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Times 26,525: Hymns and Hurts

A good crossword this week I thought, and a very fine exemplum of the "must be a pangram, ARGH IT'S NOT A PANGRAM" genre. Extremely economically clued, some definite bang for one's buck in the vocabulary stake, and a number of quirky moments to raise a smile: 23ac (my FOI), 20ac, 17dn and 18dn... 20ac is so simple and clever that I think it must be my COD. 21dn my LOI and a biff, I learned something new there.

I'm tired and shagged out from a long TLS (1140 by Talos: once again highly recommended by me, and of a similar or slightly lower difficulty level to this puzzle, so you've no excuse for avoiding it unless you really hate books) that so I'm not going to tarry long for a change. But thanks to the excellent setter! I will just say in parting that I almost came a cropper at 25ac, on the grounds that AZUL seemed plausibly blue and a Zulu is *almost certainly* some kind of bike... but fortunately another possibility occurred before the fatal submit button could be pressed. How did the rest of you fare today?


1 Vehicle reversing with weight of gems is a chancy enterprise (8)
BACCARAT - CAB [vehicle] reversing with CARAT [weight of gems]

9 Coarse stuff witch squeezed into powder (8)
ROUGHAGE - HAG [witch] squeezed into ROUGE [powder]

10 Not that good a place of entertainment (4)
FAIR - double definition

11 Fond creature struggling in race (4,2,6)

13 Ad-lib regularly about keeping pet (6)
GERBIL - hidden reverse in {ad-}LIB REG{ularly}

14 Close up part of church on Hebridean island (8)
COLLAPSE - APSE [part of church] on COLL [Hebridean island]

15 Stationary traffic at main road around island (7)
JAMAICA - JAM [stationary traffic] at A1 [main road] + CA [around]

16 Short rope network, a way to catch one (7)
LANIARD - LAN A RD [network | a | way] "to catch" I [one]

20 The London Eye? (5,3)
MINCE PIE - cryptic definition; "mince pie" being Cockney rhyming slang for an eye

22 Losing energy, predator is in waterway (6)
TIGRIS - TIG{E}R ["losing energy", predator] + IS

23 One trying to hear what deciduous tree is misses the start (12)
EAVESDROPPER - A deciduous tree being a LEAVES-DROPPER, remove the first letter.

25 Finish off a sort of bike in pale blue (4)
AQUA - A QUAD being a sort of bike, take away the last letter

26 Keeping son away from jail, taking advantage of revolution (8)
UPRISING - PRI{son} ["son away from" jail] kept by USING [taking advantage of]

27 Endures travelling, and departs for Split (8)
SUNDERED - (ENDURES*) + D [departs]


2 Hate a man becoming this? (8)
ANATHEMA - (HATE A MAN*), semi-&lit

3 No restrictions here as church is set in converted tabernacle (5,7)
CARTE BLANCHE - CH [church] set in (TABERNACLE*)

4 Bar shut by priest in Catholic Venice once, say (8)
REPUBLIC - PUB [bar] "shut by" ELI [priest] in R.C. [Catholic]

5 Defame jazz function in speech (7)
TRADUCE - TRAD [jazz] + homophone of USE [function "in speech"]

6 Coarse fabric no use with felt in the middle (6)
DUFFEL - DUFF [no use] + {f}EL{t}

7 Hand on tradition, ultimately giving pledge (4)
PAWN - PAW [hand] on {traditio}N

8 So-called priest has to tear round all the time (8)
REVEREND - REND [to tear] round EVER [all the time]

12 Hymn sensational cricketer (7,5)
AMAZING GRACE - AMAZING [sensational] + GRACE [cricketer W.G.]

15 Started from chair, appearing arrogant (6,2)
JUMPED UP - double def

17 Presumably favouring genuine short hymn (8)
ANTIPHON - ANTI PHONY would be "presumably favouring genuine"; dock the last letter

18 Don’t agree, being around at home, to make another brew? (8)
REINFUSE - REFUSE [don't agree], being around IN [at home]

19 Take ages, having small fits (7)
BELONGS - BE LONG [take ages], having S [small]

21 Language of particular concern heard (6)
PIDGIN - homophone of PIGEON, which I did not previously know means: "a person's particular responsibility or business"

24 Manage to avoid missing a green (4)
VERT - {a}VERT [manage to avoid "missing a"]
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