Pip Kirby (pipkirby) wrote in times_xwd_times,
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Times 26319

Easier and hopefully less controversial than the usual Wednesday jobbie, I thought. It took me half an hour while watching the tennis over tea and toast. It could have been faster if I wasn't multi-tasking. Had to check 2d afterwards as it was an unknown definition. Oh, and there's a couple of cricket clues, de rigeur.

1 DEMOTIC - DEMO = protest, TIC sounds like TICK = approval; D popular.
5 WIRETAP - All reversed (retiring): PATER, I, W = old man, one, with; D bug.
9 PERSIMMON - Insert I MM into PERSON = individual; D fruit.
10 COROT - (S)CO(T) inside ROT: D he painted. He was good, too.
11 CLIVE - C = constant, EVIL = bad, back = reversed = LIVE; D fellow.
12 LACED INTO - (CITADEL ON)*, anagrist 'rocks'; D attacked.
14 HEADMISTRESSES - HE STRESSES, insert ADMI(N) = endless paperwork; D teachers.
17 THE GREAT GATSBY - Insert EG (say) into THREAT (danger), then GATS (guns) BY (reserve, as in 'put by' presumably); D novel.
21 CHARACTER - Odd sort of clue, this; I think it's a DD, one &lit, one literal.
23 MURAL - MUL(L) = partly think, about RA: D painting.
24 IMPEL - LE = empty limousine, P = parking, MI= motorway, all reversed (turning); D drive.
25 BACKBITER - (BRICKBAT E)* anagrind 'nasty'; D spiteful person.
26 ROEDEAN - ROE sounds like ROW = line, DEAN = administrator; D independent school. Up school, Up school, Up school!
27 LEEWARD - (LEADER W)*, anagrist 'debauched'; D islands, in the Caribbean.

1 DEPICT - Insert EPIC into D(ORSE)T; D show.
2 MARLINE - MARLIN = large fish, E end of 'the', D rope. Apparently a light rope made of two strands, used for binding larger ropes. If you knew that, have an extra cup of coffee.
3 TAIL-ENDER - Insert AIL = trouble into TENDER = small boat; D last man. Today's first cricketing clue.
4 COMPLAISANT - COMPLAINANT is your plaintiff, change the N for S: D willing to please.
5 WON - W = wicket, ON = cricket side: D secured victory. Cricket again.
6 RACED - AC inserted in RED: D dashed.
7 TYRANTS - TY sounds like THAI, RANTS = tirades; D cruel people.
8 POT-HOUSE - THOU = you, inside POSE = sit; D old pub.
13 CATEGORICAL - CATEGOR(Y) = class, with last letter to leave; I, CAL (state); D unqualified.
15 ESTIMABLE - E, STABLE = firm, insert I'M; D highly valued.
16 STOCKIER - COTS (beds) turned over = STOC; KI(PP)ER = penniless sleeper; D squatter, more squat.
18 EXAMPLE - EXAM = test, L in PE; D lesson.
19 BIRETTA - Hidden reversed in H(ATTER I B)ELIEVE; D headgear, of a religious nature.
20 BLARED - B, then R inside (DEAL)*; D trumped.
22 ALLEE - Alternate letters of w A t E r E d = AEE, insert L L for litres; D path with trees.
25 BAN - BAN(D) = players, D(ay) off: D stop.
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