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Times 26488 - an American, a Frenchman and an ogre walk into a bar...

Solving time : 17:33. I found this one difficult, and there was one complete guess from wordplay that I was relieved to find was correct - congratulations to those of you who know the town and wrote it straight in. There are very few straightforward clues here, but I think all the wordplay is solid (as I write this, I realize I may not have parsed all of 13 across).

A few Mephisto-like words have crept into today's grid as well as some old and new phrases.

Away we go...

1GUJARAT: GUT(corporation) around JAR(conflict),A(area). Fortunately this was close to my mind as when I watch the satellite cricket feed there are incesant ads for an arranged marriage service called Gujarat Harmony.
5MAJESTY: MY(lord) surrounding A,JEST(kid)
9SONIC BOOM: S(point) ON, ICBM(missile) containing O,O(rings)
10CORFU: anagram(resort) of FOR,U(s),C(lubbers). At risk of opening up Pandora's can of worms, I'll call this an all-in-one
11OMBRE: hidden reversed in supERB MOve
13NOT ON YOUR LIFE: NOT ON(off), and YOUR LIFE(the reader's biography) - I think "setting" in the clue means to place the two parts next to one another
17HISTORY IS BUNK: Quote from Henry Ford. STORY(lie), by I'S, BUNK(bed) after HI
21TRAFALGAR: RAG, LT containing A,FAR - all reversed
24TROLL: ROLL(rumble) following T - definition is "potential instigator of post war". We used to have one on here, posted as The General back in the day
25HATES: AT in HES(a stag party would only have HE'S)
27WORKSOP: WORKS(factory) then PO reversed(moving to west) - I had to guess this town from wordplay. Tripadvisor recommends going to Clumber park
28TANTRUM: definition is "Paddy" - TAN(brown) then TRUMPS(specially picked suit) missing PS
1GASCON: (singin)G, AS with CON
2JUNK BONDS: BOND(secret agent) in JUNKS
3RICHEST: IR reversed, then CHEST
4TWO A PENNY: anagram of A,PONY,WENT. At one point the cost of hot cross buns
6JACK TAR: JACK(raise),TAR(pitch)
7SERAI: SE, R, A1 - I only knew this from the longer form of CARAVANSERAI which has appeared a few times in barred puzzles
8YOUNG MEN: anagram of MONEY with GUN
14OBSERVANT: OB(obiter), SERVANT - Apologies for the rush job last night where I had this as OBSERVER
15INKHOLDER: definition is "writer's well" - IN and OLDER, containing K(urdis)H
16CHAT SHOW: C(about), HATS(top gear), HOW(the way)
18ONASSIS: Aristotle - IS ON ASS(doing donkey derby) with the IS at the end
19UP-TRAIN: anagram of PURITAN
20PLENUM: this clue took me ages but at the end I liked it - Professor PLUM from Cluedo/Clue holding EN
22ASTOR: there's generations of them - ROT, SA(sex appeal,it) allreversed
23GET UP: double definition to finish
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