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Times Cryptic 26450

I wasn't giving this my full attention whilst solving (I was listening to referendum fall-out) so although I filled in about two-thirds of it fairly quickly, say within 25 minutes,  I then got stuck and made very slow progress, and needed another hour on and off to complete the job. 2dn and 22ac gave me the most trouble but other than those I can't recall what the problems were. Off we go...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [indicators in square ones]

1 In Italy you study that country's dialect (6)
TUSCAN - TU (in Italy, you), SCAN (study)
4 One scornful of various presidents disregarding religious text (8)
DESPISER - Anagram [various] of PRESIDE{nt}S [disregarding religious text - NT - New Testament]
10 Attack American woman's detailed theory (9)
BROADSIDE - BROAD'S (American woman's), IDE{a} (theory) [de-tailed]
11 Brief alarm, perhaps, after setback (5)
REMIT - TIMER (alarm, perhaps) reversed [after setback]
12 Stout fellow needing no introduction (3)
ALE - {m}ALE (fellow) [needing no introduction] or could be {d}ALE if you prefer. According to some sources ale does not include stout (or lager or porter) but I dare say the definition may be looser in some circles.
13 Footballer conserves energy after initial portion of this fruit (5,6)
SWEET PEPPER - SWEEPER (footballer) contains [conserves] T{his} [initial portion] + PEP (energy). I'm not sure whether this is a fruit in the same sense as apples and oranges as I'd tend to think of it as a vegetable,  but in any case it's the fruit of the plant that bears it.
14 City wasn't prepared for revolution (6)
WARSAW - WAS RAW (wasn't prepared) reversed [for revolution)
16 Hand over tax: a tiny bit charged (7)
OVATION - O (over), VAT (tax), ION (a tiny bit, charged)
19 A sober type isn't subject to loss of rights (7)
ATTAINT - A, TT (sober type - teetotaller), AIN'T (isn't). I constructed this from wordplay and checkers and remembered it (just) from when it came up last September.
20 Coal, left out, is set alight (6)
IGNITE - {l}IGNITE (coal) [left out]
22 Trendy schools investing capital in Greek courses? (11)
HIPPODROMES - HIP (trendy), PODS (schools) containing [investing] ROME (capital). Courses for chariot and horse races.
25 Character from the thirties (3)
ETH - Hidden in [from] {th}E TH{irties}. A letter from Old English. The Eth that I remember was a character from the fifties played by the incomparable June Whitfield, still going at 90!
26 Expressive subject rejected in school (5)
TRAIN - ART (expressive subject) reversed [rejected], IN
27 Shoe in Spooner's jewellery bag? (9)
SLINGBACK - As Spooner might say "bling" (jewellery) "sack" (bag)
28 Calls about an area in Spanish community (8)
CANARIES - CRIES (calls) contains [about] AN + A (area)
29 Queen once draped in British flag (6)
BANNER - ANNE (queen once) contained by [draped in] BR (British)
1 Fellow against prejudice (6)
TOBIAS - TO (against), BIAS (prejudice)
2 Between streets one gets about a few feet? (9)
STONECAST -  ONE + C (about) + A contained by [between] ST and  ST (streets). I didn't know this word but apparently it means the same as "stone's throw", hence "few feet" as the definition. Some may have a slightly different parsing with  CA (about) which then leaves "a" in the clue as part of the definition. I had that at first but then thought better of it, not that it really matters much.
3 Mountain range with exceptionally scenic peaks (5)
ANDES - AND (with), E{xceptionally} + S{cenic} [peaks]
5 Sent cellmate ironic message (10,4)
6 Awfully nice pal, or “china” (9)
PORCELAIN - Anagram [awfully] of NICE PAL OR
7 Concisely describe problem at university (3,2)
SUM UP - SUM (problem), UP (at university)
8 Lacking confidence, / heading for the bedroom? (8)
RETIRING - Two definitions, the second vaguely cryptic
9 Weird historic novel, English literary work (5,4,5)
CIDER WITH ROSIE - Anagram [novel] of WEIRD HISTORIC, E (English)
15 Boatman sporting black eye when punched by prisoner (9)
SHIPOWNER - SHINER (black eye) contains [punched by] POW (prisoner - of war). Leaving aside the not inconsiderable matter of terminology re boats and ships, I can't find any definition of a boatman necessarily being the owner of a boat.
17 Where to see ships, mostly (2,3,4)
IN THE MAIN - Two definitions, the first vaguely cryptic
18 Sad film about a crime in which female is eliminated (8)
PATHETIC - PIC (film) contains [about] A + THE{f}T (crime) [female is eliminated]
21 Band in Brassed Off losing heart (6)
CHOKER - CHO{c}KER (brassed off) [losing heart].
23 Seafood starters in posh restaurants aren't wholly nourishing (5)
PRAWN - First letters of [starters in] P{osh} R{estaurants} A{ren't} W{holly} N{ourishing}
24 What sounds like a fag, postgraduate producing letter in Greek (5)
SIGMA - Sounds like "cig" (fag - cigarette), MA (postgraduate)
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