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Pip Kirby

Times 26337 - Archimedes was here, so was Aristophanes

For once I was seriously against the clock, needing to solve and blog this for y'all to fustigate, before collecting visitors for a day being touristy. Surprise and relief, therefore, when my timer was stopped at 17 minutes, with a couple more needed to decipher the intricacies behind one or two biffed answers. Nothing here to frighten the horses, as "Mrs Pat" (allegedly) said.

1 REPROBATE - RE (about), PAT (man or woman) about ROB (mug), E (rear of café); D villain.
6 BAKER - Lightweight cryptic D.
9 LIEGE - LIE about EG; D feudal lord.
10 CARD-SHARP - CARD (eccentric), SHARP (one on staff, as in music, flat or natural); D one manipulating clubs.
11 CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND - CLAN (family) around LOUD (brash), CUCKOO (crazy), D(uke); D fantasy world.
13 SHAMEFUL - SHAM (bogus), FUEL has E moved to the front; D scandalous.
14 TEMPLE - Lightweight DD.
16 RETORT - Another DD.
18 TWENTIES - WENT (travelled) inside TIES (formal wear); D ten years.
21 POLYUNSATURATED - D like some fat; biffed then assembled from POLY (college), (AUNTS)*, U-RATED (for all to see, as in a movie).
23 INDECORUM - IN DEC = around Christmas, O = one's initial, RUM = drink; D impropriety.
25 AGENT - AGE = mature, N = northern, T = third letter of acTor; D rep.
26 GOOEY - GO = try, O, E, Y last letters of TO INVITE INTIMACY and GOOEY means mawkish. Thanks to sawbill for clarifying.
27 WORCESTER - CROW (gloat) reversed, ESTHER loses her H; D city. Several to choose from, in England, USA, South Africa and so on.

1 RELIC - Hidden word in GRASME(RE LIC)ENSEE; D surviving artifact. My FOI.
2 PTERODACTYL - (A PRETTY COLD)*; D old flying reptile. When the kids were young we had a silly board game called 'Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs' which was enlivened by a player shouting 'pterodactyl swoops!' - what larks.
3 OVERDUE - O (love), DUE (directly), insert REV reversed; D late.
4 ARCTURUS - (CART)*, US around RU; D star. I know my stars, antelopes and birds. Otherwise Alpha Boötis, the brightest star in the Northern hemisphere sky.
5 EUREKA - RUE (regret) reversed, over anagram of answer to 7d. What Archimedes is alleged to have exclaimed while in his over-full bath.
6 BESPOKE - BE (half of beer), SPOKE (bar); D made to order.
7 KEA - KEATS is your poet, ignore the TS as in Eliot; D parrot. I know my birds. It's a large burrowing parrot found in New Zealand.
8 RAPIDNESS - P inside RAID, the NESS for head; D speed. I'd have thought the better noun was RAPIDITY but I see this is also in use.
12 APPOINTMENT - A, PP (very soft), OINTMENT (embrocation); D post.
13 STRIPLING - TRIP (outing) inside SLING (member's support); D youngster
15 TWO-TIMER - TO, TIME (date), R (another finally), insert W; D one's disloyal.
17 RAUNCHY - RAY (bloke) insert (L)UNCH); D lewd.
19 NARRATE - ARRAN (island) reversed, T(AL)E; D tell.
20 ESCROW - ESC (key on keyboard), ROW (argument); D conditional execution of deed.
22 DETER - DEER are browsers, insert T(ime); D discourage.
24 DUO - DO (fleece) around U: D couple.
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