpful editor too this week. A tout a l'heure!


1 Town, it's plain, hiding new failure (9)
LLANDUDNO - LLANO [plain], hiding N DUD [new | failure]

6 A teacher is wrong (5)
AMISS - A MISS [a | teacher]

9 Very pale green at first, have you left grey at the end? (7)
GHASTLY - G{reen} + HAST L [have you | left] + {gre}Y

10 Explosion setting army back: I drive off (7)
ATISHOO - reverse of T.A. ["setting... back" army] + I SHOO [I | drive off]

11 With no play area at first, game is in the balance (5, 3, 2)
TOUCH AND GO - AND [with], given TOUCH [no play area (in sportsball)] at first + GO [game]

12 Almost entirely give up (4)
QUITE - QUIT{e} ["almost" entirely]

14 What's in some gap that's found in alphabet (5)
OMEGA - hidden in {s}OME GA{p}

15 Incomplete box, say, among items chucked in current (3, 6)
JET STREAM - TRE{e} ["incomplete" box, say] among JETSAM [items chucked in]

16 Fails to be accepted by priest, with name as Lothario (6, 3)
LADIES MAN - DIES [fails] to be accepted by LAMA [priest], with N [name]

18 Provide peer with one penny, not a pound (5)
EQUIP - EQUAL [peer] with 1P [one penny], minus the A L ["not" a pound]

20 Starts to compile, and later finishes new jumbo? (4)
CALF - C{ompile} A{nd} L{ater} F{inishes}; a calf as in a baby elephant

21 Act by ministry rejected in row, so no meaningful pattern here (6, 4)
RANDOM WALK - reverse of LAW M.O.D. [act (by) ministry "rejected"] in RANK [row]

25 Book jazz singer to appear after autumn period (7)
NOVELLA - ELLA [jazz singer (Fitzgerald)] to appear after NOV [autumn period]

26 Fat girl with an attitude going about (7)
ADIPOSE - DI [girl] with A POSE [an attitude] going about

27 Bird for one: about time (5)
EGRET E.G. RE T [for one | about | time]

28 Wonder if a rug can cover me during meditation (9)
AMAZEMENT A MAT [a rug] can cover ME during ZEN [meditation]


1 Easy to carry guide in the dark (5)
LIGHT - double def

2 Mainly like beer, covering game (2, 1, 4)
AS A RULE - AS ALE [like | beer], covering R.U. [game]

3 Give up drink that's said to be dull (10)
DITCHWATER - DITCH WATER [give up | drink]; per the proverb, "dull as ditchwater"

4 Senior teacher accepts you as old-fashioned (5)
DOYEN - DON [teacher] accepts YE [you "as old-fashioned"]

5 Our cousin called, briefly out and about (5-4)
ORANG-UTAN - RANG [called], with OUT AN{d} about

6 A small number coming up the Central Line (4)
AXIS - A + SIX reversed [small number "coming up"]

7 One hopeless astride horse without outside help (2-5)
IN-HOUSE - I [one] + NO USE [hopeless] astride H [horse]

8 Peace increased, suppressing rise of imitative violent programme (5-2-2)
SHOOT-EM-UP - SH UP [peace | increased], suppressing ME-TOO reversed ["rise of" imitative]

13 Get more efficient in the morning to crack Listener somehow (10)
STREAMLINE - A.M. [in the morning] to crack (LISTENER*) ["somehow"]

14 So some prisoners released; just what pub needs (2-7)
ON-LICENCE - ON [just, as in "that's not on"] + LICENCE [what pub needs]

15 Hand, one held by digger (7)
DELIVER - I [one] held by DELVER [digger]

17 Post a bet on a Creole dish (9)
JAMBALAYA - JAMB A LAY [post | a | bet] on A

19 Generally agreed a French bird has lost tail (3, 4)
UNA VOCE - UN [a French] AVOCE{t} [bird "has lost tail"]

22 Goddess offers a help up (5)
DIANA - AN AID reversed [a help "up"]

23 Got down time after short sound of bell (5)
KNELT - T [time] after KNEL{l} ["short" sound of bell]

24 Stomach accommodates large excess
GLUT - GUT [stomach] accommodates L [large]
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