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Times 26,351: You And Whose Army?

I personally didn't find this particularly operose for a Friday, clocking out on a nice tidy 399 seconds. Quick FOIs 11ac and 19ac, and finally coming to a rest in the SW with 21n and the potentially catastrophic (to the speed merchant) 25ac. None of the vocab was too problematic, 2dn springing to mind immediately given a couple of crossers (though from goodness knows where) and the odd-looking 19n being easily spotted from the initial letter and the wordplay. Is it just me or has the horse at 8dn turned up again and again over the last couple of years, "like a bad pony" if you will? And I've also become hypersensitive to "it" being a well-concealed definition part, or at least an indicator for SA, as last week, so 9dn didn't confuse me as much as it might have when I was just starting out on this blog. Dearie me, I'm turning into a jaded old hand at these things...

20ac sent me off to Wikipedia for some happy research into "the eighth wonder of the ancient world" and shares COD honours for me with 18n, where I was quite tickled by the surface and enjoyed the use of "eyes" to clue "OO". Mmm, googly. Thanks to the setter! And now let us repair to the comments and the inevitable argument about whether anyone really pronounces 16dn like that!

1 ARTIFICIAL - affected: ART IF {off}ICIAL [contents of gallery | supposing | functionary's "kicked off"]
6 CROC - fierce beast: CROC{k} [one disabled "without its tail"]
10 LOTUS - a (yoga) position: double def with "the indolent took for eating", in e.g. Homer's Odyssey
11 RUINOUSLY - with disastrous consequences: (SO UNRULY I [one]*) ["misbehaves"]
12 RECONNAISSANCE - survey: RENAISSANCE [artistic period] covering up CON [deception]
14 ADAPTOR - AD [plug] "connecting to" A + (PORT*) ["different"], clever &lit. Thanks to those who set my woeful Latin-based parsing straight on this one in the comments!
15 TROOPED - went as a body: O in DEPORT reversed [to move abroad "receiving nothing" "in return"]
17 CONIFER - tree: "preserving" I [one] is CONFER [deliberate]
19 PURCELL - composer: PUR{e} CELL ["endlessly" clean | spartan accommodation]
20 TERRACOTTA ARMY - force long underground: initially this is T.A., which could be "confused with reserve" (i.e. the Territorial Army)
23 WORCESTER - city: ORC [killer] in WESTER{n} [film "avoiding northern"]
24 HINDI - tongue: HIND [deer] has I [one]
25 ROLE - part: homophone of ROLL ["speaker's" to wallow]
26 PROPER NAME - that should be spelled with a capital: and cryptically contracted with an "improper name" such as a pseudonym constitute

1 AULD - ancient Scottish: {c}AULD{ron's} "contents"
2 TITHE BARN - that held tax receipts: (BIT HE*) ["chucked"] into TARN [pool]
3 FISH OUT OF WATER - one in unfamiliar element: and if you rescued someone from drowning, you might fish them out of the water
4 CORONER - he sits on cases: COR [my!] + {powe}R ["ultimately"] to close ONE
5 ANIMIST - believer in spirits: reverse of IN A ["taken up"] + MIST [cloud of steam]
7 RESIN - polymer: (INSER{t}*) ["after temperature's dropped" .. "synthetic"]
8 CLYDESDALE - horse: (SADDLE*) ["messy"] put into C LYE [cold | washing solution]
9 HOW'S YOUR FATHER - it: and, on the surface at least, a question about pop/papa/dear old dad
13 WATCHTOWER - WATCH TO [one giving time| to] + W{a}R{n} ["at intervals"] about E{nemy} ["leading element of..."], &lit
16 PNEUMONIA - infection: homophone of NEW MOANIER ["sounding" more complaining (after) new]
18 ROOSTER - cock: R{obin's} ["head"] + O O [eyes] + STER{n} ["most of" back]
19 PITPROP - roof support: PIT PRO P [stone | for | power]
21 RURAL - country: and R. URAL, i.e. the River Ural, "is kept in its place by Russian (river)banks"
22 LINE - double def: policy / to cover on the inside
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