Pip Kirby (pipkirby) wrote in times_xwd_times,
Pip Kirby

Times 26463 - what's not to like?

I found this a straightforward test with no ridiculously easy or obscure clues, plenty of fine wordplay and some humour. It took me 12 or 13 minutes and a few more to make sure I had understood the parsing, notably of 5a and 17d which most will biff. If you can pronounce the answer to 13 properly, the French place, have yourself an extra biscuit, I did.

1 DOMINATE - DO = make, then MATE = assistant, insert IN; D control.
5 STEP UP - Manipulated figures are PUPPETS, 'heartlessly' loses a P, reverse; D increase.
9 RAM - Double def.
10 MAKE-BELIEVE - Force to accept = make believe; D fantasy.
12 LANTERN JAW - LANTERN = light, JAW = chatter; D long feature.
13 LENS - Double def. Ask a gendarme the way to 'Lens' rhyming with pens and you'll never get there.
15 BOILER - Double def.
16 TWEETER - A tweeter is the speaker which deals with your high frequency sounds; I am not on Twitter but I believe a tweet is limited to a fairly small number of characters. Hence short bursts.
18 INCISES - IN sounds like INN = pub, CISES sounds like SIZES = measures; D cuts.
20 FLORAL - FOR ALL would be available to everyone, move an L forward; D such a bouquet.
23 GURN - Insert end of triggeR into GUN; D make a face.
24 UNSUITABLE - UN-SUIT-ABLE could be impossible to dress for business, perhaps; D not fit.
26 NEW YEARS DAY - An anagram (NEW) of READY SAY give you YEARS DAY, D when bank is closed.
27 ONE - (G)ONE; D I.
28 LAY OFF - LAY = found, as in foundation stone, OFF = unsatisfactory; D hedge.
29 ANGELENO - ANGEL = investor, ENO = English National Opera, D City man, resident of LA.

1 DIRELY - DI = inspector, RELY = bank; D dreadfully.
2 MEMENTO - Insert ME into MENTO(R) = wise guide almost; D reminder.
3 NUMBERLESS - If you had no anaesthetic you'd be number - less; D so very many.
6 TILT - D heel over; when you're going full tilt you're going fast.
7 PRESENT - PRE-SENT = posted earlier; D showing up.
8 PLEASURE - D fun; at HM pleasure indicates a jail term of unknown duration.
11 BEAST OF BURDEN - (STUBBORN DEAF E)*; D donkey, say.
14 /LEMON THYME - LYME is the tick-borne disease; insert E (end of acute) and MONTH = period; D herb.
17 DIAGONAL - DIANA is the goddess, insert GO for green, add L for length; D it crosses the square.
19 CARAWAY - D seed; put the CAR AWAY in the garage.
21 AMBROSE - Insert MB = doctor, into AROSE = came up; D saint.
22 VENETO - N and E are opposing players at bridge, insert them into VETO = right to forbid; D part of Italy.
25 SERF - D one's bound; hidden reversed in RE(FRES)HMENT.
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