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Times 26481 - Saucepangram

Feeling sluggish this morning, probably from too much sun yesterday golfing in mid 30's heat, I was not optimistic, putting it off until after my first coffee instead of the solve-with-tea-in-bed routine. However, the little grey cells seemed to be tickety-boo and I had it done and nearly dusted in 18 minutes. There's one I'm not 100% happy with (25a). I especially liked 20a, and 1d may not be familiar outside of Blighty. And yes, it's a pangram, the first I can remember on my watch.

1 STAR WARS - STARTS = kicks off, replace ('for') T (time) with WAR (conflict); D film.
5 ST PAUL - ST = stumped, in cricket, PAL = China, insert U; D old letter-writer.
10 UNQUESTIONINGLY - Insert QUEST (goal) into UNION (marriage), then (LYING)*; D without doubt.
11 TWITTER - W(eight) inside TITTER = giggle; D a lot of birds do it.
12 HEIRESS - EIRE = country, inside HS'S = High School's: D a girl who's succeeded.
13 ET CETERA - ET = alien, CETE = whale, RA = Royal Artillery; D and other things.
15 NOSED - NOSEDIVE = plunge, abandon the IVE, D went in slowly.
18 ALLOT - BALLOT = vote, exclude leader = delete B: D share.
20 OXYMORON - OX = steer, Y = variable, MORON = idiot; D contradiction. Or a dumbo who somehow got into Oxford, I knew a few.
23 CANDIDA - CANDID = open, A = front of attic; D fungus, nasty little organism which can cause thrush in thrushy places.
25 HIGH TEA - D meal. I can only think this supposed to be a homophone for HAITI but I've always thought it was pronounced HAY-TEE. And only very posh people would call the meal HEIGH TEA, which they wouldn't be eating anyway. Comments please.
26 PUNCTUATION MARK - (UP MOUNTAIN TRACK)*, D maybe stop. Great surface, concise.
27 NEARBY - Two old chestnuts in this: BRA again for support, reversed inside Marshal NEY a crony of Napoleon; D not far.
28 STRATEGY - Insert R into STATE, then GY = extremely ghastly; D plan. Topical stuff!

1 SHUFTI - Insert F for fine into SHUT, then I for island; D gander, peek, look. Apparently an Arab word brought back from the ME by British soldiers, so it may not be familiar to our overseas cousins.
2 ACQUITTAL - QUIT and T (leave, convict finally) inserted into A, CAL (state); D release.
3 WREATHE - W (with), RE (about) A, THE (two articles); D crown.
4 ROTOR - R (runs) O (over) TOR (hill): D spinner.
6 TUITION - INTUITION = hunch, shed the IN; D instruction.
7 ANGLE - Double def.
8 LAY ASIDE - LAY = bet, A, SIDE = team; D reserve.
9 TOP-HEAVY - TOP = leading, HEAVY = villain, D likely to fall.
14 ENOLA GAY - ALONE = unescorted, heading north = reversed = ENOLA, GAY = not straight; D noted B29, named after the pilot's mother, noted for dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Sorry for dyslexic typo earlier.
16 SHORT WAVE - (WORTH)* inside SAVE = rescue; D radio?
17 SAUCEPAN - S, AU = gold, (PECAN)*, anagrind 'nuts', D in which to boil, or &lit. perhaps, if you wanted to boil pecan nuts.
19 TWIN-TUB - WIN = scoop, inside BUTT = drum reversed; D this, &lit., an old fashioned design of washing machine.
21 ORGANZA - OR = men, GAZA is your strip, insert N = new; D material.
22 CAR-KEY - D driver needs this; sounds (a bit) like KHAKI, which is a bit like brown.
24 NINJA - D local (Japanese) warrior, hidden in WOME(N IN JA)PAN.
25 HOIST - IS inserted into HOT = really attractive; D Jack.
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