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Times 26493 - Hamish, ye'll have had yer tea?

A late start this morning, owing to staying up in the wee small hours watching the farce and triumphs of the Olympic cycling. Some velo-chaps after a good liquid lunch must have sat down and decided 'just whizzing round a wooden track is boring, let's invent some bizarre formats to make more interesting events' and come up with the Omnium and the Kierin. But it was dramatic and the right people won.
I digress. Once the derny bike had trundled off, I rode through this in 14 minutes without a fall, with 20d my LOI (because of its vague definition and many possibilities) and 3a needing a post solve look-up to check I hadn't ascribed a dance form to a Scottish valley.

1 GAWP - A W = At Wrecks originally, inside G P: D stare stupidly.
3 STRATHSPEY - ARTS = cultural pursuits, reversed = STRA, THEY has SP for Spanish inserted; D dance. I hadn't heard of it, but my local friend Alan (often addressed as Hamish in honour of ISIHAC) organises Scottish Country Dancing weekly (when the temperature is below 30 degrees) and a surprising number of ex-pats and French turn up be-kilted and do their thing. I then went to YouTube and watched a bit, and ten seconds or so was enough.
10 ABDOMINAL - (O BALD MAN I)*, the I = one, D like stomachache, maybe.
11 THICK - Double def.
12 MAN-YEAR - MANY = large number, EAR = attention; D work period.
13 WEEVIL - WEE = tiny, VIL(E) = disgusting, tailless; D creepy-crawly.
15 RICHARD THE THIRD - Insert (THREAD)* into RICH THIRD; D play. Not involving any rhyming slang, this time.
18 ACT OF SETTLEMENT - Double def, one about paying your bill, one referring to the 1701 Act, which led to George I arriving from Hanover to fill the vacancy.
21 PLANET - Insert E (first of elements) into PLANT (factory); D Mercury, perhaps.
23 NON-USER - NON-U = socially unacceptable, RE S = about son, returned = S ER; D one doesn't employ.
26 SUSHI - US in SH, then I; D Asian dish.
27 WORDSMITH - WORDS(WORTH) = half poet, MIT H = with German, husband; D skilled verbalist.
28 UNDERLYING - Insert Y (pay finally) into UNDERLING (subordinate); D basic.
29 ATOP - A to P is sixteen letters of the alphabet, D heading.

1 GRAMMARIAN - GRAN is your elderly relative, insert M MARIA for married girl; D Fowler, possibly, the chap who wrote instructions about English Usage.
2 WIDEN - W 1 post code for Mayfair, DEN for study; D increase one dimension of.
4 TONBRIDGE - TON for heavyweight, BRIDE for woman with maids, insert key of G; D area (town) in Kent, adjacent to Royal Tunbridge Wells.
5 ALLOW - ALL for everyone, OW ! for hurt, D sanction.
6 HUTMENT - Insert alternate letters of T e M p E r into HUNT; D camp. A bit of a clunky word, but defined as 'an encampment of huts' so no argument.
7 PRIMITIVE - Insert IT IV (Italian, quartet) into PRIME; D simple.
8 YOKE - OK = agreement, inside YE = the old, D couple.
9 AMOEBA - A, MO short time, EBA = ABE Lincoln, reversed; D possible parasite.
14 EDITORSHIP - ED'S HIP would be man's trendy, insert ROTI (bread) up; D press chief's office. Or biff it.
16 CATALYSED - (SECT A LADY)*, D accelerated reaction. Chemistry lesson; a catalyst is an agent which speeds up a reaction but is itself unchanged after the process. Like platinum in your exhaust system.
17 HIT-AND-RUN - Double def, too easy to need further explanation.
19 FANCIER - A financier is your banker, drop his IN (not at home) D one with an eye for the birds? As in pigeon fancier.
20 ERNEST - ERNE is the high flyer, poetic name for eagle, ST is abbreviation for 24d when you have it solved; D male. Not a great clue, a definition such as 'wise man' might have been less vague.
22 TAWNY - TAW is a marble, NY is the city; D yellowy-brown.
24 SAINT - SAT = rested, outside IN = home, D virtuous type.
25 ESAU - Initial letters of Examining Students At University; D hairy man.
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