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Times 26439 - no, The Donald isn't there yet!

I enjoyed this one, although I suspect Jimbo would call it 'vanilla'; certainly it's MOR for difficulty but I did learn a new French word (for 12a) and was prompted to look up a couple of obscure origins of things (3a and 15a) to retain for next time. 20 minutes saw it done. See 13a for the relevance of the headline.

1 MOPE - O, P initial letters of 'on people', inside ME; D look down, as in down in the dumps.
3 DUTCH UNCLE - DUTCH for wife, UNCLE(AR) = not convinced dismissing A R, D critic. I knew this phrase but not its origin; as often, there seem to be two possible etymologies, one related to the England v. Netherlands wars in the 17C, one based on the idea that the Dutch 'talk straight'. Certainly my friend Maria who is Dutch, says what she thinks and never wastes words.
10 DINING-CAR - I thought this was going to involve the people who hereabouts are called Romani, but it's a straightforward cryptic definition (if that's not an oxymoron).
11 SATIE - SATIRE for scornful comments loses its R, D composer, Eric, one of my favs.
12 LUTHIER - Martin LUTHER has I inserted; a luthier is a chap who makes or mends instruments with a sound box; from the French for lute, luth.
13 TRAUMA - I saw T _ _ _ M _ and thought, which President are we messing with? Surely The Donald hasn't yet been accorded Presidential status by The Times? But it is not he, it's a real Democrat, Harry S. TRUMAN; remove the final N and insert A. D shocking event.
15 BINOMIAL THEOREM - Anagram of HOLME RE AMBITION; HOLME being Holmes mostly; apparently the fictional Moriarty wrote a treatise on this theorem. I did the anagram before making the link.
18 OF NO CONSEQUENCE - Biffable, but explained thus; OF for old female, NO(C)ON for C inside twelve noon; SEQUENCE for series. D trivial.
21 ASPECT - P inside A SECT: D view. Seen before?
23 ASSUMES - OASES are watering holes, drop the initial O; insert SUM = everything; D expects. See 20d, which I did wrongly first.
26 GROOM - G for good, ROOM for hotel accommodation; D expectant honeymooner?
27 BADMINTON - BAD = poor, ON = playing, insert MINT = new; D game.
28 GREENHOUSE - Insert RE (about) into GEN (information), HOUSE for parliament; D climate change term.
29 FEEL - FEE for charge, L for left; D atmosphere. My LOI.

1 MIDDLEBROW - MIDDLE ROW is centre of stalls, insert B; D without elevated tastes.
2 PINOT - O in PINT; D grape variety. A regular appearer.
4 UNCERTAIN - Anagram of TUNA RICE N(OT); D dubious.
5 CARAT - A inside CART: D weight.
6 UPSTAGE - U for university, PAGE for servant, insert ST for stone; D away from the audience.
7 CATAMARAN - CAN is an amount of film; insert A TAMAR being that Cornish river (once again); D vessel.
8 EDEN - Hidden in DETERMIN(ED EN)DEAVOURS; D Utopian vision.
9 INFIRM - Cryptic def; IN FIRM = hired by company; D unfit.
14 IMPERSONAL - (MALE PRISON)*; D lacking the individual touch.
16 NINE-SCORE - NINES are squares, CO, RE = about; D highest return. I assume this refers to 'one hundred and eighty' in darts.
17 THEM AND US - THE DUS(T) = the debris, mostly, insert MAN; D opposing groups.
19 CREWMEN - CREWE is your Northern town, insert M(arina), add N the end of Whitehaven. D sailors.
20 UNSAID - I found this a bit strange. Initially I wrote in UNPAID, parsed as 'UN PAID' for funding from many countries, and UNPAID meaning not yet in my account. But 23a became impossible as A_P_M_S, and was clearly another answer, which left me amending here to UNSAID; meaning not yet in the account, story, but why the funding part? Is this a CU? EDIT as anon points out, it is UN's AID, which sort of works but not as well as UN PAID.
22 TABOO - TA ! for cheers, BOO for critical comment; D not acceptable.
24 METRE - MET by RE = encountered by soldiers; D what involves stress.
25 AGOG - AG = silver, insert GO the board game; D curious.
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