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Times Cryptic 26438

35 minutes for this fairly easy offering with nothing to frighten the horses although I can't recall meeting 1ac before or the required meaning at 4ac. I thought we were heading for a pangram but J and X are missing. Here we go...

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions are in curly brackets} and [indicators in square ones]

1 Fool to depart, going round to the back (6)
DAFTIE - DIE (depart) contains [going round] AFT (to the back - of a ship)
4 Came down hard on drugs, did judge (8)
ESTEEMED - ES (drugs - E's), TEEMED (came down hard - rain). I didn't know this meaning of esteemed and can't find an exact match in the dictionaries, but Collins has "esteem" as "judgement" and the setter's usage would appear to follow from that.
10 Is prisoner going to the monarch for resolution? (9)
WILLPOWER - WILL P.O.W. (is prisoner going to..?), ER (the monarch). Gawd bless Her Maj at 90!
11 Goods smothered in sauce getting very damp (5)
SOGGY - GG (goods) contained by [smothered in] SOY (sauce)
12 Send away dry fellow with piece of cake and chat (5,3,6)
SHOOT THE BREEZE - SHOO (send away), TT (dry - teetotal),  HE (fellow), BREEZE (piece of cake - a walk in the park)
14 Writing on different animals together produces tears (5)
ZOOMS - ZOO (different animals together), MS (writing - manuscript)
16 Spies Welshman on breaks in Scotland? No more (9)
CALEDONIA - ALED (Welshman) + ON contained by [breaks in] CIA (spies)
18 Plant South American’s in charge of managed the wrong way (9)
NARCISSUS - S (South) + US'S (American's) + IC (in charge) + RAN (managed) all reversed [the wrong way]. On edit: thanks to bletchleyreject for accounting for the 'S' I missed originally.
20 Do well to keep son very close (5)
BOSOM - BOOM (do well) contains [to keep] S (son), as in "bosom pal"
21 Potter character’s unusual quirks ruin Lent (8,6)
SQUIRREL NUTKIN - Anagram [unusual] of QUIRKS RUIN LENT. Beatrix rather than Harry thankfully as I don't know any characters in the latter.
25 Girl returned in the morning the day before (5)
MAEVE - AM (in the morning) reversed [returned], EVE (the day before)
26 Free school with a sad air about it (9)
DISCHARGE - SCH (school) + A with DIRGE (sad air) about it
27 Degenerate daughter on visit (2,2,4)
GO TO SEED - GO TO SEE (visit), D (daughter)
28 Is outrageous smartphone download too short? (6)
APPALS - APP (smartphone download), ALS{o} (too) [short]
1 After unhappy times, I go contracting (10)
DOWNSIZING - DOWNS (unhappy times), I, ZING (go - energy)
2 Extract from upturned manuscript (5)
FOLIO - OIL OF (extract from) reversed [upturned]
3 Energy reforms suit MEP (7)
IMPETUS - Anagram [reforms] of SUIT MEP
5 Quiet massage? See Jasmine for one! (5)
SHRUB - SH (quiet), RUB (massage)
6 European in role of nurse in soap scene (4,3)
EAST END - E (European), AS (in role of), TEND (nurse). Albert Square in the fictional London Borough of Walford to be precise.
7 Old woman looks to carry home items from waiting room? (9)
MAGAZINES - MA (old woman), GAZES (looks) contains [to carry] IN (home)
8 Time of confusion spoken of (4)
DAYS - Sounds like [spoken of] "daze" (confusion)
9 Such was King’s unusually modest expression (2-6)
AW-SHUCKS - Anagram [unusually] of SUCH WAS K (king). I associate this with American cartoon characters, Goofy and someone in Bugs Bunny perhaps?
13 Incivility of expert upset staffing agency perhaps (3,7)
BAD MANNERS - DAB (expert - as in a dab hand) reversed [upset],  MANNERS (staffing agency perhaps - geddit?)
15 When asked, I set about river expedition (2,7)
ON REQUEST - ONE (I) contains [set about] R (river), QUEST (expedition)
17 With little desire to make smaller catalogue? (8)
LISTLESS - LIST LESS (make smaller catalogue - geddit?)
19 Distance from here to Paris, then Cape (7)
ICINESS - ICI (here - French - Paris), NESS (cape). "Here in Paris" seems to be what's needed rather than "to".
20 Groom cheerful after kiss (5-2)
BRUSH-UP - BRUSH (kiss), UP (cheerful)
22 Band cross when missing out on Number One (5)
RIDGE - {b}RIDGE (cross) [missing out on Number One]. As in a ridge or band of high pressure on the weather forecast.
23 Curry, look, or marmalade sandwiches (5)
KORMA - Hidden [sandwiches] in {loo}K OR MA{rmalade}. I tried a little marmalade with curry once when I didn't have mango chutney to hand and it wasn't at all bad.
24 Finally empties kitty and fumes (4)
SMOG - {emptie}S [finally], MOG (kitty)
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