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Times Cryptic 26588

A fairly straightforward puzzle that took me 35 minutes to solve. Everything more I have to say about it is in the blog, so here it is...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Iron anklet finally brought in for one’s security (6)
SAFETY - FE (iron) + {ankle}T [finally] in SAY (for one - for example)
4 Monitor arranged play-pens (8)
SPYPLANE - Anagram [arranged] of PLAYPENS. Maybe I'm missing something but the definition here seems decidedly loose.
10 Suggest true love doesn't run smooth around November (9)
VOLUNTEER - Anagram [doesn't run smooth] of TRUE LOVE containing [around] N (November - in the NATO alphabet)
11 Assign full set of religious texts? (5)
ALLOT - ALL (full), OT (set of religious texts - Old Testament)
12 Hazard visitors will move tail-ender forward before one end to game (11)
GUESSTIMATE - GUESTS (visitors) with its last letter moved up the ranks [tail-ender forward], I (one), MATE (end to game - chess)
14 Prohibition sees cop retiring (3)
BAN - NAB (cop) reversed [retiring]
15 Understanding blame attached to harbour (7)
RAPPORT - RAP (blame), PORT (harbour)
17 A lot of criticism about a source of television interference (6)
STATIC - STIC{k} (criticism) [a lot of] containing [about] A + T{elevision} [source of]
19 Kidnapping ending in distress, of course (6)
SNATCH - {distres}S [ending], NATCH (of course - naturally)
21 Top setter’s hard attitude with posh lass (4,3)
HAIR GEL - H (hard), AIR (attitude),  GEL (posh lass). A somewhat cryptic definition.
23 A positive outcome, losing one's beard (3)
AWN - A, W{i}N (positive outcome) [losing one]
24 Show of embarrassment, seeing how poor people live? (4-2-5)
HAND-TO-MOUTH - Putting a hand to one's mouth is a gesture sometimes made on realising one has said something embarrassing.
26 Regret monarch's being besieged by heads of Merchant Navy (5)
MOURN - OUR (monarch's, as in the Royal "We") inside [being besieged by] M{erchant} N{avy} [heads]
27 Ostentatious sob recalled as something generating red eyes? (9)
FLASHBULB - FLASH (ostentatious), BLUB (sob) reversed [recalled]. In photography red eye is a reflection from the blood vessels of a person's retina, seen on a colour photograph taken with a flash.
29 Hotel regularly accommodating a divine (8)
HEAVENLY - H (hotel - in the NATO alphabet again), then  EVENLY (regularly) containing [accommodating] A
30 Fairly dim idiot concealing bad cut (6)
TWILIT - TWIT (idiot) containing [concealing] IL{l} (bad) [cut]. Comments about repetition in clues will have to wait for another day.
1 Rescue curtailed: a European country losing man in barbarous attack? (8)
SAVAGERY - SAV{e} (rescue) [curtailed], A, GER{man}Y (European country) [losing man]
2 Sports body going to college in London? Not so (5)
FALSE - FA (sports body - Football Association), LSE (college in London - the London School of Economics)
3 Metal part of fork trimmed (3)
TIN - TIN{e} (part of fork) [trimmed]
5 Maybe iodine isn't found in variety of sapphire (7)
PERHAPS - Anagram [variety] of SAPPH{i}RE [Iodine isn't found]
6 Trashed male Puritan, one offering vision of heaven (11)
PLANETARIUM - Anagram [trashed] of MALE PURITAN
7 Politician upset writer embraced by a BBC chief, improvising (2-7)
AD-LIBBING - A, then LIB (politician) + NIB (writer [upset]) contained [embraced] by DG (BBC chief - Director General)
8 Current navigational device not accommodating first polar direction (6)
EXTANT - {s}EXTANT (navigation device) without [not accommodating first polar direction - S]. "First" is needed here to specify which of the two poles - S or N - in "sextant" is to be removed.
9 Live to support son — disregarding daughter? (6)
SEXIST - S (son), EXIST (live). Another somewhat cryptic definition, and by example, making it very loose.
13 Part of team kit not entirely given makeover in swindle (5-6)
SHORT-CHANGE - SHORT{s} (part of team kit) [not entirely], CHANGE (makeover)
16 Alpine sun transformed narrow piece of land (9)
PENINSULA - Anagram [transformed] of ALPINE SUN. I was ready to query "narrow" here, but Collins has it. I wouldn't have thought the Iberian peninsula qualifies as "narrow".
18 Peak support involving husband and lots of characters (8)
ALPHABET - ALP (peak), H (husband), ABET (support)
20 Bananas: food without energy? That's a nuisance (7)
HANDFUL - HAND (bananas), FU{e}L (food) [without energy]
21 Time to interrupt that chap (an assassin) (3,3)
HIT MAN - T (time) inside [to interrupt] HIM (that chap), AN
22 Cordiality on leaving some time after conflict (6)
WARMTH - WAR (conflict), M{on}TH (some time) [on leaving]
25 America adopting universal line regarding customs? (5)
USUAL - USA (America) containing [adopting] U (universal), L (line)
28 Hot team in card game making cut (3)
HEW - H (hot), E W (team in card game - bridge)
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