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Times Cryptic 26546

After yesterday's blog by proxy, here's one of my own.

This one presented a few problems in the solving and even more in the blogging where I found some of the parsing quite tricky to explain and I'm left with a few loose ends as noted below against the relevant clues. I don't have a time because I forgot to note it down but I doubt it was many minutes under an hour. On edit: as pointed out in the comments, there's a hidden name in the grid which I failed to spot.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]

1 In Paris I read about this writer’s rejected complaint (8)
JEREMIAD - JE (in Paris, I), READ containing [about] I'M (this writer's) reversed [rejected]. My last one in and I needed to check the answer because I wasn't sure of it. I knew about Jeremiah and his lamentations and that his name has come to mean someone who complains a lot, but JEREMIAD as a complaint or list of complaints was unknown to me. The wordplay was helpful though.
5 Reckless senior officer’s assistant enthralled by chart (6)
MADCAP - ADC (senior office's assistant - aide-de-camp) contained [enthralled] by MAP (chart)
9 Friend o’ the compiler’s briefly seen with old horse (8)
PALOMINO - PAL (friend), O, MIN{e} (the compiler's) [briefly], O (old). A horse with light golden-brown coat and white or pale mane and tail.
10 Lizard droppings mostly found in Iowa (6)
IGUANA - GUAN{o} (droppings) [mostly] found in IA (Iowa)
12 Studious type watching the cricket, perhaps? (12)
ENTOMOLOGIST - Cryptic definition with reference to the study of insects
15 Piece of litter on doorstep (5)
RONDO - Hidden in {litte}R ON DO{orstep}. Piece of music, that is. "Piece" also helps to indicate the enclosure here.
16 Aware of fellow worker swigging spirit from East (9)
COGNIZANT - CO-ANT (fellow worker) containing [swigging] ZING (spirit) reversed [from the East]. I had problems with this one because the only spelling I knew has S for Z so I was unable to parse it for a while.
18 A commotion connected with mother’s inlaid work (9)
DAMASCENE - DAM (mother), A, SCENE (commotion). I knew the word but not this meaning. SOED has "Damascening" as the art of inlaying different metals into one another.
19 I see nothing grand in this dome-shaped dwelling (5)
IGLOO - I, G (grand), LO (see), 0 (nothing)
20 Start of rally with state soldier, perhaps (12)
SERVICEWOMAN - SERVICE (start of rally - tennis), W (with), OMAN (state)
24 Was jealous of girl embraced by English chap (6)
ENVIED - E (English),  then VI (girl) contained [embraced] by NED (chap)
25 A ghastly start for one city plant! (8)
AGRIMONY - A, GRIM (ghastly), O{ne} [start], NY (city). I'm not too bad on plants usually but this one has passed me by until now - apart from April 2010 and June 2015 when I also didn't know it. Again the wordplay was helpful.
26 Divine in church vestment, not the first to walk unsteadily (6)
TODDLE - DD (divine - Doctor of Divinity) in {s}TOLE (church vestment) [not the first]. "Stole" is more familiar as a woman's long scarf or shawl, but it can also be a vestment worn by priests. A "divine" can be a priest who is learned, especially in the study of theology.
27 Rosalind’s ally caught eating last of the summer veg (8)
CELERIAC - CELIA (Rosalind's ally - "As You Like It") containing [eating] {th}E + {summe}R [last of...], C (caught)
1 Primate crushed by judge’s joke (4)
JAPE - J (judge), APE (primate). "Crushed by" indicates A beneath B in the Down clue.
2 Responsibility quietly removed from uncultured pleb (4)
ROLE - {p}ROLE (uncultured pleb) [quietly - p - removed]
3 Fateful sign all of the French associated with mass (9)
MOMENTOUS - M (mass), OMEN (sign), TOUS (all, of the French)
4 Queen’s article on new enemy upset most of intelligent Society (4,2,6)
ANNE OF CLEVES - AN (article), N (new), FOE (enemy) reversed [upset], CLEVE{r} (intelligent) [most of...], S (society)
6 Trouble-making Greek disrupting a match? (5)
AGGRO - A, GR (Greek) is contained by [disrupting) GO (match - as colours may match or go)
7 Generous woman taken in by communication about hours (10)
CHARITABLE - RITA (woman) taken in by CABLE (communication) containing [about] H (hours). A Russian doll type of clue with two containment indicators, "taken in" and "about".
8 Plot French film director takes on in cultivated area (10)
PLANTATION - PLAN (plot), TATI (French film director), ON
11 There’s rhyme as well as reason in this jazz style (6-6)
BOOGIE-WOOGIE - The cryptic element of this clue remains a bit of a mystery to me. It's obvious where the "rhyme" come into it, but as to the "reason", I'm stumped. My only thought is that it's a reference to i.e. as an abbreviation meaning "that is" or "namely" which customarily introduces an explanation or reason. On edit: please see my comment below timed at 01:59 pm.
13 Hibernian ancestry second husband denied, getting shot! (10)
IRIDESCENT - IRI{s,h} (Hibernian) [second, husband denied],  DESCENT (ancestry). I didn't have any idea how the definition works here and after consulting the usual sources I was none the wiser, so in desperation I googled "shot" and "iridescent" together and came up with this on Wikipedia: Shot silk (also called changeant changeable silk and changeable taffeta) is a fabric which is made up of silk woven from warp and weft yarns of two or more colours producing an iridescent appearance.  A "shot" is a single throw of the bobbin that carries the weft thread through the warp, and shot silk colours can be described as "[warp colour] shot with [weft colour]." I still don't really know whether this covers what the setter intended, or if it does, whether it actually works as a clue.
14 Lacking firm evidence, I’m internally no better (10)
UNIMPROVED - UNPROVED (lacking firm evidence) containing I'M [internally]
17 Mimicking cry of kid at play a president’s wife’s mounted (9)
IMITATIVE - I' M IT (cry of kid at play - e.g. playing tag), EVITA (president's wife) reversed [mounted]. The terms used in "tag" or "he" seem to vary according to local custom but as played at my school in the 1950s the person doing the chasing was said to be "it", and that fits nicely with our clue today.
21 Visionary declaration of banker at table? (5)
IDEAL - I DEAL. It's clued as if it's a homophone but as it's not I suppose it's straight definition with a not very cryptic alternative route to the answer. As for the straight definition, once again I'm struggling to see it and the best I can find is this in Collins: visionary -  (of people) characterized by idealistic or radical ideas, esp impractical  ones.
22 Asian desert, one with marshland up to the north (4)
GOBI - I (one) + BOG (marshland) reversed [up to north]
23 Alignment required to make washing-up place sound? (4)
SYNC - Sounds like "sink" (washing-up place)
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