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Times Cryptic 26576

35 minutes with time lost at the end over 7dn and 16dn that prevented me achieving my half-hour target. I've not come across 7dn before and some guesswork was involved in the final part of the wordplay. Here's my blog...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 Outstanding feature originally typifying Zola’s printed material (6)
CHINTZ - CHIN (outstanding feature), T{ypifying}+Z{ola} [originally]
4 Renegade RAF officer in a tizzy (8)
APOSTATE -  PO (RAF officer - Pilot Officer) goes in A+STATE (a tizzy)
10 Final triumph a Welshman secured (11)
VALEDICTORY - VICTORY (triumph) with ALED (a Welshman) inside [secured]
11 Language spoken in Djibouti? Yes and no (3)
IBO - "Yes", because it's hidden in {Dj{IBO{uti}, and "no", because it's not a native language spoken there - that would be Somali or Afar. On later edite: I've amended the definition from "language" to "language spoken" in order to have all points of pedantry covered.
12 Budding artist initially wearing new perfume (7)
NASCENT - A{rtist} [initially] in [wearing] N (new) + SCENT (perfume)
14 Neologism created by commander at late stage of life (7)
COINAGE - CO (commander), IN AGE (at late stage of life)
15 Care that editor is forced to deliver stern warning (4,3,4,3)
17 How vowels are used by an editor’s sub? (14)
ALPHABETICALLY - A{n} E{d}I{t}O{r's}{s}U{b}
21 State of article a woman delivered to the front (7)
FLORIDA - FLO (a woman), RID (delivered), A (article)
22 Daughter thrown by composer’s instant operatic realism (7)
VERISMO - VER{d}I'S (composer's) [daughter thrown], MO  (instant).  SOED has this as: Realism or naturalism in the arts, especially with reference to late 19th-century Italian opera.
23 Stop giving tip (3)
END -  Two definitions
24 About time team line-up is organised, second from the 23 (11)
PENULTIMATE - Anagram [organised] of TEAM LINE UP containing [about] T (time) with reference to the  answer at 23ac
26 Noted performance of plucky chap, perhaps, looking up to girl? (8)
SERENADE - &lit conjuring up the romantic image of a suitor in earlier times serenading his beloved beneath a tower or balcony whilst plucking his lute.
27 Possibly Irving’s best ever role, lauded primarily at home (6)
BERLIN - First letters [primarily] of B{est} E{ver} R{role} L{auded}, IN (at home). Irving Berlin (1888-1989) one of the all-time great American songwriters.
1 Lines written by archdeacon in bed in cathedral city (8)
COVENTRY - VEN (archdeacon) in COT (bed), RY (lines)
2 Laid up in the Chicago area, briefly? (3)
ILL - Two definitions, the second leading us to the abbreviation for Illinois
3 Goes out in clothing of singer: most neat! (7)
TIDIEST - DIES (goes out) inside [in clothing of] TIT (singer)
5 How one’s banished for writing note left in plant? (14)
PROSCRIPTIVELY - PRO (for), SCRIPT (writing), then E (note) + L (left) inside IVY (plant)
6 Designer’s register of farm accommodation? (7)
STYLIST - STY (farm accommodation), LIST (register)
7 US city bird coming up with new clues for amoebas etc (11)
ANIMALCULES - LA (US city) + MINA (bird) reversed [coming up], anagram [new] of CLUES. I didn't know this word but was pleased to derive it from wordplay and correctly guess the placement of the vowels in the anagram.
8 Runaway given work by the Spanish Queen (6)
ELOPER - EL (the, Spanish), OP (work), ER (Queen)
9 Frivolous broadcast about black cats and dogs? (14)
SCATTERBRAINED - SCATTERED (broadcast) contains  [about] B (black) + RAIN (cats and dogs). Hm. Whilst being completely familiar with "rain cats and dogs" I can't find any support in the usual sources for "cats and dogs" being directly interchangeable with "rain". Following day edit: please see the very first comment below.
13 Crofter’s cut of meat union leader dropped outside precinct (11)
SMALLHOLDER - SHO{u}LDER (cut of meat) [union leader dropped] contains [outside] MALL (precinct)
16 Austrian neophyte of slender build (8)
TYROLEAN - TYRO (neophyte), LEAN (of slender build)
18 Sort of bend sometimes found in locks (7)
HAIRPIN - A literal definition with a cryptic hint
19 Firm beginning to repair attractive ornamental moulding (7)
CORNICE - CO (firm), R{epair} [beginning],  NICE (attractive)
20 Fish-eaters substituting folios for Times bargains? (6)
OFFERS - O{tt}ERS (fish-eaters) substituting FF (folios) for TT (times)
25 Reportedly everything a boring person may need? (3)
AWL - Sounds like [reportedly] "all" (everything)
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