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Times Cryptic 26372

I finished this in only a minute under the hour but I really don’t know why it took so long, as when it came to blogging  I found it one of the most straightforward that I've ever written and there's  very little that needs adding to the basic parsing information. Having said that, I'll get straight on with it...

As usual {deletions} are in curly brackets and [indicators] in square ones. I have included definitions where I think they may be of assistance to recruits from the Quick Cryptic puzzle

P.S. The Quick Cryptic button is currently stuck on Monday's puzzle. If anyone's having trouble accessing it here's the link: http://feeds.thetimes.co.uk/puzzles/crossword/20160329/13911/

1 PAWN - Double definition, the second (pledge) with reference to borrowing money against the value of goods
3 PRECOCIOUS - PRECIOUS (expensive) encloses [clothes] CO (company). Definition: getting ahead
9 UNLACED - Two mildly cryptic definitions
11 ASUNDER - SA (it - sex appeal) reversed [returning], UNDER (towards the bottom)
12 PHOTOCELL - PHOTO (something a tourist might take), sounds like [we hear] "sell" (flog)
13 SPARE - S (small), PARE (cut)
14 SATISFACTORY - SATI{e} (composer, not English), FACTORY (works)
18 EXCHANGE RATE - EX (former), CHANGE (coppers), RATE (evaluate)
21 AXIOM - A, XI (team), OM (order - Order of Merit). Definition: (something) that's self-evident
22 CLINGFILM - Anagram [cracks] of MC FILLING
24 SOIGNEE Anagram [doctor] of SEEING 0 (nothing). Definition: well-groomed - the double E indicates the feminine
25 WITHOUT - WIT (intelligence) encloses [incarcerating] THOU (you). Definition: using no…
26 MEANDERING - MEANING (import) enclosing [brought in] DER (the, German)
27 DYED - DY{f}ED (historic county - female banned). The geography of Wales is not my strongest subject but suffice it to say there was an historic area of this name before the modern county was invented in 1974. Whether it was a kingdom or a county or just a region I'll leave to those who know of such things.

1 PLUMPEST - PLUM (orchard crop) + PEST (infestation in…)
2 WALKOUTS - WA{r} [brief], K (king) inside [captured by] LOUTS (thugs). Definition: strikes
4 RIDGE - {part} RIDGE (bird - part missing). Definition: crest
5 CHARLATAN - CHAR (domestic), NATAL (birth) reversed [repelled]. Definition: quack - a phoney, often associated with medicine but also more generally
6 CRUISERWEIGHT - CRUISER (pleasure boat), W (with), EIGHT (crew e.g. a rowing eight). Definition: on the heavy side - a light heavyweight boxer or wrestler, for example
7 ORDEAL - OR (gold), DEAL (trade)
8 SERVER - R (right) in SEVER (part). Definition: celebrant's aide - especially to a priest administering the Eucharist
10 CROSS-EXAMINED - Anagram [scruffy] of MEXICAN DOSSER
15 A THICK EAR - A straight definition and a cryptic one with reference to ears of corn, for example
16 PALIMONY - P (parking), A, LIMO (car), NY (state). Definition: settlement
17 HELMETED - HELD (kept) enclosing [crossing] METE (boundary). SOED has 'mete' as: limit, (material or abstract); a boundary stone or mark. Freq. (esp. Law) in metes and bounds. L15. All of which is news to me!
19 PASSIM - PA (secretary - Personal Assistant), MISS (skip) reversed [round] Definition: all over the place - usually referring to something mentioned in various places in the text of a document.
20 SILICA - {ba}SILICA (spacious church, all but top quarter)
23 IOWAN - Hidden [houses] in {tr}IO WAN{ting}
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