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Times 26521 - A crocodile in the grass - hear it?

Solving time: 53 minutes

Music: Mahler, Symphony #7, Kubelik/BRSO

I solved most of this in 20 minutes, but there were a couple of obscure words that had me guessing for a while. In the end, there is no choice but to go with the cryptic, and hope you've got it right. Unlike a Mephisto, you can't get your answers confirmed by the crossing letters, and you may very well have put in a momble.

The cryptics were actually quite simple if you had the faith to believe them. Can 'pot' be clued by 'pot'? Does 'two ducks' really mean 'oo'? Does 'may bend back' indicate a palindrome? Yes to all! If Mark Thakkar was still around, this would be just his sort of puzzle - "If that must be the answer, then that's what it is!" The only trouble is, that sometimes it isn't, but after all, this is Monday.

And away we go....

1ENIGMA, A M(G)INE backwards, my FOI.
5PRACTISE, PR(ACT)ISE, where the literal is a little indirect. Think of running some sort of small business, or something along those lines.
9CROTCHET, CROTCHET[y], a note I am always forgetting.
11MARRAM, a grass that is a palindrome, for which most solvers will need all the crossers.
12RUSTLING, RUST + LING, our favorite fish.
14CANNON FODDER, sounds like CANON + F + ODDER.
17FRUIT MACHINE, anagram of MANIC THIEF around R.U., the most common two-letter game.
20FLAGELLA, F(LAG)ELLA, often found in biology class.
22KIPPER, double definition.
23SPONGE, another double definition.
25PORTLAND, PORT + LAND, as in landing a fish.
27DUNDEE, DUN + DEE. I thought the river came first, and was the Don - not so.
2NORWAY, NO(R) WAY. It certainly doesn't.
3GET CRACKING, GET + CRACKING in different senses, a very fine clue.
4AD HOMINEM, anagram of HIM + DAEMON.
5POTOROO, POT + OR + O + O - so simple it's hard!
6AMISS, 'A MISS' is as good as a mile, proverbially.
7TUP, PUT upside-down.
8SALINGER, S.A. + LINGER, a simple but brilliant clue.
13LED ZEPPELIN, LED + ZEPPELIN in different senses. I nearly put in 'airplane' as the second element, thinking it might be 'the Airplane', but thought better of it.
16PROLAPSE, PRO(LAP)SE, more non-quotidian vocabulary
18COALPIT, anagram of TOPICAL.
19SEANCE, cryptic definition, a pretty easy one.
21LEECH, C EEL upside down + H. I never remember to try 'eel' when looking for three-letter fish.
24NOD, DON upside-down.
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