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Times Cryptic 26444

I needed 36 minutes for this fairly straightforward offering that will probably produce some record times on the leader board. Here we go...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [indicators in square ones]

1 See island store with 80% baked clay as exterior (9)
BISHOPRIC - I (island) + SHOP (store) is contained by [with...as exterior] BRIC{k} (baked clay) [80%]
6 Small county that may be big in finance? (5)
BUCKS - Two definitions. The abbreviated [small] County of Buckinghamshire, and a reference to "big bucks" in financial circles.
9 Maintain independence : advance oneself autodidactically! (2,4,3,6)
BE ONES OWN MASTER - Also two definitions, to be one's own boss, for example, and to teach oneself.
10 Quiet girl taking in a film (6)
PATINA - P (quiet), A, TINA (girl)
11 Hold back son going in to take further instruction (8)
RESTRAIN - S (son) going in RETRAIN (take further instructions)
13 Through which we may view new cubs with no lair? (10)
BINOCULARS - Anagram [new] of CUBS NO LAIR. &lit
14 Eg Rosemary’s part of Wetherby (4)
HERB - Hidden in [part of] {Wet}HERB{y}
16 Mother’s ruin brought about by husband close at hand (4)
NIGH - GIN (mother's ruin) reversed [brought about], H (husband). Gin for mother's ruin has come up before.
17 Blow about plot initially concerning recently killed fowl, once (10)
SPATCHCOCK - SOCK (blow) contains [about] PATCH (plot) + C{oncerning] [initially]. I didn't know this definition but Chambers has it originally as a fowl dressed and cooked immediately after being killed. These days it's more commonly a culinary term for a bird that's split open and grilled.
19 Hawking scam on river and railway (8)
FALCONRY - FAL (river - in Cornwall), CON (scam), RY (railway)
20 Rifleman given piece of cake by Queen? (6)
SNIPER - SNIP (piece of cake, in the sense of something that's easy), ER (Queen)
23 What better hopes for reforming those in authority? (3,6,4,2)
24 French marshal backed by party’s senior member (5)
DOYEN - DO (party), NEY (French marshal) reversed [backed]
25 Frivolously time a single woman in motoring event (9)
TRIVIALLY - T (time), then I (a single) + VI (woman) in RALLY (motoring event)
1 Live broadcast’s opening work, an example of jazz (5)
BEBOP - BE (live), B{roadcast's} [opening], OP (work)
2 Where some aim to film in grand building like the Prado? (8-7)
SHOOTING-GALLERY - SHOOT (film), IN, G (grand), GALLERY (building like the Prado - art gallery in Madrid)
3 Excessively particular old king visiting Antonio’s place (4-4)
OVER-NICE - O (old), R (king) inside [visiting]  VENICE (Antonio's place - title character in The Merchant of Venice)
4 Swindle money out of / man on board? (4)
ROOK - Two definitions
5 Give blessing to studies connected with City tariff (10)
CONSECRATE - CONS (studies), EC (city - postcode East Central, the financial district of London), RATE (tariff)
6 Attend end of party university held for glamour girl (6)
BEAUTY - BE AT (attend) contains [held] U (university), {part}Y [end]
7 Injured at coast, I got help — here, possibly? (7,8)
COTTAGE HOSPITAL - Anagram [injured] of AT COAST I GOT HELP. &lit.
8 Bound volume omitting origin of oldest type of gazelle (9)
SPRINGBOK - SPRING (bound),  BO{o}K (volume) [omitting origin of Oldest]
12 Tense female in form after place at university (10)
PLUPERFECT - PL (place), UP (at university), then F (female) in ERECT (form)
13 Boy, English, adapted, we hear, and did well out of it (9)
BENEFITED - BEN (boy), E (English), sounds like [we hear] "fitted" (adapted)
15 Hover in quiet road in Oriental city (8)
SHANGHAI - HANG (hover)  in SH (quiet), A1 (road)
18 Politician without Bill’s companion’s protective covering (6)
COCOON - CON (politician) contains [without] COO (bill's companion, as in bill and coo). Coming so soon after 3dn I had Ben on my mind as Bill's possible companion. Flobbalob!
21 Like Bunter losing head, becoming weak and thin? (5)
REEDY - {g}REEDY (like Bunter) [losing head]. More childhood thoughts for this one with happy memories of Billy Bunter, the  Fat Owl of the Remove. Beasts!
22 Appeal over upset wine, a white one (4)
ASTI - SA (appeal) reversed [over], IT (wine - Italian vermouth) reversed [upset]. The definition "a white one" refers back to "wine". I hope I have parsed this one correctly as it's a bit confusing. I tried to make one indicator cover both reversals but couldn't make sense of it that way.
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