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Times 26313 - an educational diversion

This puzzle has a rather different flavour I feel, with several answers gettable from wordplay or a vague "I think I've heard 'of...", but requiring some real GK to be sure.
It took me about 25 minutes, with some visits to Wiki afterwards to become better informed.
I'm hanging out in a pleasant little hut in the Costa Blanca for a few weeks to escape the worst of Winter, so am relying on Senor Vodafone for my 'print, solve and blog' duties; hopefully it will see me through.
Comments on others' blogs may be less frequent - no bad thing, some might say.

1 BARBET - BAR for pub, BET for lay; D one of three families of squat parrot-like birds - Asian, African or American, take your pick.
5 FLATFISH - FLASH for sparkle, insert (FIT)*; D swimmer.
9 DEFORMED - Insert FORM (type) into DEED (act); D crooked.
10 TYRANT - TYR was an Old Norse God of the fierce warrior variety, ANT = worker; D big bully. TYR is consequently the name of a large American sportswear brand, but not as large as NIKE, the Greek goddess of Victory.
11 LILIES - I, L, inside LIES = lounges; D plants.
12 BONDMAID - D female slave, reference to the many lady friends of Mr James Bond; have an extra coffee if you can name more than ten (screen name and actress name). (If the Nespresso machine is now buzzing, you're as sad as I am).
14 GRACE DARLING - GRACE = kindness, DARLING = lovable person; D rescuer. I used up a euro or two of Senor V's megabytes reading about the heroic work of Ms Darling and her Dad, up Northumberland way in 1838; serious bravery.
17 LUNAR ECLIPSE - Anagram time; my FOI: (PECULIAR LENS)*; D astronomical phenomenon.
20 SEALSKIN - SEALS could be wax, KIN = KIN(D), sort mostly, ; D warm coat.
22 LASHED - Insert SHE into LAD; D beaten.
23 BALLAD - BALL = dance, A, D = small daughter; D song.
25 A BIENTOT - (NOTE A BIT)*, anagrind 'botched'; D Parisian's parting message, see you soon (maybe).
26 BEEBREAD - AUNTIE = the BBC, otherwise known as the BEEB; READ(Y) = prepared, endless (thanks deezzaa); D food for insects, the stuff bees make from pollen and store in their hives.
I wondered why or how the 'Auntie' name arose; even the Grauniad doesn't seem too sure;
27 GREATS - GR(eek) EATS = food; D course. I watched most of the episodes of Celebrity University Challenge over Christmas, even though the celebs were mostly obscure authors and journos; There was one pompous chap who had read GREATS and insisted in telling us all, each time he was introduced, what exactly Greats was. I hope he reads TFTT.

2 AMELIA - A, ELI (priest) inside MA. I can't find a genus of plants so called, but there is a well know rose variety of this name so I guess that's our bloomer. Or possibly an American lady called Amelia Bloomer, of whom I had never heard, see first comments. I take pride in knowing zilch about American Feminists, and this one looks more formidable than most.
3 BOOKING HALL - Spooner would have said hooking ball = dispatching delivery; D station area.
4 TIMESHARE - TIMES = by (I was on to this like a flash because I had to be reminded of it in last week's effort); HARE = fast mover; D holiday arrangement.
5 FADABLE - FABLE = tale, insert AD = our time, D that could die out. Not an everyday word, but seems credible.
6 ACTIN - Even if you had no biochemical expertise you might guess this; it's one of two proteins that make your muscles work. ACTIN' = DOIN' somethin'.
7 FIR - FIRM would be not easily moved; get rid of the M (root); D tree.
8 SENTIENT - SENT = conveyed, IE = that is, N(O)T = not lacking heart; D feeling.
13 MALFEASANCE - (ALAS MEN FACE)*, D illegal act.
15 APPALLING - A, P (quiet) PAL (friend) LING (heather); D awful.
16 TUTELAGE - TU = Union, TEE = support on (golf) course, insert LAG = delay; D training.
18 LANYARD - LAND = put down, insert RAY reversed; D rope.
19 DEVOUT - DEV(ILS) = people who are wicked, half; OUT = exposed; D religious.
21 KEDGE - K = sank finally, EDGE = something sharp? D anchor.
24 LOB - A lob is a ball hit upwards; GLOBE has LOB in the middle, as Gandolf34 points out.
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